Event>>sema 2009: Day Two

Alright let's jump right into some photographs and impressions from my second day of walking the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center at the 2009 SEMA Show.

Up above is something that should excite the traditional "JDM Tuning" fans, a super clean R34 Skyline GT-R found in the Rotora Brakes booth.

Honda's presence at the show is a bit scaled back compared to past years. but I was pleased to find a cool selection of vintage Civics on display – including this '74 Civic race car.

Conrad Grunewald's 2010 drift Camaro is getting a lot of attention in GM's booth. I'm pleased to say that the car is sporting "Speedhunters-approved" ride height and wheel fitment (for a big budget pro drift car that is). Hopefully the car will look this good when it starts running next season.

The Rhys Millen Racing Genesis Coupe looks pretty simple on the outside. In fact, I think a lot of people might have passed it by thinking the open hatch was only to showoff a flashy sound system in the back.

But there's no sound system to be found, just a tuned up V8 from the Genesis sedan and a sexy set of individual throttles.

Since there are so many classic muscle cars shown at SEMA, you need to do some crazy stuff to get yours to stand out. Take this Chevelle for example…

…it's powered a fully built turbo-diesel engine built by PPE. Nuts!

I wandered over to DUB area not expecting to find much of interest, but was surprised to find a bunch of cars that had been shipped over from Japan, including the BRANEW GT-R seen at Tokyo Auto Salon.

But what really got me excited was this fully luxed-out JDM Toyota Vellfire van being shown by Air Runner.

Yes, the entire body has been wrapped in red leather by ART Factory. Somehow I think this might be better-suited to sunny Las Vegas than rainy and wet Japan…

The Lexus LF-A looks pretty tough in satin black finish. The car brought a lot of onlookers to the outdoor Lexus display.

Another Genesis Coupe in the Hyundai booth, this one built by Greddy and sporting an aggressive set of 19" TE37's.

If you are familiar with pro touring cars, then the name Mark Stielow should ring a bell. Mark is a pioneer of the scene, and his latest project is this '69 Camao, dubbed Jackass.

Jackass gets its power from a supercharged LS9 engine out of the Corvette ZR1. Incredible.

If you are noticing a lack of European cars in the coverage so far, that's because there doesn't seem to be many of them this year. H&R Suspension did have this new Golf on display in their booth though.

As well as this E46 M3 sitting on bright orange Enkei NT03 wheels.

Speaking of orange, there's the ZELE 370Z looking as good ever in the Eneos booth. I've yet to see a Z34 done as well as this one.

Also fitting with our monthly theme is this Lexus IS tucked (no pun intended) away in one of the outdoor areas.

It doesn't get much cooler than nostalgic SCCA Trans Am racers like this Boss 302 Mustang.

Cherry Bomb mufflers has this awesomel Hemi-powered Dodge Pickup in their booth. I remember how cool I felt when I put Cherry Bomb exhaust on the Plymouth Duster that I drove back in high school…

Hmm…I'm not quite sure how this multi-colored S14 will go over among the Speedhunters audience. Yay or nay?

GM's booth is full of modifed Camaros. One of my favorites is this twin turbo V6 Jay Leno concept version.

There are several tastefully done first gen xB's on display in the outdoor area, including this one sitting on some wide Work Equips.

There is no such thing as a new Dodge Challenger convertible, or a new Plymouth Barracuda from the factory, but thanks to the aftermarket you can have a brand new rag top 'Cuda.

"Rat rods" don't really fit in with the flashy, high dollar builds that dominate SEMA, but this one was generating a lot of buzz. Maybe that's the point?

Back soon with more from Vegas!

-Mike Garrett



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That S14 is HIDEOUS!


im liking grunwalds camaro, looks way better than the challenger last year.


that' not a golf on the h&r booth, it's the new scirocco


is that white xb, heymikkeyys from Phaze2???

Lots of clean rides at Sema this year.


I love those Weds Kranze Vishunus!!!! S14 is hideous and that Van is f*%$%*#*)(@* sick!


S14 is nice, just not the color


No its a Golf, Evo 6. They do look similar from that angle, the rear ends are very different


That's a Golf evo6, that is why it says GOLF on the side of it.


"that' not a golf on the h&r booth, it's the new scirocco"

umm no it's a golf. The writing on the side kind of gives it away... as well as the body lines and headlights. but they do have similar lines from that angle


s14 doesnt pass my test...


Nay on the S14 paint, but I dig the wheels. Yay on the yellow jackazz Camaro. SIck! Need a feature on that PT build!


bleh some of these cars are nasty :P.


