Will this be the “it” automotive video of 2010? Have a look and let us know what you think…




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I know this might be considered nit picking, but why is it badged as a Scion? It has about as much in common with a Scion as a NASCAR has with a Ford Fusion. Not sure why...but that irks me.

Cool video though.


pretty nice... but i hate the sound of the v8...

i rather hear a turbo spooling!


No, not really. Quite frankly I'm sick of all of the "driving" videos out there. It's like "oh boy another ""ken block"" video, whoopie."


Mulhullond Drive, a Scion tC, a NASCAR V8 = HUGE WIN! I had goosebumps and a big smile the whole time. I will def' pass this on to my car buds. :) Thanks for posting! Holy Tire Smoke that was cool! The only way to beat that is to have a tandem Drift up the same road with, maybe JR's Mustang. :) hint hint


So awesome. I bet the residents of Malibu were like "WTF was that."

Who needs a turbo when you got 600+hp of naturally aspirated power on tap. 0 lag.

Its badged a scion cus its a tc body its not like its hard to see that and with the new FD rules most of the suspension is still tc components.


Beautiful! Can't wait when I will get a driving license! I love drifting!!!!


That is the damn coolest thing Ive seen in 2010


I'd to do that every morning to go to college..


An other ken block video hah Guys, try not to use this slow motion effects in everyvideo you use. It's same as watching the same video but with different drivers, cars filmed in different places but video looks the same, raw, shaking footage from a helicopter, car all in stickers... make it more natural despite the sponsor requierements. Ask Drift Alliance for advice.


there is no way this comes close to a ken block video....for the amount of $ they spent on production i.e. helicopter, etc - it is no where near the same quality or "cool" factor as ken block. Not to take anything away from Tanner, because it's awesome to do this on mullholland, but it felt like a basic/plain video.

Seen much better from random users on the net. My vote for "the vid of 2010" is a -- no way


I respect Tanner Foust as a driver, but I seriously hate that car. don't even know why! (the inner hater in me).


It's a Scion shell. Everyone does cross breeds these days and the car is whatever it's shell is.

It's not like ken Block cause no explosions or constant repeat practice (at least it doesn't look that way since there weren't any previous tire marks on the road),

Tanner Foust just drives hard ALWAYS

I'm not even American and admire how that man drives and the V8...he linked those corners so nicely..damn


Hmmm...mixed feelings about this video. Old Man Rant coming on....

-I wonder how many fanbois are now going to try to drive that way on that road and mess it up for the rest of us drivers.

-I wonder why local authorities make it a point to crack down on drivers in this area for being "unsafe" and yet allow this vid to be made. Someone has connections, I guess.

-If the authorities are willing to close off this road for shoots like this, they should also be willing to close it to allow for organized hillclimb events so "the rest of us" unwashed masses can enjoy the road in an unlimited manner as well.

Double standards piss me off.


Great video! Great car! V8+600hp+small car+twisty roads=Freaking Awesome! I could watch 100s of these videos! It's not like this is something every regular Joe gets to do everyday!


it just looks like Rockstars attempt at matching the Ken Block videos. its nothing special anyways, people have been doing that on that road for years, just not legally lol.

Adrians_s13:i agree with you on that, i think it has something to do with the fact they took the easy way to get power by putting in a V8 instaid of actually trying hahaha


I'm gonna be a dink here and say it would have been better if he was still driving the Z. Though the video is still cool


soo, why dont people drift this road on a regular basis?

this is as close as american drivers will get to the mountain roads in japan...it is now on my list to rip up.


Better than Block's vid IMO. That's a premade "course" you can't just set some cones or whatever.

The (video) quality wasn't as good but there were some nice angles.


Why doesnt Best Motoring videos use this road instead of horse thief mile for their "american touge" videos.... this would be so much better... and an actual touge instead of a race track... they use gunsai touge sometimes for their videos in japan and its much more entertaining than a desert race track... maybe im just a fan of nice roads with forest surrounding them


Wow- looks like someone got the cameramen from Top Gear that didn't make the cut and tried to make a video.. Overdone slo-mo and and random places???

Wahhhh wahhhh wahhhhhhhhhh


I couldn't agree with Mr. Woolery more, well said !

