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It's official. I am becoming a big fan of the custom & hot-rod scene. I just spent the whole day walking the halls of the Yokohama Pacifico exhibition center during the set up day of the 2009 Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict I will not be able to attend the actual show tomorrow, as in about 5 hours I will be getting up and heading to Fuji Speedway to cover this year's Nismo Festival. But with such a great selection of cars on show there was no way I was going to miss getting up close with some of the best customs and hot-rods in Japan, and in fact today turned out to be one of the best events I have ever covered. Read on to find out why…

As I walked from the station to the exhibition hall in the fashionable Minatomirai area of Yokohama city I knew I was heading towards the right place as I kept seeing slammed customs and show cars on the streets.

I arrived just after 9, which tuned out to be just the right time as most exhibitors were rolling in.

It's so cool sewing classic imports in such a modern and futuristic area of the city.

As I made my way into the actual show space I was a bit stunned as all I herd was rumbling gas-guzzling V8s burbling and revving away as cars drive in, looking for their pre-assigned lot. 

Shows like this are always great but when you actually hear each and every one of those stunning creations, well you can imagine why I had a great time today! Idling and revving oldschool rides makes for some serious smog and the show halls were only bearable for few minutes at a time before one was forced to exit for a breather. At the back of the exhibition center the gates were open and trucks kept unloading show cars and bikes, with the odd one driving to the show under its own power, like the blue 'Cuda above.

This Dodge was on special temporary plates, which in Japan are really easy to get to move unregistered or un-shakened vehicles around. 

I spotted this Mitsubishi Arrow 200 in the rear parking lot, first time I had actually seen one, kind of reminded me of the old Alfa GTV!

When I came back into the show hall I was passed by this transporter and I immediately followed it because it was carrying this stunning pearl-while PS30. I will have to show you more detailed pictures of this car on a later post, but in case you are wondering it isn't running the stock engine, it's powered by a 500 HP RB26!!

This drag FC3S from Sun Light scared half of the people in the convention center to death when it came into the hall. Its unsilenced 3-rotor carbed 20B was so loud the organizers had to ask the driver to turn off the engine and push the car!

Though this was cool, this family (yes there is a small child in the middle there!) had driven to the show in their hot rod, must have been a chilly ride as the weather wasn't that great today and I don't know if custom-built rods have heaters or not.

There was a lot of polishing, shining and waxing going on in every lot of the show floor…

…even shampooing tires!

The mix of styles today was almost overwhelming.

As ever I'm strangely attracted towards muscle cars…

…or crazy rides set up for drag racing! Just look at those rear tires!

Yes those are R32 Skyline GT-R wheels on the Dodge we saw arriving earlier on.

How cool are those big old wagons like this Dodge Coronet 500.

There was even some more modern machinery like this King Snake twin turbo charged Viper. 

It wouldn't be a customs show without lots of airbrush work…

…some looking better than others, although this look is intentional and I really like it!

How random, a dead alien! 

Walking the little stalls that were being set up I was intrigued by this curious "Smorkin' Labbit." 

Americana at its best, old license plates.

As ever there is always a nice selection of Japanese cars too, like this Datsun 210 wagon and the Corona Mark II Grande parked up next to it. More on this later.

Cars kept arriving well into the afternoon…

…and quickly the show floor was beginning to take shape as people positioned their rides and prepared their little show space.

Rat rods, as extreme as you can get! Yet another style you really have to appreciate.

There will be tons more to come from the Mooneyes Hot Rod show, as well as the Nismo Festival and then the Tsukuba Super Lap Battle in a few days! Busy week in Japan…and I just know I'm not going to be getting much sleep in the next few days. Which reminds me….better get some shuteye!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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the Z28 is killing me!!! *dead*


Am I right in saying that the car in picture 5 is a Hudson Super Six? Whatever it is it's gorgeous in satin black with the chrome detail.


That S30! Look at the lip on the rear wheels! Also digging the dodge with the r32 wheels.


Wow i would never think someone would want one of our ugly colorado plates haha


OMG!!! Milner?s coupe in japan?crazy...


Walpaper of the blue cuda pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!

6th pic


OMFG, that rusty Camaro... I want it!


Simply the jap´s are best.


@ Josh

that's a 1950 Ford http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-1950-1959/1950-Ford-black-le.jpg

that '61 Pontiac in the second pic is pretty interesting


@Gene: They're a lot more interesting than any UK plate!


the dart on r32 gtr wheels is amazing. As is th z28 and the coronet 500 estate. great to see old scholl muscle on speedhunters.


There is something more in Japanese's american car meeting,I don't know what,but it's what I love that!

Please,the blue Hemi cuda in wallpaper!!!!


Smorkin' Labbit is something i've seen here in Canada quite a few times. i'm not sure where it originates though but i'm leaning towards somewhere in NA.. It's all part of the collectible vinyl figure fad/lifestyle/whatever that's been going around here.. damned hipsters :P


love the coverage though! my favourite from this set would have to be the Cuda, i really like how you masked everything else in monochrome! a desktop of that would be excellent


Nice event!

Wallpaper of the blue Cuda please!!!


So much beauty. Can't wait to see the piece on the white Z. And that red Impala is soooo very sexy.


wanna see more of that viper


I feel you man. I'm heading to Nismo Festa in a bit myself. Two awesome events a the same time. Bad luck


The 14th shot down is a replica of the car from American Graffiti. It's even got the right plates on it. THX 138.


More on that blue cuda!


I'm pretty sure that the smoking "Labbit" is from the Kid Robot clothing range who are well known for making really crazy and kooky stuff like that! They fit right in there as they come across very "Engrish"!!


Smorkin' Labbit is from Kidrobot.

and that Rat Rod truck. DO WANT.


@gene WTF you talking about man?! Our plates are awesome!


more s30 z pleas


Another one for the blue Cuda - more info, pics, wallpapers, please!!!!!


They need Aussie Muscle cars in there (Monaro's and GT-HO Faclons)!


even muscle cars look better in japan :0


Its been said already...but 'Cuda pic wallpaper please!


Hey...whats the name of the white car with crazy drag wheels? thanks!


Those wheels on that rusted Camaro look like the red mags on the A-Team GMC van, even with the same BFG tires.




Looks like an awesome show! Although I'm a VW-dude I share your fascination for the American Muscle cars!


great shots, do you have more pictures of the mitsubishi celeste ( plymouth arrow) ?


Hate to be different but I'd kill for a wallpaper of that Rat rod truck!!!! Keep up the great work guys!!


That blue cuda looks sick!


I'm almost positive the blue Cuda came from Okinawa. There is one identical to that one parked on the highway near my work, belongs to a carshop. I've almost crashed more than a few times starring at it as I drive by.