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OK time now to wrap up the coverage from the 2009 Tsukuba Super Lap Battle by taking another look through the paddock and some of the cars that help make the event what it is. There is no doubting that Time Attack is the epitome of the tuning industry, it helps push manufacturers and shops to advance parts and car development to extremes, creating wild machines like the Cyber Evo above. Like I mentioned in Part 1 back in the mid nineties if your car managed to lap Tsukuba in under a minute you had achieved something very special. The Cyber Evo managed it in 54"925, which to put it in perspective is about ten seconds faster than what a stock R34 Skyline GT-R is able to do. 

One car that I know can go much faster is the Panspeed RX-7. This FD3S has got all it needs to put down very serious times but this year gearbox problems kept it from getting anywhere close to its real potential, much like the Revolution car, which on paper should really be the fastest car in Japan.

FD's are among the favorite cars for this kind of discipline, proving just how fast they can be even if road registered like the 58-sec Fujita Engineering demo car.

I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more Evo Xs in the future as tuners begin to work their magic on the 4B11.

Despite being no longer on sale, much like the Toyota MR-S in the background, the S2000 will never lose its charm of a proper naturally aspirated, lightweight sports car.

Check out the engine bay of the ASM Yokohama AP1!

Maybe a side view of the Car Service Hiro GDB will stop confusion, this is a GDB with a GRB front. Nakamura-san actually built this car for Subaru a few years ago as a Tokyo Auto Salon show car. Back then it used to look very different, Nakamura took care of chopping the roof while Subaru provided the custom glass needed to complete the job perfectly.  It was a proper show car with custom leather interior but after Nakamura bought it from Subaru he stripped it down and made it into a time attack machine.

A few more shots of the Nogami Project NC, sitting in the pits…

…and out in action.

The Noblesse Honda Fit managed a fastest lap of 1'08"880, not a bad time for what is supposed to be a city car!

Bozz Speed is deep in development of its new Evo X SST demo car but its blisteringly fast Evo 9 is still the car that gets taken to these events. Their goal is to lap in under one minute, and this time round they came very close with a 1'00"115. Better luck next time!

Here is Hisada-san of Bozz Speed posing for the Rev Speed magazine cameras next to the Bridgestone RE55S tires he runs on the Evo 9.

The Tomei Impreza has still a lot to prove in Japan, and its first outing at Tsukuba was nothing less of impressive with a third position overall. We will be following how this car does during 2010.

A lot of tuning shops in Japan are giving a lot of attention to little cars like the Suzuki Swift Sport, but I honestly don't see many out on the street, especially modified ones.

Nobuteru Taniguchi was cruising around the paddock on his latest toy, a new-gen Segway. We don't get to see many of these things in Japan as they are illegal to use on side walks or public areas, plus anything self propelled in Japan requires a number plate. Mind you there is so little space in Japan anyway, the Segway is something that has very little use…but I think Nob is on to something here. Wouldn't mind having one of these to zoom to my favorite shooting location, especially at huge tracks like Fuji Speedway!

Arm's from Nagano were back at Tsukuba this year with their beautiful S15. Running on street tires the Silva was able to lap in 1'01"122.

A lot of you were wondering what was under the hood of the Koyama Racing Labo slash Team Orange Evo X. You can trust Koyama-san to always come up with the most extreme and coolest looking engines. Just look at the at that custom intake plenum! And the intercooler position to keep piping as short as possible, one of the biggest problems with the 4B11.

This is one name we will be seeing a lot more from in the future!

Ok the only reason I took this picture is because this is the first new-gen Legacy I see wearing aftermarket wheels. I'm a previous-gen Legacy owner myself, and I really have nothing positive to say about this new car. So, I'll move swiftly along….

…to something far more fun to look at, Tarzan Yamada up to his usual antics. Here he is attacking one of the Video Option camera guys, going straight for the crotch in his usual no-mercy style.

He then managed to steal Nob's Segway and was trying his best to drift it. Let's just say it's better if he sticks to cars!

That's it for the 2009 Super Lab Battle, but make sure you don't miss the Spotlights I have coming up from this event!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I love seeing FD's in these kind of races.


Wow I didn't know the Chop Top STi has proper glass made by Subaru, that's QUALITY!


Ahh, GRB-fronted GDB. Sneaky.


"One car that I know can go much faster is the Panspeed RX-7. This FD3S has got all it needs to put down very serious times but this year gearbox problems kept it from getting anywhere close to its real potential, much like the Revolution car, which on paper should really be the fastest car in Japan." I guess that's what makes the difference between the best tuners and good tuners. The best like ASM and HKS are very effective in everything. Say, take the CT230R, look at its aero. It does not have anything monstrous like gigantic canards, vents, and stuff like that. Its chassis even looks stcck from outside unlike the Revolution FD, which the wheel arches are higher than the hood itself. I guess its all about efficiency.


