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As enthusiasts, we personify cars as much as we can. Some of us give our cars names. A great many of us lust after cars like we would lust after a beautiful woman. We some all somehow make an emotional connection to these lumps of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber as we would a best friend or even a lover. Certain cars make us laugh, others are serious businessmen, and others are like that decades old friend that is always there for you. I think its pretty safe to say that we are all guilty of assigning these four-wheeled-hunks-of-metal souls and we tend to forget that they're just that: hunks of steel, aluminum, plastic, and rubber. 

Back in September, while the Speedhunters team was at Road Atlanta covering the Petit Le Mans, we heard whispers of a place that is filled with old BMWs. Hearing of such things sparked our interests, so we investigated and found that there was a BMW graveyard not too far from the track of Road Atlanta itself! There was no debating, we had to go and check it out.

As Rod and I parked our car, we were greeted by this weathered looking man, Bobby Thrash. He's the owner of Strictly German, a shop that has anything BMW –anything and everything. It must take some unbridled amount of love and adoration for the Bavarian Motor Works company to have a business to only serve to that brand!

As we started looking around, our eyes went into overtime as it tried to take in everything all at once: rows upon rows of BMW parts. It seemed nearly endless!

There were tons of spare body parts, like the E30 trunks.

A mountain of spare fenders from various models. I'm sure the Hoodride/rat crowd would love to get their hands on some of these parts!

Some parts were just strewn about where others, like these fenders still with their paint, were stacked into neat and orderly rows.

Various plastic bits. 

A whole pile of radiator hoses. Good luck to those that need a specific type of hose for their specific BMW model!

Here's a bunch of bumpers which used to belong to the more modern BMW models.

There wasn't just a plethora of BMW parts strewn about, but Strictly German's chassis collection was astonishing and quite extensive. Take these early 2002s for example. The teal colored one I was especially drawn to. I loved how it has been sitting in that very spot for what seems like years, and nature was finally starting to take over.

If I would just love to take home that teal 2002 and rebuild the engine, reupholster the interior, leave the exterior as is and drop it to the floor. Drool.

Here's a BMW 700 peeking out from under the covers.

Another early 2002 chassis with what looks like a fairly clean body over all. Nothing a bit tender loving care can't fix, right?

This is a great example of a clean and well kept 3.0cs. 

Another shot of the 3.0cs and a completely rusted hood with somewhat shiny all silver BMW badge on it. The contrast of this place is just fantastic.

Here's late model 2002 just falling to pieces. The decrepited nature of this place definitely adds to its overall aura.

This 1600 chassis would be a great start to a weekend racer build. 

There are a lot of spots where the owner seems like he's completely forgotten about certain areas of his expansive yard and has let nature run its course. The overgrowth on rusted old BMW parts is a great reminder to us gear heads that that are just hunks if metal and that our love and passion for these hunks of metal is finite.

There are BMW parts everywhere throughout the complex. Every bit of space available has been filled up with something BMW related….

E36 on the left getting dismantled on the left frame and more modern BMW bumpers on the right frame.

This 318 with m3 engine swap is owned by one of the employees working at Strictly German. The guys that work here take apart cars themselves and sell the parts on the Strictly German eBay store. Each employee gets a very, very good percentage of the money that they make from their online transactions. Bobby mentioned to us that this 318 owner has just been able to buy a house with the money he's made from selling parts online alone!

That's an extremely good incentive to get up every morning and take apart BMWs to me! It's safe to say that the owner treats his employees very well.

This E9 2800cs was in the process of being restored for one of their customers. What a beautiful job so far….

An E21 with Aplina wheels.

Here's something really cool. This is an E30 wagon with E30 M3 fender flares! I'm sure the final result will look fantastic!

Here's an E30 up on the lift in the process of getting completely dismantled.

When I mentioned every imaginable BMW part was around the complex, I meant it. This is a whole garage full of various BMW engines. Who's nerdy enough to be able to point out some specific and notable engines?

A wrecked E36 getting dismantled for parts.

Engines were in every corner of the garage.

Wire harnesses galore.

This is a place that is very peaceful. The sunlight streaming into the backyard that day in September was warm, bees were buzzing about, birds were chirping and singing their lovely melodies and there were tons of old BMWs having a fantastic retirement in such a tranquil place.

Where there are radiators, there are radiator fans. 

Exhausts and front clips with Mother Nature showing german steel who's boss.

The way some of these piles were laid out created some amazing symmetry. My eyes get lost in the sea of doors.

There were exhaust manifolds and there was Rod Chong getting giddy over so much BMWness.

This BMW 700 has definitely seen better days.

A BMW 1800.

When enough years pass by, Mother Nature starts to take over everything. Inside this car, the seats lost most of its fabric, a whole multitude of bugs made it their home, and there was an old nest of some sort in the trunk.

I just love early 2002s because of how the taillights were designed.

I absolutely love this teal colored 2002.

Who would love to have this 3.0 CSL door hanging in their room. I would!

Just like people, cars get old and tired. There comes a day that we have to just pull the plug on them and send them to the crusher. But if I was an old BMW looking for a good retirement and a place to peacefully be laid to rest, Strictly German in Braselton, Georgia is a perfect place to do so. 