Great road....sh!tty vid (like all the other drift vids).....it gets OLD quickly Mr. Chong !!!!!


that video sucked. I cant stand the ":scion" to begin with but a v8 has no place in drifting.... sure its a cheap reliable way to make smoke but, it just sounds and looks too much like nascar...... and compared to blocks videos, the editing, shooting, angles, "sfx" all come up short, sorry foust. better luck next time


It's a pretty good video, but it's not one take. If he had done it in one take I would have huge respect for him, but it's obvious they just pieced together the cool bits from a couple of hours drifting.

In case you want proof is wasn't a one hit take, check out the camera bar on the back window @2:10, now keep watching, and wow, the bar just disappears!


Cool vid. Like someone said it's nice to see something done, that us 'average Joes" would be unable to do/get away with. There was also some really good angles in there. With that said, that car is hideous, vid quality is terrible, and the Ken Block vids were a lot better. /end rant


well, there goes that spot.


I 2nd maxerman statement, totally agree. RedBull and Monster have their vids down to a science. This video falls short. Hell ive seen videos on Fatlace/Hellflush more entertaining than this and they are shot with budgets maybe in the hundreds. How much did it cost to make this thing?

Mr. Foust is an amazing driver no doubt. But the editing and directing of this vid fails to show it.



i fckin love it


Most of the comments sound like bench racers who dont do anything but complain about stuff they'll never get to do or stuff they'll never have.

Video was cool, I liked it.


"street drift" lol

Hampsha playing around in that off seasons video was better than this & I bet It didn't require shutting down a whole public road. Seriously.. helicopters, this outrageously high budget Scion "drift car", high speed cameras, & slow motion effects? I cannot relate to a damn thing here. Maybe someone else can enjoy it, but It looks too Hollywood for me.


This vid is lame...I still don't get why you would convert a FWD car and put a nascar engine in it. Might as well put a turbojet engine on a motorcycle and try and drift that. At least it would be exciting! The course looked cool but for the amount of effort put into making this video, it turned out to look like crap. two thumbs down.


Pretty cool video, but there are a few things about it that aren't quite right:

1) The Rockstar livery all over the car.

2) That nascar V8.

3) The lack of low.

4) Scion TC's are lame and you can't get them in RWD form.

"off seasons" was better.


I like the video, it's just not as impressive as I imagined, maybe it's the editing, cause the driving is excellent.


Nothing to say, agree that it's not filled with the "feeling" some vids have... like the recent "off season"...


nice! great piece of road. dont know what all the neg commentary is about. good going tanner


Drifting shall only be done on a closed oval course.

This is just foolish.


Hahha just wanna add one more thing, guys,sorry but Im laughing here badly, At the moment when slow mo came up and than its him in a car also slowed down the only thing you're missing here is his voice on the back ground saying something like I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT... but drifting is great and dont see anything wrong with V8, why would you give your self a turbocharged headache when you can have a V8 which is much easier to diagnose in a case of problem.


I liked the vid and wish it was ME that got to do it. May not make vid of the year, but c'mon you people, the HATE you preach for anyone that gets their break in life (see ANY Gitten JR posts on here) is getting out of hand. I dont see you getting so alarmed at Kumakubo talking about a 1200HP DRIFT CAR, and i'm sorry, thats is about as close to the original as Tanners car is to the Tc. Or how about 900hp on Ueno's M3/2JZ?

Hate is one thing but you people need to get your panties unwound about some things. Like double standards. I guess us Americans should either A) never drift because we arent japanese and never will be, or B) pray to god we never get to be a winner at any racing genre but Nascar or else our countrymen will hate us.



would have been more impressive in a better car, just not a fan of the car , given that its factory backed, was totally re-engineered for drift, which does not relate to the production model, rockstar's name all over it, just looses the cool points knowing that its all for marketing... Had this been a private car that was not totally re-engineered, would have been awesome! I could imagine Jr. doing this in a stock or slighty modified mustang and i would have no objection to it.


I don't know why you talk such.... ehh I won't even comment that.

The vid is genius and that's how drifting should look like!!!!!!!!

Road to drift should look like a wire and be as fastest as possible same time.

once again : AMAZING VIDEO.


