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Here at Speedhunters we try to diversify and bring you the best the worldwide car scene has to offer. And as you have probably gathered by now it's hard to top Japanese car culture, as there is really something for everyone, and then some! I have been holding on to this feature for a while now, waiting for the right moment to post it up. A while back I got a call from Andy at, telling me he had just picked up a crazy Japanese custom van at the Tokyo car auction and that I really needed to check it out.

When I got to his shop I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it looked like something out of a Gundam anime with crazy FRP wings sprouting out from everywhere. Having lived quite a long time in the Ibaraki-ken countryside during my time here in Japan has meant I have see my fair share of the whole "Vanning" culture, but I had never had the chance to take a closer look at one of these beasts until then. Andy threw me the keys and told me to take the Nissan Homy down to the banks of the local river where I would actually have enough space to move this thing around during the shoot!

Driving this orange monstrosity is quite an experience, and you really have to adapt your drying style to take into account the massive rear wings that flap around 10 feet up in the air. I was terrified of hitting road signs and traffic lights not to mention decapitating the odd school kid or granny on a bicycle! The overhangs are massive and I really needed to take all the space I could get when making turns. It's a good thing whoever built this van fitted a rear-view camera so you can see on the LCD monitor how many tree branches you can knock down! 

The coolest thing about the Homy is the truck like exhaust note. Get on the gas pedal and the twin rear drainpipes emit low-frequency offbeat pulses that are so slow you can actually count them. That's because this Nissan is powered by a 3.2 L NA diesel engine (yes, NA), which remarkably enough, has absolutely no power and even less torque meaning it has a hard time dragging the extra ton of plastic bodykit around. 

Imagine seeing this thing in your rear-view mirror!

It's all about how many wings and spoilers you can get on there! 

I had trouble passing the last shaken on my GT-R because my Mine's titanium exhaust was 1db too loud, because the offset of the wheels was too aggressive and get this, because I didn't have a shift pattern diagram on or around the gear lever. Now what I want to know is how the hell are these vans allowed to drive on the streets!!??

The stylish exterior looks are only half the story, what lies inside is what counts, after all where are you going to take your lovely gal after a night spent terrorizing the streets! Pop the switch and the vertical side door lifts to unveil the Homy’s vinyl clad interior…

…where purple and green are the colors of choice!

The two benches on each side provide ample seat space to accommodate additional guests.

Hello Kitty logs are embossed around the cabin…

…and as a final touch the roof is lined with mirrors.

Purple and orange was chosen for the cabin up front along with deep soft carpeting. 

This van is actually considered to be pretty sedate in the Vanning scene, as I have seen far more extreme creations. Personally I like the ones that feature airbrushed faces of famous Japanese singers or actors on the rear hatch! 

If I had to make a wild guess I'd say this van was originally driven by a girl…

…which would explain the Hello Kitty theme and rather "soft" interior touches.

Andy actually shipped this van to Ireland, so maybe we can expect this whole Vanning thing to take off in other countries! Or maybe not! 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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The story was already published in modify mag a couple of yers ago.


lol @ the syringe antenna. japanese van "tuning" is strange indeed




that is fuckin awesome


wow.. truly awful. :p

i dont think id be able to get that thing out of my street!


WTF? I don't think this trend will be poplular in any other country, it's way too Japanese for that! Really weird stuff.


I personally love these lol

Although, I prefer the slightly less in your face ones, ie minus hello kitty extras :P

Post some more features of them please, would be really cool to see the build process, especially!


"Orion" is right. I'm pretty sure modified mag did a blog on this already, but SPEEDHUNTERS.COM is cooler!!!

speedhunters FTMFW


Whoever owned it previously watch too much Evangelion.


I'm glad the guys into that stuff around here dont have the imagination or the skill to accomplish such builds, so I'm safe for now. lol Cause like it or not it takes a lot of skill to pull that off hideous or not.


I'd like to see those wheels and some flared arches or bolt on overfenders on a slammed but otherwise standard-body van..


Ever since I saw one of these on the internet, I've liked them. I look at it as craftsmanship. Some will like it and some won't. It takes tons of work in creating and maintaining one of these and even driving as Dino described. I think this won't catch on the US maybe because of all the gay DMV laws. Even if one were to get passed all those rules and regulations with one of these. How many times would cops pull you over for driving a creation like this. Not worth it, not here.


