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It was my phone that cracked the silence. I groaned as I reached over to the bright and loud object that was a mere blur in my eyes. I squinted. My eyes started to focus as I made out a text message saying “WAKE UP!!” I set my phone’s alarm to do just that a few hours before hand. The time was 4:30am. It was still dark and I had somewhere to be in a few hours time.

Red eyed and still groggy, I rolled back into that sweet spot of my bed thinking and anticipating about the long drive ahead….

My phone screamed out once again. 5:00am burned into my retinas. I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and was out on the open road before I knew it. I had a date with a Honda at Willow Springs International Raceway.

My rendezvous was not with just any Honda but a 1999 Integra Type R (sorry, I just had to…) built by the guys at SportCar Motion, which in turn was built to destroy lap records like their, now retired, EG6 chassis.

This car is looking to campaign this year at Redline Time Attack and the Superlap Battle in the modified class.

At first glance, the car looks relatively simple. But the more you start to peel away the body and start to look at all the details, you start realize how passionate the guys at SportCar Motion really are to the art of hunting speed.

We all know that it takes a balance of a lot of different components to have a good and complete race car. The car has to have decent enough power under the hood, a component that stops that power, and another component that keeps the car plastered to the pavement as much as possible. This ITR has the help of Tein SRC coil overs, Type (lolol) sway bars, and full spherical bearings all keep this car firmly on the road as it tackles the various corners at the tracks they plan to campaign at.

Under the fenders lay a set of black painted 16×8″ Enkei RPF-1 with 225/45/16 non-shaved Toyo R888 tires. Within those wheels are a set of stock OEM rotors with HAWK Blue brake pads.

Things get serious once you notice the custom SportCarMotion front splitter…

…and the Voltex GT wing. So, that completes our look to the exterior of the car.

Let’s open up the car and look at its inner workings.

This is the heart of it all. It defines the characteristics of the car completely. What you’re looking at now is a USDM K24 engine with a K20 head. Inside of this heart of gold lies a set of JE 13.7:1 pistons, with an 88mm bore with a stock stroke.

The head has also been port and polished by Portflow, houses Brian Cower lightweight H-beam rods with Skunk2 Stage 3 cams, valves, valve springs, and retainers. All that motor work adds up to a 305 horsepower naturally aspirated monster with 231 ft-lbs of torque. 

The K24 engine was tuned by the guys at Church Automotive Testing with the help of a Hondata K-Pro engine management system.

The interior, also referred to as “the office” these days, was kept as functional as possible; Recaro SRD bucket seats, Takata Harnesses, and a Nardi Personal steering wheel. But before those additions were added, the interior was de-tarred, sanded, and painted OEM white. Anything that was unnecessary was removed to save weight.

Behind the driver and passenger seats sit an Autopower roll bar.

The exterior body work was reconditioned, any old plastics were removed and replaced with new ones, and the whole car was given a fresh coat of OEM white paint. The car looks as though it just rolled off the Honda lot and was immediately stripped and prepped for racing!

I just love the fact that this car still looks like the original car rather than some frankenstein shell of what was once a stock bodied car and has become a full fledge speed hunting demon.

As the car made its rounds at the Big Track of Willow Springs, it shared the track with a few guys participating in the Miata Challenge, and the S2000 Challenge event, while gathering as much data as possible for its future endeavors this year. Unfortunately, the car ran into a transmission problem after just a few laps. The RSX Type S transmission refused to get out of fifth gear which brought an abrupt and early end to their day.

A big portion of racing is the build up of anticipation to actually race. It can drive a team a bit mad. When your day is cut short, you can’t help but to feel a bit disappointed.

Imagine a day out to the track like a hot date. You spend a lot of time before hand prepping. You making yourself look presentable, maybe even looking a bit sexy, and all the while your anticipation builds. Will it be a good time? Will he/she like me? Will I like him/her? How will I perform? You do everything you’re suppose to; you do the foxtrot just right, and pull your best salsa dancing moves. In the end, the date turns out to be a disappointment.