I'm always impressed by chop tops and specially this one being a Subaru.

I'd love to hear that F20 with ITB's in the ASM Yokohama AP1 scream.


Thanks Dino for the coverage.

As far as the Revo RX7 goes their data logger split times say there is another easy .5 seconds of time in the car. Somewhere in the 55.2 range. Then there is some traction loss from slow corners. Tsukuba is tough territory for RWD.

All things must be put into one lap on the limit on one day.

Maybe they can crack a 54 one day...... maybe..


Must admit i don't understand why Honda cancelled the successor to the s2000 even on "no money" grounds since it makes such a good race car and time attack car. As for the comments Kevin made about the TA-2 i think the difference between them isn't efficiency its money as always as revolution are a small tuning shop compared to HKS who have a HQ in virtually every country and nearly everybody stocks there parts and their wealth also shows since they can afford to host HKS premium days like i hope Dino will cover next year.


Aside from the fact that ASM Yokohama has been one major player in the Time Attack scene for the past several years.

The ASM Yokohama S2000 pictured above received SUBSTANTIAL changes this year: chassis, suspension, diff, weight reduction and so forth (based on Kanayama's blog)......and all you have to say Dino is: "check out the engine bay of ASM Yokohama AP1'???

ITB's have been around for decades.....that's how you entertain your audience?.....I'm disappointed.


I see tarzan rocking American Eagle. Nice. Definately my favorite store.


Awesome coverage as usual. I'd love to see some features on a few of these cars. Mostly I'd love to see a feature on the Panspeed car. :)


Wow, more pics of that FEED FD!


I spy a Green MINI in the background.... ya gawt N E more pix on dat Kar?


Thats a clean NC Miata really like it. Like that burgundy/purple z in the background of that pic with NOB. Looks really clean.


I don't know why you're hating on the new Legacy. I think its a really good looking car.


uhoh! alex is disappointed again.

can someone please find him his "cup of tea"?


Slight correction, Hisada-san is posing with the RE11S.

Thanks for the coverage, hoping I can get to this event some day.


lol@ Tarzan & Nob :) Those guys are 2 of the fastest men in any car, and they roll up to the most important tuner competition in the world, and are so relaxed that they are farting around the paddock like its a playground.

Oh yeah, it IS their playground. My bad. Lucky bastards :):)


Great article Dino! Is there any chance we could get a full article on the Car Service Hiro GDB? I'm sure a lot of people would love to hear more about the car


Jesus Christ Almighty Alex... You are the most solipsistic, supercilious poster on this site. Did you ever stop for a moment and consider that perhaps no one here cares to hear you pontificate about each and every single post?

Silly me... of course you didn't... because that is what the comment section is for, right?. For Alex to berate the staff of Speedhunters for not living up to his standards.


Tarzan looks like my economics teacher lol


Possibly a stupid question... where the hell are all the GTR's? And I am not talking about the sterile French new ones but real GTR's R32/R33/R34???


Cool chopped Subaru! Don't see many MX-5 hardtops around here. I've only seen one! Also, was the RX-8 in the background of the second pic hit, or does it have carbon fiber doors?


That Honda Fit was badass. If tuned properly, i'd bet cars like the fit and Nissan Micra would do better than a top notch tuned civic. Or any other sedan, for that matter.


I hope to someday make it to this event. Another big wish when I go is to bring my BF chassis 91 Subaru legacy sedan and park it next to Dino's. Great coverage.

Lastly where is the ATTKD R32 GT-R? I thought it was supposed to make an appearance. It was there at the NISMO festival. Where is it now. Feature it please. It's cars like it that make me want an older Skyline.


Please do a feature on the Cyber EVO!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 PLEASE


Man, that new legacy, everytime i see it, it makes me question the sanity of people working at subaru.

Doesn't ANYONE in the company raise concerns before they release the car? like "Wait, we can't release this big ugly filth, it will undermine the legacy of Legacy..." Subaru would EASILY make much more profit if they make them prettier.


Don't worry about Alex, judging from his comments on suspension tuning in the previous post, he hasn't got the faintest idea what he's talking about!


Hi - Who won the FF unlimted class or any FF class in general ? What was the best FF time ? Thanks


Great coverage as always...the past couple nights me and a buddy of mine have been trying to beat the Cyber Evos time on Forza...not an easy task.


Please do some info on the Cyber Evo..i see they have changed the old 4G63 engine into a new MIVEC 4G63 there.Or is it just the cover that got changed?