Random Snap>>starion Gsr-vr

Some of you guys requested some Mitsubishi Starion content this month, so here you go. I'm not exactly sure if you could call the Starion a misfit or a maverick, but it's certainly a rare bird compared to some of the other Japanese sports cars of the time.

Seeing these cars will always remind me of a project car that a Mopar magazine a long time ago, stuffing a 340 small block V8 into a Chrysler Conquest, a USDM version of the car.

This immaculate Starion GSR-VR sitting on Work Equips was found on Minkara.

-Mike Garrett



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id love to see some starion rally posts as well =)


more 5-spoke equips i love this week =D~~~~~~~~


As a Starion owner...... more content please!!!!


Awesome! I love these cars, its to bad they never really made it in the drifting/time attack world.


Nice car...hard to find Starion's in this condition. What happened to s-chasis month?...is there not anything s-chasis related to talk about anymore?


theres one of these in a parking lot in my city. just sitting there.

ive been thinking of buying it for awhile


yah starions are great, came so close to owning them. i almost picked up one with an eclipse gsx for a awd rally starion.....but i was already deep into another project at the time. damn it.


absolutely beautiful. This car deserves a lil more attention than just one random snap imho.


nice! and wtf is a 340 small block? you mean 350?


so cool, in amazing shape


chrysler made a 340SB, thats why they were puttin it into the conquest.

That thing is perfection.

a friend of mine use to own one, stock that thing was fun, i cant imagine having a few cents to put into one.


DO A FEATURE ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WZHGS said:

Nice car...hard to find Starion's in this condition. What happened to s-chasis month?...is there not anything s-chasis related to talk about anymore?

... who cares about S chassis month there are so god damn mnay of them


To Will G:

This month was supposed to be dedicated to S Chasis. I understand and welcome other blogs, but at the same time Speedhunters has done such a good job lately at picking a theme for each month and sticking to it...but this month they are pretty much failing! They have posted up some reader's rides but that's about it.


The old Starion eh?? I used to get a lift to work in a Cherry Red one, it was what i expected interior wise, i wanted one cos its name sounded like mine (or vice versa), this example looks mint though not like the bone-shaker i experienced.. you don't see them over here anymore, but i know there are at least 2 fair weahter examples tucked away away in garages - chance of a feature?


Feature pleeeeease!

Old mitsus are dying slowly, and this is one of the rare surviving ones... :) Beautiful


wow, there's actually a video posted on youtube of this car, complete with specs, all in japanese.

not many of these, where im from, in Hawaii, but we'll hopefully have one at the HellaFlush 4, happening here in february.


How I wish that Mitsubishi would remake a RWD turbo car. I often search Ebay for clean Starions.


yeah bout time. S cars are like roaches.


Excellent, glad to see someone's reading the comments and coming thru!


Oh good old memories of LFS :)


I think more attention needs to be paid to these cars, they led the way for the evo/gsx/vr-4 dominated rally events and seen as some mystical car in japan. 99% of people who say they are a burden/misfit actually do not know why...2.6L 4cyl turbo, RWD...what's not to love


Love the Conquest and Starions. I am a proud owner of a 87' Tsi


If anyone in Australia wants one im selling my 82 JA. Blue with the 2 litre 4g63T with low offset simmons.

Check out Adelaide gumtree.


cool clean starion, since comments around here are so demanding, Ill ask for some CELICA XX (supra) content please!!!!!:P , its right there with the starion in the 80's style, plus it seems to be forgotten, maybe u can make it fit in this month's theme.... or maybe not... i tried :) YOUR MY HERO MIKE!


Good job guys, Being the fine owner of a 87 Starion I feel these things seem to get overlooked all the time. Again, good job guys, perhaps some more in the near future???