Random Snap>> Twin Turbo Murcielago

After getting a tip I logged onto the website of Heffner Performance. I didn't need to look hard before I got confronted with this Lamborghini Murcielago. But there was something different about this particular car. Yes your eyes aren't playing tricks with you, this V12 is being aided by not one but two turbo's. They just finished this car and have the boost set to 1 bar, giving the car 1100 rwhp.

Check out the Dyno chart here, and for more pics and info you can log onto Heffner Performance.

What do you guys think? Sacrilege or inevitable progression.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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No sacrilige, but progression? 1100 rwhp isn't exactly useful, is it? Heffner scores another point in the pissing contest :D


Damn sick! i like it that way :)


the best thing happend tp almbo ever

Lamborghini to the top agein


As if your Lambo wasn't fast enough already.

I love this kind of stuff. Anyone know of any TT Mclaren F1's?


Sounds good to me!


Wow, the pictures on their website are awesome, so is the car :)


check out http://www.unichip.co.za for the south african version.


I think Underground Racing has them beat. The have 1100whp Gallardo's and not to mention the Ford GT's and Vipers they build. I think they have built a Murcielago also.


Certainly not sacrilege, they just made a fast car faster and the setup looks real nice too.

A Murcielago wrapped in Louis Vutton on full chrome wheels, that's sacrilege.

I wonder what this does for the reliabilty, the gearbox probably wasn't designed for an extra 400hp.

My guess is this is more for people who want to go around on parties telling everyone they own a +1000hp lambo.

The people that actually want to drive an insanely fast Lamborghini just get an LP 670-4 SuperVeloce



Murcielago TT.....just INSANE

what i wouldnt give to drive for a least 5 minutes


(0_0 )



Thats my dream car.


I think thats pure insanity that i'd love to have in my garage. Thats wat i think. And 1100 with a V12 is Useful Since u got boost across the rpm range. Its not 3.0L with huge turbos that can piss out 1100hp for about 700rpm in the rpm band.


Not impressed, everyone is doing the 1000+Hp shindig.

check out the Hennessey venom GT.

They're trying to go 0-200-0 in 20seconds on a re bodied exige with a twin turbo AND supercharged LS9!

completely silly. will never get the power down to the ground.


Another super bolt on tune by Heffner wow. Between him and Hennessey I don't know who is the worst but only those 2 nut jobs can make turbos and superchargers boring.


did they have to remove the all wheel drive system to make this work?


For a street registered car, trying beating the Veilside R32 GTR Skyline - 0-187mph in 13.72secs....


I think zanthrax pretty much nailed it on the head eh lol, it does look nice but its just for posers, and yea im pretty sure the gearbox wouuld get nailed after a few thrasings :S making it unreliable and it being lambo would be a b***h to buy a new one

and hey don't bring hennessey into this they tune cars decently like their gtr r35 that can do 0-100kph in 2.9s


those guys are here in sarasota, fl! pretty sick, personally, just looking at the quality level of all the fabbed parts is good enough for me.


All we need now is a lap around the test track with the STIG!!!


now i would love to see a cgt tt'ed thats my dream car


The turbo routing itself is simply beautiful! To me it's not the power, imo a Murcielago doesn't need 1100 hp, but Heffner put such detail into their work. I mean, look at that, that's art!


haha take it around the top gear test track with the stig!!!

i think this car is brilliant...its utterly beautiful