You know what? That’s life, and that’s racing. The guys at SportCarMotion have had days like this many times. Something goes wrong? Shake off that feeling of disappointment, put on that smile and remember there’s always next weekend.

We, at Speedhunters, will definitely be keeping an eye out for this car at the Redline Time Attack this upcoming season.


Speedhunters Special March Builds Features


Redline Time Attack

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simply delicious


305 naturally aspirated horses ? aAaaAa yeeeeeah. haha


Zac I will send you the dynograph if you would like


wow really nice pictures. desktop of the last pic would be great


Enough with the Asian cars already... there is more out there Speedhunters.


yeah Ern, there's Lotus, and.....?


holyy poo honda guys are crying every were ...300 na must be like taming a lion on steriods



The focus here is on Japanese metal because they compose the majority of time attack and drift competitions. Inexpensive platforms that respond well to tuning. I'm a BMW guy but they're damn pricey to take care of, and when they break, fuggedabadit. Build what you want, homeboy, we'll do the same.


hey Rhett what type of mustang do you own? Or it is maybe a corvette? I bet its fast on the straights on the way to the mall...


@ seaninc

Right, I agree. But If you look at earlier posts, Speedhunters used to have a variety of cars from Lambos, BMW, Mercs, etc. It seems like they they started posting nothing but Asian cars lately these past 6 months. Nothing wrong with Asian cars, just need some variety... you know? This is one of the reasons I started coming to this site. For the variety.



Just drive your car. Who cares? We're speedhunters. Just do whatever it takes, or whatever you can to go faster.


305 whp will NOT make this car competitive in the modified class at RTA events. It will have street class cars beating it...


The door panels could be removed.....and if they were REALLY serious about it, they could change the doors with carbon fiber unit and attach the Voltex GT wing to the chassis, not to the trunk lid.

Nice ITR nontheless.


Desktop of the first pic would be great.

IMHO, nice build but bit incoherent. I would start with perfect suspension setup, brakes, then lightening and later gearbox. Power is nothing without control :)

I own integra type r and especially brakes are really bad for track use and change of pads won't make them better. I swapped for evo 9 oem brakes, 320mm discs and brembo 4-pot calipers. Now i'm waiting for short gear ratios, and light doors, bonnet and hood. I bet that even with my stock power i could make similar lap times to this car.. Especially on slower tracks :)


To those guys saying it won't be competitive or that they're car is faster or what have you, this car was running in one of the H__ (I think it was H1) series and actually won the championship last year. The sanctioning body then outlawed the engine configuration they're currently sporting. This is why you don't see things on it like carbon fiber doors, a bigger splitter, better brakes, etc as it was all regulated and restricted in they're class. At the worst they'll be using the upcoming modified and RTS events as a shakedown, though I think by that time they'll have done some significant modifications to stay competitive.


Don't see why it wouldn't be competative. Their old EG shattered all expectations and won a shit load of attacks. I think we will see great things from Sprtcarmotion again this year.


Nice one!!! Pretty cool, you should take a look to this one as well..

It's from my website, hope you like it!!


300 hp is not alot to be racing with especially out of a piece of shit like that acura please no more shitwagons


Jdm from conversion and its perfectr... never liked those round lights....Thank you speedhunters, these are the type of posts im talking about!!!


big ups for Loi and Sportcar Motion! love this car and the focus the shop has on the US Time Attack series w/ Hondas. i don't know how much experience you guys have with cars in general but a 300whp na k-series is a pretty impressive ride, no matter how speed-jaded you think you are. it's plenty to racing with, and i think they know what will be competitive as they're Redline veterans after several years in the Civic. CIvic had a similar-power NA K-series and a 470whp supercharged setup that proved a bit much on some of the tighter tracks. thanks for covering FFs still Speedhunters--i'll always love Hondas.

i drive an s-chassis and am posting this from a shop that specializes in German vehicles so i'm not just being a Honda fanboy... i just like all kinds of fast and fun.