The S14 is great


more more MORE!!!!!


Yay for the S14!


H&R car is a MK6 Golf. There is a new 2009 VW Scirocco in the Koni suspension booth. It's the only one currently in the US, imported from the UK (yes, it's RHD) by my company, Forge Motorsport. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2546/4072991686_1803fe613e_o.jpg


@Hechtspeed "Yay on the yellow jackazz Camaro. SIck! Need a feature on that PT build!"

Hotrod mag. did a review on the Jakass after it was completed. http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hrdp_0909_1969_chevrolet_camaro/index.html

pretty nasty build if I must say.


nnay, nice car. bad color


That S14 is gross, and whats even sadder is that he wins awards at car shows with that thing! At Nisei Showoff, he took home 3rd best in Nissan class. RIDICULOUS!!!! Thats a team hybrid car for ya!


definetly a NAY on that s14.


NAY on the multi colored S14.....LoVe the wheel set up thou


Hankook is really laying down the rubber, huh? I can't wait till next season. I hope it is a close, intense battle between Hankook and Falken.


What the hizzle, NAY! how disgusting, failtown.


like the s14

its diffrent ..diffrent is good


Nice R34 but I want one of my own. Damn the EPA and DOT!!!


I dunno what's wrong with the S14, but something is wrong:))) The wheels are ok, although, seem a bit too big, maybe cause when I see a Silvia I think of drifting or grip and those wheels are too large to go fast. Or.... it might be the paint... I dunno... looks done right, but yet it feels like a "NAY".


can we have more pics of grunewalds camaroand tht diesel chevelle and the rear engined genesis please?


@mike, what did you guys have to do to import it?


nay on the R35 all nig rigged


@Joe, Quite a bit of paperwork with the EPA and NHTSA. Unfortunately, it can't be driven on public roads since it hasn't been submitted for crash testing in the US yet, but we've taken it to some track events and enthusiast shows. It will be going back to the UK in late December, and we'll be moving on to the next project.


Nay on the S14. also on the golf/scirocco thing, it's a golf, the headlights from the 2 are very similar


That Chevelle is Crazy! Nay for the S14.


i think that duramax chevelle was there last year


yay except for the paint


nay on the paint otherwise it looks good


I've seen that yellow 1969 Camaro by Mark Stielow at Hot August Nights 2009 in my hometown of Reno, Nevada. It's easily one of the cleanest and most impressive Camaros I've ever seen. FEATURE IT!

The S14 isn't that bad but it should have been topped with black IMO.


Looks like Conrad's dipping into Hankooks sponsorship pot. I Know Eddie is none to happy with that!


S14 looks pretty bad. I just saw the Team hybrid sticker. I guess they confused SEMA with Hot Import Nights 2002


lol at the Scirocco comment, i like the S14. i wouldnt do it to my own car, but i think the lower colour blend is top notch! and the yellow roof just gives it that stupid look that alot of american drifters seem to be going with as of late.


The ratrod is freakin awesome. Looks like its gonna sneak up behind you at night and cut ya throat


Yuck to the diesel powered Chevelle. Why would you want your CAR to sound like a SEMI? And the "massive torque of a diesel" isn't a real argument. Torque only gets you so far, with lower power, you're gonna tap out sooner. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.


That DUB GTR is Supa-clean! Awesome!


On that S14, i think i see a Team Hybrid sticker.... What the hell happened with this car? (Shakes Head)


On the last pic. the Rat Rod, whats that wrapped tubing that comes up to the exhaust?


That Branew GT-R was also present in 2008!

And White with Chrome wheels is sooo JDM!

The Fro & Aft sights are not to behold... fake triple exhaust.

Love the stance on the H&R Golf VI...

Mark Stielow using the same O.Z. Superleggera wheels or what?


at first glance I thought that Rhys Millen's Genesis was the FT-86 concept. (it makes it much cooler anyways!)


Also that S14 would be nicer without the yellow, but the stance and large rims and offset are amazing.


nay on the 14 >:-(


The s14 is a big nayyyy


i'm liking the satin lexus and drift camaro alot, and i think the tides has change euro cars getting ricer by the minute, (not sure what they are thinking about the paint match) and japanese cars which use to be more of ricers are now cooler and has a lot more class.


" evo6 said:

that' not a golf on the h&r booth, it's the new scirocco"

Post of The Year...


the turbo diesel chevelle is NUTS


I want more on the Rhys Millen mid engine genesis!