Here is a video that Ken Block sent me this morning of himself and fellow rally driver Chris Atkinson having some fun in Ken’s 1978 Ford Escort. Under the hood sits a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder Millington engine that boasts 280 BHP. It also is setup with WRC-styled paddle shifting and a six-speed sequential gearbox. I think this video does an incredible job of capturing the definition of fun!

-Vaughn Gittin JR



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Wow! That was an awesome video! I wish I had an old escort to flog...


Man i think i dislike Ken Block just like everyone else now. YEAH RIGHT! this is why i think ppl hate, dislike, or what ever they say cause Block can just got out and drive great cars and have tons of fun!!!!

Have to admit little jealous love that Escort but Blocks the man. Great video will never get tired of Block videos whether there too hollywood or simple and fun i love them all!!!! Keep DRIVING BLOCK!!!!


Awesome. I've been fortunate to have been in a Mk2 a couple of times on stages back in the UK, just as a navigator, but that was some of the best fun in a car ever...and I wasn't even driving.


Ken's the man, saw this the other day, incredible driving


finally ken made a real video


I wish they sold these great machines in the US. At least I can get an XR4ti. C'mon Ford of Europe, stop keeping all the good stuff to yourself! On another note, we need to get this fella drifting. I'm sure Crawford could set up another sweet Impreza for him.


Thank you for the AWESOME video, JR! Those Escorts look like a lot of fun! Too bad they don't sell them in the US.


Ken Block in a Fantastic car, the MK2, but i like more the MK1.

One of the best MK1 drivers


i have faith that ken block will one day find his way into a drift car


That is rallying!

Ken finally gets a real car.

The car reminds me of Colins old car

Heres some more talent


frickin good video :)

i just miss the old fashioned driving, the heel-toe pedal operation, clutch-kickin' and please, use that big gear-stick for God' sake :D


Hahaha thanks Vaughn, you made my day. Its great to have a pro dirifter writing for speedhunters!

Back in the UK my dad had a Cossie Escort, and he loved it! Block knows whats up


hey hye!! sad that he didn't finish the rally at rally defi 2009 in Quebec :P.


Glad you guys enjoyed this!


This video puts a big smile on my face! This is what driving is all about and you can tell. Fun, adrenaline and driving your heart out. I've been racing for years now and sometimes its so much more fun to go out and do these type of things than actually racing. Great post man!


Such a great video but the mk2 is something else proper BIG money mk2 iirc a 2.4 Millington is roughly £25,000 and you can bet that gear box wasn't much short of that either


Great video, but Ken is not at the same level as Chris. Ken was made famous buy a video doing impressive manuvers. Chris was a driver for Subaru in their World rally team, fighting with the the current heavy hitters of Rallying. I'm not hating on Ken, but I think their are other many other names that should be thought of when thinking of Subaru and Rallying. Awsome driving by BOTH drivers!!!!!