Seen far worse, but anywho.... Yeah, I've been aware of this "style" since maybe the mid-'90s and I still don't understand it, and I probably never will. These vans look like crap to me, but it's not my money so it doesn't bother me.


its pretty lol how they can get away with these 'mods' and still drive it on the road


Lol I've always wanted to see an indepth article (in English) on one of these. So weird.


And another thing... what's up with the lift door not having a window? Hope it can't open from the inside or somebody could open it on to another car or a wall.




yes, i've seen better interiors than this one on youtube... i forgot which vid...

btw, more please?


this kinda stuff is weird, same with itasha (the anime characters on a car)


New definition of ugly. LOL


The interior is cool, but the bodywork made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.


My eyes hurt.


is that a kegerator in the back?


@Orion & Too Fortii - I'm pretty sure that was a metallic pink USDM Scion xB you're thinking of, and it was no where near as done up as this appears to be, especially on the inside. Similar Gundam/bosozoku styling on the outside, but different van.


I like the antenna.....HEYY OOOHHHH

can you say wacky Japanese


Its a Japanese thing, most people dont get this.

I wouldnt mind one of these for towing my drift car :D


I'd rather do this than drifting. It's probably cheaper.


@Orion & Too Fortii:

If it was featured on Modified mag, chances are Dino wrote the story....and after several years (those trucks have been around in Japan for decades).....Dino said: "let's feature something new....".....and here is the same sh!t....awful story/ vehicle....and content! Not because it's JDM YO....that is cool.

Let the Japanese do their own thing.....


What a crock of shit


Features like this are great. Perfect for oddballs month.


This van makes me smile, which is probably the same sensation as driving it.

Imagine the looks you would get, whether they are good or bad. Hahahaha this is the best thing I've seen all day!


Better to see a van like this then a supra or rx-i mean, in the tuning scene and u have a van, u pretty much have to hook it up as such-it needs nos-2 of the big bottles and it needs it by tonite, ha!


...... can't be family of my z, this 'thing' would never ever become road legal in the Netherlands. I would stick a big engine in it and go drift


this vans f*cking retarded... why would anyone like this. ugly looks on the outside, ugly look on the inside. poor colors... has hello kitty on the inside?.. wow..


@Bryce: the scion you're thinking of was in Super Street

i thought this site was SPEEDHUNTERS not WTFHUNTERS?


Pretty cool in the extremes these owners go to and doing their style full-heartedly. However, that said, just about every little thing about this vehicle screams "No" to me. It's like the anti-GT3 RS.


Hater Dan, this is your calling.


id much rather see this over a honda, anyday.


It would be perfect for a drive by, meanwhile everyone is mesmerized and possibly laughing histerically. Slide the door open and watch everybodies expression change due to it being too late to run. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. GAME OVER


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I dunno if I feel disgusted by this thing or if I go WOW! Makes quite the impact nontheless! And if this is sedate, then what the hell is wild!? One thing that I really like about the interior are those huge SPEACKERS!!! You completely ignored them. I think it feels preety cozy in there and a very nice musical experience, I guess... Take off in other countries? I seriously doubt that! At least where I live, if u have a modified car, slammed or stuff like that, there are some people that already consider u "weird".... Yet the tuning scene is safe and sane:p

And about your GTR, Dino, it's simple, it's a GTR and they don't like you!:))) That or if you don't have cards up your sleeves to make them "miss" those details, as dumb as their arguements are.


thats cool but that cant be streel legal.


wait until you see dekotora truck


Some people might have noticed that on the rear panel of the truck there is a little round sticker in kanji that says "friend"......hopelessly looking for someone that appreciate his/her hobby....

Only in Japan.


Absolutely hate it. So much work for something this ugly and slow... terrible


Is it me or are the rear wings misaligned? O__o

This looks is amazing! It's a shame the engine has no power, that would've made it perfect.

The Gundam-ish look is great, and its certainly better than seeing it old, neglected and stock.


This van is now owned by Wez who owns WKD Imports and manager/driver in the Prodrift Series. Mad looking in real life and defo a head turner. Party Bus!


You have to appreciate the work whether you like the result or not. I've been a vanner in the US for over 35 years and there has never been anything that incorprates this amount of creativity. Awesome!



That rear pic looks awesome!

And as someone has mentioned it has the Gundam look.

I love it.


No... No... The Ying Yang Twins own this wonderful piece of machinery now... LOL


carbage. Sorry, but no, this just doesn't work for me AT ALL in ANY CONCIEVABLE WAY!


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