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Alright, here's a build that may lack speed, but more than makes up for it with charm.

David as big fan of the Speedhunters and is living a bit of the dream life, restoring vintage cars in at his home in Nagoya, Japan. David's stable includes several different JDM classics, and the latest addition is this 1967 Mitsubishi Minica 360 micro wagon.

It seems that a lot of restoration projects start off being found in a field somewhere, and this car is no different. After discovering the little car sitting alongside a Celica and an R32 GT-R, David got a hold of the owner and struck a deal.

And soon enough it was on its way to David's garage, being towed by his AE86 of all things…

After getting the 360cc two-stroke beast home, David found that the car is actually in surprisingly good shape for its age. Look in the background and you can see one of David's other projects, a Hakoksuka Skyline.

After a bit of work, the little Mitsu was running down the street under its own power.

I think the most surprising thing here is that he can actually fit inside this thing! Plans are for a full resto, which shouldn't be terribly difficult seeing how solid the car is.

If you want to see more on this build, as well as his other projects, check out David's website.

And by the way David, you are my "Nostalgic Hero."

-Mike Garrett



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sweet!! its finaly here!! hehehe. i've been following that thread of his on JNC. :D

good to see you finally got the mini mitsu. :D


does that thing have suicide doors?


Very cool post! This is definitely a different variety. Good luck and all the best in your restoration!

It's very interesting to note that the Japanese Nostalgic Car interest is gaining momentum. Sometimes, you don't need a super high HP beast to make you smile, you just need to ride in a nostalgic car you love and relive the memories.


I've seen this on Japanese Nostalgic Car before... very cool ride indeed!

you have a nice collection of cars :) I wish my collection was as big as yours


that thing is bloody crack up haha i want one


love this. old mitsu, who woulda knew. i think its awesome. im redoin my 70' datsun 521 pickup now. hope to get it on speed hunters soon.


its realy cool tons of caracter but to me id just love to see it on a set of 13in rswannabe's but other than that once shes all claened up it bill be one hell of a cool lil run about


In a field, next to a r32 gtr! Whats a gtr doing dumped in a field???


Holy crap, that's me!

Thank you guys so much for the comments! I ran into some rust trying to get the front end apart so a little bit of work will be need there, but going to try to get all the panels off and start prepping for paint, goals are to have her ready to be my daily (to work and back, with a speed limit of 40 kmh everywhere here I can't think of a more perfect car, haha) by the end of this year!

Slysa, it does indeed have suicide doors! Also, the fuel tank is under the hood and it's gravity feed to the carb, haha! To fill it up you gotta pop the hood, wild!

Blueslug, that is indeed my other "science project." I'm surprised they posted the picture on Skyline day, it looks kind of bad when compared to all those beautiful R30s and R31s, haha.

Thanks all so much for the comments!




Oliver P,

That 360 has some really funky wheels on it,

Those big black things in the middle of the white loops are the drums.

The wheels are little white donuts that bolt directly to the outer edges of the drums!


Wow thats so damn cool, what a teeny tiny little machine and it has so much unique character! Great find and I hope you can keep us up to date with the project as it hits milestones, thats so cool you plan to DD it as well, major props to you!