Wondering what the Honda HSV-010 GT Super GT race car looks like from other angles? And most importantly of all, what it sounds like? Check out this video that was taken a few days ago during a closed testing session at Suzuka Circuit. Honda’s all-new GT500 cars conform to the new Super GT regulations which call for all cars to run an FR layout and a 3.4L V8 naturally aspirated engine. Despite the current state of the economy I really hope Honda reconsiders bringing back the NSX to the masses, maybe that was one of the way they managed to convince the Super GT organizers to accept the HSV-010 GT’s entry for 2010…let us race an eventually we will sell a production car. I really hope so!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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OMG that sounds like an F1 car!


sounds demonic! honda please reconsider!!!


EPIC! ! !

High revvin' V8... must be F1 derived!



honda knows how to build em, they just don't like to sell them.


I think I saw some other videos on AutoBlog and they do indeed sound like F1 cars... there was a video with two going 'round the track at once. Maybe the engine is based off their former F1 engines??


Ok the damned thing just loaded and it looks like there are two in this video as well..


Indeed sounds like an F1 machine, sounds and looks sexy ;)


This will probably sound stupid, but I'm pretty sure this is fake.


Looks amazing sound amazing - It's HONDA :)


I saw this and TSuchiya on TV last night.

Dori chan was saying how the NSX was the perfect race car and he couldn't understand how they could end it's life.

But they had no choice.

Interesting thing he said. With the rear engined layout, the driver remained a lot cooler than a fr car.


Good God man.


Dino : You are the MAN!!! Excellent video clip. Hopefully, Honda of Japan should put the NSX back into production as along as it is a money maker.


Good Bye NSX-GT


LOVE IT!! And I want to see more of it!


Ok on this one we will all agree they base there engine on the F1 motor they had lying around...


I really hope they bring a production model to market...one can only hope.



Of course it's in Tsuchiya's interest to say that the old NSX was the pefect car, running the team ARTA is been a good move for him. Now he has no background on the new car nor on its parts.

Nice car for sure, although the sounds.....who the hell cares? It's a racecar....

Anyway, the GT regulation does state that the cars have to have a FR layout, but the displacement is not resticted to 3.4L. The Nissan GT-R runs the VQ56 from the Titan.


@ Alex

What GT regulation? All previous NSX's at JGTC and Super GT had MR layouts. Remember the HUGE snorkel they had in the rear?


i drive everyone crazy with my asinine opinions.



New regulations say all GT500 must have a 3.4 V8. And the current GTR is running a VK45 from the Cima. The VK56 is from the FIA GT.


mother of god.


i think it`s no oli in gearbox ;))


@om1kron - Awesome! Someone else on here has some logic.

Accords, Civics, ugly crossovers and SUVs, and mediocre hybrids = profit.

Sports cars = no profit.

You would think Honda was run by the underpants gnomes from South Park.

Step One: build boring cars. Step Two: sell boring cars. Step Three: PROFIT!!!


I sure hope toyta makes a LF-A GT500 car to replace the "rich housewife" sc430 they are using now.


I hope the GT500 regulations change someday, and make inline 6 engines to be mandatory. There would be many sweet sounding engines! :)

I'll keep dreaming...


I wonder if this is a all-Honda development effort or if others (Toda, Tracey Sports, Dome, Sorcery, Mugen etc.) have had a hand in the R&D. Also, with the GT500 form looking as good as it does, I think a production version could clean up REAL nice. Finally, as much as I understand Honda's POV on the matter, they should still produce the HSV-10 economy be damned! Clearly there is a demand for it and even if the car can barely match the performance figures of the GT-R (I doubt it) or the LFA (should be able to match), many still want the original Japanese supercar (not sports car, you 2000GT fanboys) back, myself included!


I think that there could be a profit to be made. Just if they didnt produce in mass numbers. But I guess then it would cost a LOT. It could be the starting of a new era of japanese cars with the Z', GT-R, LF-A, and if they make this that would be up there too.


Holy crap. I think I just jizzed in my pants!


It is not a F1 engine. It is an engine based on the Indycar / ALMS / Formula Nippon one


@ Naga_Ten:

Of course I remember the RR layout, but regulation changed if I'm not mistaken.

@ STJ:

my bad....not the VK56 but like you said, the VK45, which is a 4.5 liter, not a 3.4 liter.....so, I'm assuming the GT-R will have to change the engine as well to a 3.4 liter?


How can we get JGTC/GT500 coverage in the US??? Or are we just SOL?


why they dont call it NSX T o honot the legacy that honda has on super gt, this two sit f1 car loooks like a really nice competition for the actual GT-R'S and with hope i say the upcoming GT500 LF-A'S from lexus, the HSV name its noy a good name i just dont like it but welll its honda .... thx dino for he coverage HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the speedhunters staff and to the all community