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Honda's new CR-Z has only been on sale in Japan for a couple of weeks now, and already tuners are jumping into the fray to see what they can do with the "Sports Hybrid".

Spoon's CR-Z has already been outfitted with uprgaded brakes, suspension, wheels, an exhaust system and an ECU tune.

Seems quite promising so far.

Spotted over at Autoblog.

-Mike Garrett



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This is hilarious, I dont even know what to say, and I used to be a diehard Honda fan.


they forgot the k20




lol@ upgraded brakes on a hybrid. Seriously? A stock CR-X doesn't even need upgraded brakes. It doesn't have a problem BRAKING, it has a problem ACCELERATING enough to warrant such upgrades....wow.


Hmm would be interesting to see what they could do with this, but I think it's never gonna be as good as the slightly older Hondas, probably far from it.


Nice car... ?ut I whant to see Mugen version


If nothing else, it looks good...


Personally, I think it's a nice new direction for Honda (purely on the design point of view)

HOWEVER, seriously needs an F20 and RWD conversion :) Would be a little rocket!


Really good looking really slow car.


The CR-Z actually looks kinda cool, especially dropped like the one in the photo. With the performance upgrades, I think they might be a bit unnecessary as I think tuners are just jumping in the hybrid bandwagon to cash in their success.

Well, I guess everything that is not fast or sporty is called a "Sports something" these days. I'm so happy there is not "sport" or "sports" in Toyota's FT-86!


rwd and power this could be a touge murderer


Just need to whip out that hefty hybrid bit and add some forced induction to the mix (it's naturally aspirated?) and that'll do nicely. haha!


More promising than a Prius or Insight anyways. :p


POC honda...


I dig this thing! How much power with the gas/hybrid together? It probably weighs 3000 lbs though, ftl!


i personally think this is pretty sweet, you guys are pretty biased towards hybrids it seems... much like domestic guys used to hate on your lil hondas here you are hating on hybrids. they will inevitably become fast and you will eat your words.


Power isn't everything and the end all of motorsports, some of the readers here seem to forget that....

''It's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow''


I want a turbocharged battery.....




looks good but yea pretty funny soon a hybrid will your s2k lol ...... any one see the resemblance to the sirocco ?


Put a K24/20 combo, some ITB's......and it would be fun to drive.


Looks good reminds me of the EG6, but it needs a K20.


S2K drivetrain would make this a really cool little car



Bigger brakes = faster lap times.


I'm really digging the look of this car but worry that it won't live up to Spoon's heritage


Looks good...but it needs a k20 or somethin


ryoga81 doesn't realize that spoon is going to be running this car at the track :facepalm


i think they should have made the nose of the car a lil smaller


doesnt look bad at all


Looks aight, but honda needs to make a car that performs better too



It's also 372lbs lighter, 30% more powerful and has a 6-speed manual transmission. All of these things would lead any reasonable person to believe the car would be more fun to drive. You're comparing apples to oranges, just because they're both hybrids doesn't mean they are in the same league. That's like complaining that a Viper gets worse gas mileage than a PT Cruiser - it's totally irrelevant.


Cars are going in this direction whether we like it or not. You guys really think they'll see the GT-R forever? I give it 5yrs and they'll be looking to retire it once and for all. What company isn't messing with hybrids now days? The inline 6 loveliness of the 90s is so over it's not even funny.


nice car,but very few picture


So much CR-Z bashing. Everyone's lamenting about the loss of the "fast" old honda's. No one seems to remember that when the 88-91 cr-x's were new they were considered slow piece's of crap compared to other cars of that time. Think about what else was on sale during the late 80's and early 90's. FC Rx-7's, MKII supra's. Even in it's same price class, the sentra se-r easily out gunned it in every way, including the handling. It was only after people warmed to the "fun factor" of the cr-x that it gained some popularity. Even then it was another 10 years or so before the aftermarket actually made them fast by our current standards. Sure this is a lot heavier than the cars of the past but due to new crash standards so is everything else. Have you ever looked at the curb weight of a mini? So what do we have here? a car that's balanced more to handling than acceleration, gets around 40 to a gallon, intended to have a sporty fun to drive feel, sold in a time of far higher horsepower numbers. Sounds a lot like the old cr-x to me.


I personaly like it who cares if its not the fastest thing in the world, thats not the only thing that matters in cars its a good looking car for a hybrid too and im not even a huge honda fan.


Cars are going in this direction as the poster above has stated so we all better like it, or lump it. We can also start acting like muscle car guys and start taking better care of our 88 CRX's :)



What are you talking about? The 1989 crx SI with the B16(160bhp) was the fastest and mostpowerful hatch on the market!


It should be noted that the CR-Z is essentially a Honda Insight Coupe. A 0-60 time of 9.7 seconds is not sporty, its just a slow as my mom's '96 camry


There was once a little car that was o so slow and cheap

Muscle car owners thought it was a nothing but a heap

that car got so fast it made them eat their words and weep

now that cars a legend on the circuit, strip and street...

Tha car was the Honda Civic. History always repeats itself.


The CRZ does 0-60 in 9.7seconds. So, for comparison a 1990 crx si does 0-60 in 8.5seconds. I dont think you can really compare this car to the Si tho... since its a hybrid and all lets compare it to the HF as that stands for "high fuel economy". The HF does a blazingly fast 12 second 0-60... So, in closing I'd say this is a big step up from the comparable 90s model. Maybe we will get lucky and they will release a CRZ Si, or if they dont... Just build your own with a turbo kit or engine swap or whatever you like


The Prius gets better gas mileage, but does the CR-Z get the accelerator stuck wide open? LMAO! =P

I'm guessing tons of Prius owners worldwide are definitely kicking themselves in the @$$ now.


l like the look of it, the rear looks a bit naff, never been a fan of the Prius, but the front end looks sweet..


@STJ depends on what country you live in. Here in the US we never got the b16 powered cr-x. The b16 didn't become available until the del sol. There was only one model the SI that clocked in over 100 hp. People like to point out that the 88-91's got better feul economy, but really only the HF with around 75hp was rated better and even that was on a more relaxed testing standard.


Somewhere a Lancer Evo MR is missing it's BBS wheels...


Why are people hating? Its experimenting with alternative fuel vehicles. when the world moves over to more effecient vehicles and petrol isnt the mainstream car fuel would you rather have boring Pieces of shit or something fun...Thats what i thought relax. There experimenting with the car.


although in will probably never be as fast as a Spoon should be, it may still be great fun to drive due to the upgraded breaks and suspension.


Oh, and hybrids do have a future, the Lexus hybrids ain't very slow cars. A car thats the size of a house, and a weight of a battleship doing o-1oo in 6.3 seconds and still taking 9.3l per 1ookm is pretty good, isn't it? Talking about the LS6ooh L Lexus