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What car would you drive if your profession was building race cars for others?  If I named a few off the top of my head one of them would be the R34 Z-tune. The only problem is it isn’t for sale, because only 20 were ever built. A dilemma for me perhaps, but not for Bene Janssen the owner of the car and driving force behind Japo Motorsport in Germany. He set out to build a replica Z-tune; to showcase his building skills, and to show his customers that not all Japanese cars have crappy plastic interiors.

Some of his customers who own Porsches, run Mitsubishi Evo track cars in the weekends. They love the sheer power, but admittedly the Japanese counterparts have lacked that quality interior finesse German automakers are well known for.

It is hard for the untrained eye to see the differences between a real Z-tune and a replica, but there are some clues. For instance you can’t see the transmission and differential cooler because they are hidden behind the custom diffuser courtesy of ARC. Another invisible touch is the fact that Bene started with a completely bare shell. He put it in a soda bath to have it cleaned. Then a coating bath to protect the car against any outside invaders… and rust.

The front of the car is dominated by the Nismo Z-tune carbon front bumper. Bene also ordered the Nismo carbon fenders and Seibon Carbon hood (yes I know he may get flamed for that). The carbon eye lid covers are another item you won’t find on the original Z-tune.

The engine has been completely rebuilt with lots of HKS parts that include the GT-RS twin turbos, elbows, downpipe, intercooler, and the HKS racing suction kit. To make sure everything runs properly Bene opted for the HKS Fcon Pro ECU.

A closer look at the HKS hard pipes. The entire engine looks amazingly clean. Maybe not as tough or powerful as the RB26 engine used in the real Z-tune, but it is still capable of 632hp with 667 Nm Torque.

I was amazed to see all these anodized screws and washers. Ebben told me that he installed every part with these screws. They are worth more than most cars out there. In the end he paid 4300 euro just for these screws and washers! Talk about dedication to fit-and-finish…

The Z-tune frontbumper really makes the car look mean and it has several cooling vents that fan the brakes.

The best angle of the R34. The Z-tune replica isn’t complete without the Nismo LMGT4 wheels in 19″. They are wrapped in extra sticky Toyo’s R888.

Stoptech provided the car with some extra stopping power. In both the front and rear we find larger 355mm rotors.

To expel the hot gasses from the engine a full ARC 4″ exhaust was used.

Almost every plastic piece has been covered in alcantara or leather. I’ll feel right at home here, and I’m sure that the customers of Japo Motorsport will feel the same. Can’t wait to take a seat in this marvelous machine, and luckily I won’t have to wait long! Already arranged a meeting at the end of May to see their Time Attack car live.

Throughout the interior we find more anodized screws and washers setting off the design.

Even the roof lining has been covered in alcantara. Did you noticed the GT-R embossing on the custom tailored seats? Quality like Porsche is all in the details… and there are more than a few these in here.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Japo Motorsport

Dino’s R34 Z-tune feature.



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mmm delicious...


TYPO: The best angle of the R34. The Z-tune replica isn't complete without the Nismo LMGT4 wheels in 19" :Them's are 18's. 19's and what looks to be a 40 series tire=4x4 stance not what the car in those pictures is.


omg do want..


Yean Adam, I see what you're talking about; there is waaayyy too much rubber outside the wheels compared with the real Z-Tunes, and the stance is a little off as well. Also, is it just me, or does something about the rear end look way off compared to the actual Z-Tune? I would go to Google and check out some pics (which is never a bad idea when talking about a car that gorgeous), but I really don't feel like it right now. Also, I hate the interior; it may not be cheap but sure as hell looks it. Way too much damn Alcantara. Alcantara should be limited to the steering wheel, seats, carpet and/or headliner. Everything else should be carbon fiber, aluminum or wrapped in high quality leather.

Hell, while it not may look EXACTLY like a real Z-Tune, its still an R34, so its still hot.


I don't quite understand the motivation behind the car. I respect the craftsmanship behind it but I think the "replica" theme is not very original.

