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Earlier this week we got word that there'd be a one of a kind Formula Drift demo held on the streets of Hollywood on Thursday evening.

Drifting? In Hollywood?

That's right. As part of the Izod Indy Car Series "Race to the Party", a few Formula D drivers were invited to come do a demo on Hollywood Boulevard, directly in front of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater.

The drivers that made it out included Mad Mike Whiddett.

Samuel Hubinette and the Challenger.

Justin Pawlak in his classic FC RX7.

Mr. Joon Maeng.

And finally, Michael Essa in his freshly-repaired BMW 3-series.

The small space given didn't allow for much real drifting, so the demo was basically a display of donuts and hooliganism. But hey, we're talking sanctioned hooliganism in front of one of LA's most famous landmarks. Who wouldn't want to do that?

And then there was the sound. What do you get when you take three of the loudest cars in FD (the Challenger, Joon's RX8, and Mad Mike's RX8), and put them on a narrow street surrounded by tall buildings?

You get an eardrum bursting spectacle of epic proportions. I don't think the city knew what they were getting themselves into!

Jarod DeAnda was on hand to MC event, but you could hardly hear him against the sound of the screaming engines.

Still, the spectators went crazy as they watched the show.

In fact, they swarmed the drivers for photos and autographs afterward. Hollywood, baby.

Most of all, the demo gave Formula Drift the chance to expand its audience, and that's never a bad thing.

You gotta give props to whoever it was that got the authorization to set this up. Hollywood Boulevard will never be the same.

-Mike Garrett



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I never thought I'd see that day.


I hope there was some multi car donuts with Mike, JTP, and Joon.



that is too funny i live right there and when i was going to work i was like wtf is wrong with ethe pavement


i loved that day cuz i got laid by the rockstar models


@ lalo pics please


No matt powers?

Matt = Hollywood


lalo's comment is the best!!



You know you're doing pretty well when SUPERMAN wants YOUR autograph. Thats awesome haha!


LOL that shot of Mad Mike signing autographs is the true definition of what people in Hollywood really look like


would have been great to have Bum Fights for intermission as well. Epic Beard Man vs. ALL


The props go to ****Marc Burton****** Company: Living Color Events, Los Angeles, CA

He be THE ONE and that got city council to sign off on the permits......UnFking believable

Unfortunately he was not able to do was convince them to let the heli that carried the famous drifters in from Long Beach land on the Blvd as well.....Lol .....they thought that was going a bit overboard...... Again LOL!!!


damn...that shit is crazy!

im gonna go visit hollywood blvd just to see the tire mark...haha


Check out the smoke from mad mike in one of his pics compared to the other cars.... he does mean skids!!!


Haha That looks Badass! and to think I used to watch Mad mike at his grass-roots events down under back in the day.... WTF I watched a Documentary which featured that very superman actor haha thats buzzy.....


hollywood going doing big drift movie...............just like fn furious


Haha I live like 10 minutes away.


HaHa I live 12 hours away, by plane:))))


Lol @ superman with chest pads and all...


More info on Samuel Hubinette's Challenger.


Some hilarious pics here.

Superman looks interested in drift...


nice one.. just imagine how long its gonna be before those skid marks disappear.. that Challenger looks sick, i think i over-looked that bad-boy 1st time around...


Can anyone update me as to what happened to mad mike at formula d round one? i cant see anything on him