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The E46 CSL that Paddy featured a few weeks back is a person favorite of mine, the same goes for Ronni Renaldi's supercharged M3. I'm not sure if he wanted to build himself a CSLreplica, but with a E46 M3 he was off to a good start. In the end, I even think he has build himself something better!

Ronni sure likes his cars, he previously owned a Audi S4 and a E39 M5 and has already sold this car to purchase a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG.

At the front we see the signature CSL frontbumper made by Vorsteiner with the carbon touches and a inlet for the airfilter. The kidney grills and side grills have been exchanged for carbon fiber ones. I just can't help staring at this picture, the front looks so menacing.

The side profile is even better with its Kinesis F110 wheels in 19"x8.5 in the front and 19×10 in the back. The wheels are shod in Bridgestone S03 tires. The drop is achieved by using KW Variant 2 coilovers.

The OEM CSL trunk dominates the rear together with the Milltek exhaust tips.

The upgraded Brembo brakes have 4 pistons in the back and in the front and aided by Hawks brake pads allround. The rotors measure 14" in the front and 12.9" in the rear. The rubber front brake lines have been ditched in favor for Goodridge stainless steel items.

The interior features some really nice details, the Defi gauges take center stage. The rest of the interior is enhanced by more leather and silver carbon fiber.

The perfect steering wheel has been custom made for Ronni using more silver carbon fiber. You can also spot the metal pedal set.

The heart that makes this car tick. The engine has been extensively modified using the best materials at hand. Most noticeable is the Dinan supercharger and the carbon engine cover. The Dinan charger operates at 4.5psi. Other Dinan items include a high flow air intake, larger fuel injectors, high flow throttle bodies and a larger capacity aluminum radiator.

This carbon fiber strut bar is a real piece of art.

One last look at this amazing machine, what do you reckon is this car better than a CSL? If you can't get enough of this car I suggest you check this site with a full spec list and more photo's.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Not better than a CSL, simply because it isn't one. It will always be just a modified M3, which though extremely nice, will never be a CSL.


Very nice car, great subtle job.


He's super active on E46 fanatics, very cool guy and always does amazing photography.


fantastic colour


Jake said it right. This car more than likely puts a grin on the face of anyone behind the wheel of it and invokes a little jealousy for those who don't have it. A beautiful machine, however, there is something to be said about a car straight from a factory assembly line that causes just as much joy and jealousy which I'm sure a CSL does!


my all time favourite EURO car... the bench mark for all FR... the M3 CSL


I would never sell this car if I had it... Superb!


csl is always gonna be better but DAMN e46's are so damn sexy


csl is always gonna be better but DAMN e46's are so damn sexy


Very tidy job, top notch. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the OTT usage of that silver carbon stuff inside. Its a bit in ya face.


You should feature his current E60 M5 next.


If I'm not wrong, did the owner shoot the car himself ?


Classy but nasty like Sinatra picking his nose. Just how a great BMW should always be. It'd be hard to beat a CSL, the CSL just has so many little details re-addressed.

I think a CSL with a straight through titanium exhuast and a 6-spd sequential dogbox in place of flappy paddles would be the ultimate.


it's nice but the CSL has it beat


Yes, Patrick he did it himself :)


I like your moves Ronni - Nice M3, CSL style but no CSL! Needs some serious weight reduction, not just a few stick on carbon accessories ;) Would still be fantastic to drive this everyday with supercharged performance and I like the brake upgrade too! The wheels really suit the E46 perfectly. Well done!


The M3 CSL has always had a soft spot in my heart... there's a great episode of top gear / 5th gear with the CSL where tiff takes it out and flogs it on the track.

The concept is sexy... a balanced car, lightweight, with race rubber 19" from the factory... and now this is just insane ! 5psi of boost on top ... i'm sure this makes this a street rocket ship.



He bought this car from a shop Called Import Sports here in Denver! All he did was change the color of the car!


He bought this car from a shop Called Import Sports here in Denver! All he did was change the color of the car!


He bought this car from Sam at Import Sports! All he did was change the color!


this car is sooooooooooooooooooooooo MINT ! luvin it :) jayd


This M3 definitely lives up to its custom licence plate ;-)


This M3 definitely lives up to the custom license plate. Consider me impressed =)