I also don't feel the interior. There's a mention of people driving Porsches daily and Evos as track day cars. Well, first of all, these people got their priorities a bit mixed up, which is apparent by the fact that the only thing they seem to be missing from their lives is a nice interior for their track day Evos... Having them as a target audience is a bit narrow in perspective. I was under the impression people actually strip their interiors for their track day cars, especially when they have a nice Porsche as their daily driver.


too much love fuck yeah


I really admire the car and the effort put into it, especially the custom screws and overall look/feel of the car (or at least how it's presented through this shoot), but there's too many little tweaks I would have done if I was building a "just like a Z-Tune buuut...." R34. Like the brakes (Brembos/AP Racing), the floor mats (plain looking thank you), the seats (standard Recaros, like a Porsche), remove the eyelids (never been a fan), and so on. Just a lot of tweaks, but I'm just being picky. It's still a great looking, clean fast car that I'm still jealous of. Seriously though, a new set of seats would do a world of difference for that interior, the current set just looks too "fat", even though they look like Brides underneath all that extra material.


anodized screws ftw. sick,


Excellent. Not much more I can say than that!


Those are 19" LMGT4's. On the 18" the O in Nimso is a solid red circle. On the 19" it is a red letter O.


god, i just creamed


One word for this fine ride: Beautiful.


All around perfect, I want to scream at the awesomeness. :O


Not even close to a real z-tune, why not spend the money on something original instead of copying and pasting, along with some of your own originality.

It looks like you spent a lot of money, but all-in-all to copy the greatest r34.

Spent thousands on quality parts and you put a Seibon hood on the machine?? Enough said.

No inspiration here, just another follower


btw, how much is the mines's R34 cost?


Pretty nice r34 gt-r. But please refrain from calling it a z-tune if it is not a z-tune by far. Other then that, after their release several original omori factory z-tune r34's have been offered for sale second hand. In fact three are for sale right now that I know of, including the only midnight purple example that's been all over the net, can't believe you've missed that and stated 'it isn't for sale'.


Well, it may not be a real Z-tune and people are really picky about this and that. I have to take my hat off to this guy, interior looks fantastic! Exterior looks fantastic, super!

An R34 done to such a standard is awesome. Anyway, he didn't put a Z-tune badge, so what's the problem.

If my R34 was done this good i don't care if it's called A-tune, B-tune or Z-tune. Great inspiration for me! Thank you!


im in love


Desktop please!!!!! Thank youuuu

Z-Tunes make me fall in love with GT-R's over and over again.


i literally ejactulated semen all over my hands


I was always in love with skylines,but because of this one I'm simply going crazy.


????? ?????)


????? ?????)


Very nice car but it would bother me knowing it wasn't a z tune if it was my ride. I'd rather customise it to be original rather than just copy a z tune. But.... since I drive a '96 Accord I guess I won't have that dilemma any time soon.


Wallpaper of the "Best Angle" shot please!


omg i need a napking I'm drooling!!!


One best GT-R ever built


4300 euro on fasteners??? Doing it big


aluminum screws into steel parts doesn't sound like such a great plan to me


unless you are watching a documentary or some random youtube vid, most real z-tunes are probably garaged, i can't wait for may to see some time attack action from this replica!


Gotta love the haterz.. without them, nothing is possible!!!


That is the hotness, although I could do without the eyelids.

I would still take the R34 over the current Gojira any day.


Still not a real z-tune, still doesnt have carbon fibre reinforced strut towers and all the other bespoke items tailored to nismo's specs to work as a complete package.


Why do people spend big, dedicate time, put in effort and sweat into builds but end up with disgusting steering wheels that don't match the cars?


632hp would keep most people smiling everyday all-day.. the car looks great - whats not to like? 'personal taste' means that in some cases you can't always please everybody all the time - but this car is detailed to quite a high standard.. i'd happily take a test drive or two!


i want a replica z-tune.


No matter how great it is,calling it a z-tune is just stupid.


@ NuggetG60YorkshireUK....You're right!


Brings tears into my eyes.


damn... i need to visit their shop again

this one really goes man...


....inspite the fact that this is "just" a Z-Tune Replica but I sure do admire all the efforts Bene has put into this GTR.

That a German decided to do the best with this GTR to develope his skills is extraordinary and should be sherished.

Whosoever rejects his ambitions should do better !!!


One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from


One of the main reasons I attended the Tuning World Bodensee event was to meet up with Bene Janssen from


Wow..that interior!