You know what? I just personified cars again. I'll have to keep telling myself that these cars are just hunks of metal… they're just hunks of metal… they're just hunks of lovely, gorgeously sculpted steel from the Bavarian Motor Works. That's all.


Strictly German



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Awesome story narrated by amazing pictures. Great read at 2am. Cheers


beautiful part, place and photos


Am I a freak for getting excited over junk?


realy good!


Die Ludolfs of Braselton


As a proud owner of an E36 M3, I loved this article. Thanks very much for writing it, and more importantly, the picture story that goes along with it.


Owww that is SO perfect place to take photos! It would be great if i can find sth like this with j-cars ^^


OMG, i love this place.

Nice one again Linhbergh


Nice Feature, but i'll have to correct you on something. We europeans never had any E30 M3 Stations... The only E30 M3 ever sold was the 3 doors....


Amazing post, would love to get my hands on some of those shells!!


I'd love to to have a good old root around in there for a few hours, some of the old shells are well worth putting some time and effort into..


On the fourth picture, these are e34 trunks. No e3o M3 station wagons are produced, but M3 was sold as a 3 door coupe and a cabrio.

Most of the engines should be M5o-s or some modifications of those.


I want to work dear, i live in holland so that can be a problem.

gr. Jerry


Wallpaper needed!!!


Respectfully, those aren't E30 trunks that are stacked up. They look like Renault or Lada or something.


@ Focus91 and tns1

Linhberg means that North America received no E30 wagons. It's too bad as I think they're the prettiest body style.


man i live in Columbus, Ga i go every yr to road atlanta for formula d n everytime i pass by before i get to the track i always wanted to stop by and look but never did but all i know i seen a mean E46 with a big front mount


That's awesome! Really great photography and write up.


Wallpaper? Ha! The problem is, most of the shots are amazing... which one to choose, which one???


Man, this is some place. There were a couple of BMW's I'd ever even heard of.


Wow, quite the wonderland of every beemer-freak... what a pity so many beautiful cars are totally decaying there...

@ Alex

No no no, these are E34 (88-95 5-Series) trunks.

@ editor

I don't get the thing with the E30 M3 wagon... there had never been any factory-built ones around over here in Europe.




cool cars , fotos , and story. nice


A place I'd like to call home.


amazing post! amazing place!


What does everyone not understand about the E30 wagon with M3 flares? It was a canadian or grey market car, now someone is in the process of making it LOOK like a M3 Wagon. Great post, gonna have to pay a visit soon to snatch up those E9 doors.


This place looks so amazing. I would love to take a walk around there and just admire the sights and sounds. So much history in a place like that. Great story and photos.


All I can say is this is amazing! What a little gem of a place. And I absolutely agree with you Linhbergh about the teal coloured 2002. I love the tail lights on those early ones! Man I'd love to visit this place. Shame I live in England. :( Really great story. Thanks


??? ?????? ???????? ????? ??, :.)


great post. i had an autotragic e21 on alpinas in high school. that thing would do la to sf without breaking a sweat.


it's articles like these that distinguish this site from other generic autoblogs, umm, i mean sites...

keep it up. want to see more


Always fun to go there and just wander around.


I wish I could take home one of those 2002s!!! Great story...keep it up people!


???????? ????????!!)))


Nice DOF and light work on those pics Linhbergh! I know that BMW place! I think Andy Sapp goes there for parts every once in a while! hehe


Please !!! what´s the name of that place ? any website ?


Great story and photos, I love shit like this.

Just one thing though, please fuck off with with "they're just hunks of metal" thing. That's something you'd see a blonde soccer mom driving a hummer to pick up groceries saying. To us no matter what happens to a car, they are always much more than just hunks of metal. Unless it's a pontiac aztek.


Great photography and nice write up.


WOA! Stricly German is down the road from my house!! Few miles from Road Atlanta and BBS. Seriously, if you need a cheap project car, see these guys.

Speedunters, hope you enjoyed your stay in the south! Come back soon!




My last car was a 2002 series 12 years ago. Once I had my son I sold it because living in NYC it wasn't a necessity to get around due to mass transit and it became expensive to own due to my new obligations. This might sound odd but, this is the best post ever. Nice job and thanks. Maybe one day we'll own another 4speed with a Nardi wood steering wheel. Car only had 85,000 miles on it minor rust and I sold it to a guy who dropped an m3 engine in it to race. Traded my Metalic baby blue in for a baby boy.


Tears came out of my eyes when i saw the 02s.


tears of joy!!


there is an bmw 2002 tii just rotting in some guys yard by my house, we asked if he would sell it but he said no


saw this place while traveling to road atlanta. its located on the same road as the track only a couple miles away.


Damn man, I could hardly believe what I was seeing; because I know where this place is! Its just a little ways down the road from Road Atlanta; three or four miles at the most. I've been there a couple times before and spotted some really nice old-school BMWs that absolutely broke my heart because I knew that in the shape they were in, they were only good for a few spare parts. And I've also seen that E30 wagon before they started tinkering with it. I passed by a few times on the way to and from events at Road Atlanta and I wanted it so bad. But its good to see that's its life has been saved and its being turnd into something greater.




im in England would love to visit there AWESOME pics , the line of boots(trunks ) are Volvo 760s and 740s but fantastic shots im heading there


Awesome pictures, tell me you bought that teal 2002..


link is broken.






This is heaven to me


This is heaven to me