New Cars>> Mustang Rtr-c: Get Serious!

Here is the sneak peak I promised you all. This is the first-ever public picture of the extremely limited production Mustang RTR-C, the halo of the RTR brand. It is a one-hundred percent dry carbon Mustang for the street, which features in-car adjustable shocks, 550 horsepower, and carbon fiber HRE wheels. Only ten of these cars will be made. The car will first be seen at the SEMA Show this year where it will be on display at the Ford booth all week. I will do a feature on the car here on Speedhunters in the near future!

As always, I appreciate all of your comments… so fire away! For more info, check out Thanks for the support!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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I'm glad the fitment isn't mega sunk.

how much will one cost? haha with all that cf I'd imagine a pretty big number.


So, do you get one? ;)

Gotta say, sick Stang though! If I had the cash I'd rock one of those.


Carbon wheels??? O_O


Man, realy curious how this organic car looks inside! Lookin forward for some more pics :D


Woah. {8~O------


Looks really menacing. Especially like the yellow lights (highbeam or whatever they are for on the mustangs). I second mathy91's comment regarding the interior, can't wait for pics!


You can´t show this to little children!

It´s pure sex :D


i agree with Bsyc


thats totally badass but I wish it were made for the masses on the cheapz!


my godness x) no dude, the wheels aren't in carbon :) it's amazing ! (aerosmith powa^^) this car is so sexy and looks so hot !!!!!!!!! I'm in love with it :p

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is the best^^


Are you going to have one in your garage Jr.?


$135k for the RTR-C according to


Can't stop, This loving feeling......


how much it weigh?


Very beutifull and powerfull car they should made more of them.


Unfortunate choice of name for an impressive car. In the import community, RTR stand for "Robie The Ricer". Hope the name doesn't have a negative impact on the Mustang.


I can see an orange dot for the valve stem on a tire )


you guys must be getting paid to post this car so much.

Makes me not want to see it as much anymore.


Great job JR.

You sure have come a long way since the white s13 with green stripe.

Congratulations !


Of coarse JR is going to have one for himself! I wonder what this thing could run on Nürburgring Nordschleife.


A carbon 'TANG? WTF*** Get serious...

One question.: WHY?

But looking good... Carbon is still unobtanium for many. The other black gold as oppossed to crude oil.

No SEMA for me this year though. Gutted : (


AWESOME! What a gorgeous car. :)


these are going for 135K, not nearly as much as i thought.. but even then id still be afraid to drive this thing, the rims are either carbon fiber or they have carbon fiber lips on em but my point is if i hit a pothole or something thats 5K for a new wheel, or that carbon fiber diffuser on the back that sits like 2 inches off the ground.. riiiiiiiip right off and now your looking at 20k for a new CF wheel and CF diffuser all from hitting one pot hole. imagine if you were to hit another car or another object.. itll easily cost more to fix than what you bought the car for.