Nice too see some Honda content on Speedhunters. Sportcar motion definitely knows what they're doing.



US Type R came with round lights, so fvcking what? Let's not covert JDM front lights to a track doesn't do sh!t for speed. Let's focus on things that could make this car faster.

The chassis should be stich-welded, and the cage (with gussets on the a-b-pillars) should go thru the firewall and tie-in on the shock tower. Those mods ARE allowed in the Honda H1 challenge.

And like I said earlier, the door panels should be removed, as well as the passenger seat.

Another note I'd like to make: K24/20 engine could make more than 300 hp (I've seen up to 320-330).....but Church Automotive's dyno reads VERY high......tell the folks down at Church to fix that damn dyno.....



I couldn't say it any better myself...Apparently we have plenty of self proclaimed engineers and race car drivers in this forum. According to my math 300whp on a 2300lb. packs a punch. Thank you Speedhunters for the super nice feature. I'm also looking forward to seeing this bad boy in action. Desktops please!


i have an integra as a dd and this makes me just want to do stuff to my car and take it to the track. nice post


@ Alex....

so its all about function and not looks to you im guessing, looks like ud marry an ugly girl cuz she knows how to have sex....everything comes through the like my car to be appealing as well as quick on the track, drifting around a corner or on the dragstrip....i bet your one of those idiots thats into nascar


Dudeman, this is not the same Integra as the Hasport one that Bernardo Martinez ran in Honda Challenge. First of all, that was a 4dr Integra.... 2nd of all, Graham Downey won H1 last year at Miller...


Type R,


hahahaha the ignorant and stupid comments on here are PRICELESS. I love it.

great article though Linhbergh, as always the photos are great, especially the action shots.


Blah, blah, blah, All you guys talk like you know what it takes to make a fast car so lets see it. Bring your car out to the RTA and then talk smack when you beat this car or others like it.

Or be like every other keyboard racer online, fast keys, slow car.


hmm looks ok.. not gonna say too much - love the setup - i though it would be more 'stripped out' than this though..


Wow! Why are there so many haters on this site. Loi and his crew know what it takes to be competitive as can be seen by the multiple track records they have broken in their respective class as well as class wins. The people that posted negative comments about the car or setup I am sure are more than welcome to show the guys at SCM what a real fast car is.

Enough of that, great article, pics and vehicle. Can't wait to see how SCM does this year with all of their cars.


you guys are funny! thanks to speed huners for featuring more honda FF!! great article and photos Linhbergh!! thanks




don't need to be all stripped out to go fast. we have to have door panels and factory dash to runs the limited and modified FF class for super lap and Redline time attack.


Fast keys = No car and thinks he can tune a car because he plays forza/gt/nfs


Fast keys = No car and thinks he can tune a car because he plays forza/gt/nfs


Too many people hating on JDM, I'd much rather see solid cars like this one than have to look at some brutish disproportional drag car sporting the same boring cragar wheels and retard suspension brushed over with sparkle paint that we see at car shows. Too few people can make a decent looking drag car nowadays, it seems.


DAAAAAANG! 300 HP N/A on such a light fwd? Kudos! Hope they can tame that torque steer.


A lot of people like to hide behind the internet and talk, because it's easy to be a pussy.


As we close out the month of March, things couldn't be any busier. I'll soon be heading to Las Vegas to check out the "Viva Las Vegas" rod and custom show, and after that it'll be a whirlwind of activity as we head into Formula Drift


Just about a year ago, we featured the Sportcar Motion time attack Integra Type R and since then it has


Earlier in the month, we had a look at the updated and more powerful Sportcar Motion ITR --a car which


This build needs revisiting! It was good when you guys did this feature, it's an absolute monster now!