LAAAAAAME. This won't be the "it" video of 2010.....I vote for the pagani zonda commercial that's been going about. Hah.


I think the main problem here is: people want their share of the pie....promiting drifting means a lot kids are gonna jump on the bandwagon.......drifting became huge here in the States, few folks took note...and now other million folks took note, now it's....

1. SUPER PLAYED OUT. (slow motion camera, helicopters...and such)


Whoever decides to produce a video, THINK WITH YOUR OWN HEAD !!!!

This sport (the underground movement of drifting) started in the mountains of Japan well before arriving to our shore.....and now the US fanboys killing it !

Drifting itself is cool and exciting (yes even on public roads)....but don't brag about it and advertise it like YOU should be credited for doing a cool thing. Keeping it low key it's where is at.

Mulholland Road is an epic piece of land.....now you're gonna have lots of JDM fanboys trying to duplicate Foust's performance....and you know someone is gonna get hurt......thus it's lame !


It's funny that people think I'm hating on the vid or Rockstar or Tanner in this vid...but actually I'm not. I like the vid.

What I don't like is the local gubment not allowing the REST of us to hoon that road as it rightly should be hooned.


@ Alex

Not just hurt, but more likely arrested with their car impounded for......indefinitely (as a friend was told by CHP in LA). Another person said this is the one good road to drift in USA....I beg to differ, I grew up in San Diego mountains and I learned to drive on awesome touge-like roads. All you gotta do is find a far out of the way place and you will find a good road to drift in USA. We're paved to the 9's here, with NO shortage of driftable roads, so forget the ONE that Hollywood has spotlighted, and FIND A SPOT!!!


Was I the only one reminded of Ruf's video of their Yellowbird at the Nurburgring?

Wait, I just showed my age, didn't I?


This wont be the "it" video. It could have been, if maybe it was shot better and some nifty editing tricks were thrown in. Just another drifter in the mountains.


Ehhh, it's alright. Perhaps it's the way it was shot that bothers me. Honestly, I think it would have been so much better had they just did a simple one-take shot mounted to the back of a car (GT3, GT-R, whatever you can find faster than the drifting Scion) and kept all the sound in. Like the one video Autocar did with the ZR1 (Lambo chase car). Either way, it was an OK PR stunt, but definitely had areas which it could have improved. Hopefully the Hills/Malibu kids aren't gonna go pull the same crap. Save for late at night, I've always seen Mulholland with cyclists, bikers, and has a higher ratio of cars-you-can't-afford-to-hit than most roads, not to mention big-money homes that aren't exactly "down" to let a few kids have fun on "their" road. There are mountain roads you can touge and drift in SoCal, but a famous road the middle of LA isn't one of them.


as someone who lives near Mullholland and drives this road regularly, I have to say that this is awesome. I especially am impressed with how much of the video was single shot footage (i.e. no skidmarks on the apex...) Awesome driving!


the helicopter shots look like remote control helicopter cameras. not full size.


Dear Mr.Woolery,

Quit complaining and enjoy the video for what it is. Its simply a video about someone drifting, nothing more and nothing less. If you assume this video will inspire people to drive like morons, then you might as well assume every drift/automotive video will inspire someone to drive reckless. Having this mentality is not logical.


Such poor editing.... Will, Joshua, Threeves, why not use these guys???

The production of this video is a joke. but Tanner is awesome.


why just let tanner loose? it woulda been more exciting with gushi tailing foust with the other scion.....????


I think in no way this will be a film for 2010, the edit could of been much better with the cash they had to play with. Im sure if they gave it to Josh or Will to edit they could have pulled out a much nicer edit then the one we just watched, half of the film did not even look color corrected or graded. Very cool driving and great filming none the less, just the edit let it down i think, it did not need a crazy edt just something a little nicer to bring out the mood.



I'd have rather watched him grip drive it. Show some actual speed instead of showing off.


