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The PRI show held every December in Orlando, Flordia is a must-see for all hardcore builders and drivers. It is the SEMA Show of the Performance Industry. While there are some amazing cars on display, the show is more focused on peformance parts available to build your dream street machine or full-blown race car. I have been attending the PRI show for the last few years to keep up on products available, as well as attend some meetings with sponsors. Not to mention getting out of cold Maryland in December to get some sunshine and warmth is never a bad idea. As I walk the show I start to wonder if it's weird that I find fully-dressed race engines on a stand just as sexy as a slammed car with perfect wheel fit? This Roush Yates\Ford Racing just had me sitting back admiring it. Am I the only one that looks at that and says "dammmmmmmmnnnnn"?

This Z caught my eye too, although I would have liked to see some fuel injection rather then a carburetor on the V8. The car was beautiful none the less.

The dome S102………Holy crap that thing looks fun!

This is the Classic Design Concepts 2010 Mustang "Weekend Warrior" that was built for SEMA this year. It is the picture-perfect daily driver that is an animal on the track, It has 550 HP, huge brakes, carbon roof, and the engine is moved down and slightly back. It even has a place to lock down a floor jack, spare wheel, and of course, your helmet. While I'm not a big fan of rear quarter scoops, they are functional and they cool the rear brakes.

The RTR rear spoiler turns into an air brake when you touch the brake pedal. I though this was pretty cool. I wonder how well it helps slowing, if any?

Check out the RTR rear diffuser, wheels, and rear spoiler. I think it just sets it off. Maybe I'm a wee bit biased?

This old McLaren was super clean.

I just want to put this injections system on my dining room table. It seriously is a work of art!

So seriously… what would you do to take this around Nurburging just once?

 I absolutely love the look of these old school drag cars.

Think this one would pull the front wheels off the ground? I think YES!

The Huffaker 6.0 liter mod motor. This is the engine Mike Davis runs in his 2010 Speed Challenge GT. The fab work on the intake manifold and the headers is simply incredible!

Simply sexy!

This 34 Ford was built for SEMA. While you would expect it to have some sort of V8 in it, what is under the hood is a surprise……

Yep! That is an Ford EcoBoost motor. A 360hp twin turbo V6 that brags there IS replacement for displacement! I bet this thing gets better fuel mileage then any other 34 Ford out there… well if you can keep your foot out of it, that is!

Special thanks to Marc Strong for the pictures!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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Vaughn Gittin Jr.! What's up? Long time fan.

Love the headers on that 6.0.


My computer just saw my O Face when I spotted that V8 Z !


No pictures of the Bugatti Veyron engine block and cylinder head?

The show was great this year, LOTS of great stuff to look at. My favorite part of the show was watching all the CNC mills crank out engine parts right in front of me.


Hey, JR. It was really nice meeting you at FD NJ last summer, you seem like a great guy. Have you thought about running an EcoBoost engine in your competition car? I bet that Ford would love to give you some support on that as it could be a great proof of concept for them!


34 Ford that's what iam talking about. Vaughn ya did a great job


thats Dandy Dick Landy's dodge, of course itll pull the wheels off the ground.


I want a mustang with that 6.0 crate motor in it because those exhaust mnifolds are just perfection.


The V8 Z for a desktop


Damn. i would have a hard time putting the Roush Yates\Ford Racing motor in anything, or building a car around it for the simple fact that its a work of art on its own. the only car i might consider putting it in is one of the ring brothers fastbacks. that or Vaughn's Mustang. nice photos and story. keep up the good work


also love the T/A hood on the Challenger


dear JR,

are you going to be getting a 5.0 next season!?!?!?

yours truly,



There were several kick ass products at PRI this year. The new F1 Koni shocks, the new AP Racing mag brakes, the Veyron engine, and DOME work (aside from the S102 they had several nano-technology dry carbon fiber parts)......pushing the envelope....


Whatsup with that black thing on the trunk of the stang?


Yeah not feeling the black on the back of the Mustang but the RTR parts look great in color. The air brake is a little gimmicky too but its kinda cool. Desktop of the Ford Racing/RoushYates engine please!!!!


I'm feelin that McLaren. I would love to drive that on the Nur... Maybe more than the Dome even...


@ ironfist- I did not even see the Veyron engine??? Are they marketing and selling it separate? I wonder how much it is??

@racerrrex- agree the the blackout plate on the deck lid is not my favorite either but a ton of people seem to love them....??

@texas- I do not plan to run the 5.0 as of now for 2010. Anything could change but most likely wont see it in there until 2011.

@seaninc- No we have not considered the ECOBOOST. While it would probably be awesome we are sticking with a v8 for many reasons.


Vaughn you need more PRI pictures? Let me know I took 500+ of the show


Ama Z ing !1!


The McLaren M8 is still smokin after 40 years!

Staggered velocity stacks are rather cool.


Hey anyone have any info on those amber turn signals on the mustang? Also, great shots.


that z is baddddddd!!! gimme more z's!!!!

i need some ideas for my 72' l28et poo orange...soon to be zg'd with mercedes silver paint.

i want my car to be on this blog someday.

"i heard and smelled your car before i saw it" -innocent bystander


I just love that 34 ford with the biturbo v6, it's just a very cool car.


@kevin- Those turn signals are actually from the car I took to Japan and I believe they were the prototypes for the 2010 JDM spec cars. I'm surprised you picked that up, good eye!

@Steven- thanks for the offer. I did'nt want to do a full review on the show just wanted to share a few pictures of things that caught my eye. If you do post the pictures up feel free to link them here!