I liked it. Here is why: SO many times I've wished I could be on a closed road like this. Quit hating, admit you are jealous of him being able to do that. And if you hate because of the engine... The car has a tube chassis- are you gonna hate on that too?! Get real. The sport has come a VERY long way, get used to it. If you like grassroots drifting that's rad, but when someone comes up and goes pro for having skills show some respect. Also, why are so many people acting like this is the only "touge" in the US?!?! Come to Seattle- we have days worth of runs in any direction. I wish I'd video'd a run I did from Big Sur to San Simeon at 4am in the rain- you guys woulda hated it.


That was ok. They should have more than one car drifting. Scions don't come rear wheel drive WTF!!! pluse those cars suck. The ken block video is way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


man everyone complains alot haha its just another drift video get over it


You "keyboard commandos" crack me up.

"the focal length was off by almost a millimeter!! what a joke!"

translates to:

"the driving was spotless, and I'm jealous as hell, so I'll complain about something else!"


I watched this video several times and I don't think at any time was the car not spinning the tires. Tanner is a professional race car driver and drifter and it shows. Who doesn't love the sound of a big V8 tearing up the tires? They should not even watch drifting because it is where it's headed and if you don't like it you can take your stock Nissan 240 and hope it rains so you too can "try" and drift. Nuff said.


My names tanner foust and when i grow up i want to make a video like ken block...

But seriously was this vedio directed and editied buy the same guys that made all the ken block videos?

Also that man can drive.


keyboard commandos indeed.


I thought the US didn't do corners???...there was a few in that video lol.


personally dont think this is the 'it' video for 2010, wasn't that long, and the sound of of a V8 on touge mountains just isnt my cup of tea. but cool video anyways, like the first guy said, Id rather hear the turbo spooling or even better, a different chasis drifting round that road :)


LOL, I always have to laugh out so damn loud when reading all these hater posts... I mean, wtf, can't you guys just enjoy and shut up? This video has some great driving, great sound and even if you don't like that car, it should still make every car enthusiast feel good for a few minutes... if it doesn't, well, then move on and don't get so f*cking bitchy lol.. not worth it after all

About the vid, I'm not a Scion fan either but I did like it - great location, great sound, great pictures!


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Cool video. I'd felt like I'd seen it before, and it was difficult to get a perspective of space - how the car was travelling from one corner to the other; almost as if it could have been any corner just randomly shot and edited into any order. Would love to see an in-car video of the whole thing...

Which also makes me wonder if it was done in one go as there are only 2 or 3 camera guys listed on the credits.


Well...nice driving for sure, great car, nice weather but they definitly should have take Will and Josh for a better Cinematography. Look what these guys can do compare to this http://vimeo.com/5807059


Awful video, sad way to represent a romp thru Mulholland Drive! What an amazing stretch of road and with so much history, I dont think his mutant car and big $$$ can buy the right way to slice those corners up. It just does not work for me, I'm surprised at that as well, but the recipe he used just didnt work out and the execution wasnt what I think it could be. Shame to waste such a good chance at a rare "closed-off" drive down Mulholland!!!


Who is the brave soul at about 2:47 standing behind a camera at a corner as tanner comes at him?


the video is tight and all, but i expected much more. I don't believe it will be as big of a hit as Ken Block's videos, although this will gain some awareness of who Tanner Foust is for non drift and rally followers.


I'm still waiting for Tanner himself to chime in......


I thought it was kinda boring...the cinematography doesnt touch Ken Blocks videos...my favorite would have to be the "Off Seasons" video on Vimeo. LOOK IT UP!


So much hate!


not hating on the driver or car but the video is lacking. no build up. they bit off ken block and climb attack too much.


What's so cool about watching a mutant Toyota be tortured for 2 and a half miles? Car looks like crap, and sounds like crap. The driving is so overwrought. I love drifting, but only when it actually makes the car corner faster as in Rally racing. Here on dry tarmac, this is just pointless noise and tire smoke. I'd rather watch Vic Elford drive this road in a vintage 911, and he'd probably blow this guy's doors off.


so much hate ! we are lucky to live in a world where such a video is even posibble appreciate or move on .im from south africa where this kind of thing would never occur ,you guys are lucky to live in a place where you have so much drift action to choose from that you can even hate on some of it ,we have almost nothing and i savour any drifting i come across .typical american problem i guess .


[View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YROA0WcArKw:600:375] Earlier this year, Tanner Foust slid his Formula