Random Snap>> Forsberg: A Man That Can Definitely Fly

I had the great opportunity to sit shotgun in Chris Forsberg's drift car as he rode out to the opening ceremonies of Evergreen Speedway for the start of the fifth round of the 2009 Formula Drift series. As we sat on the grid waiting to get out on the track, I had the great honor to witness an absolutely intimate moment with Chris and his car: he reached for his dashboard, as if starting the cars' race like start-up, laid his hands onto the center console gently, then bowed his head down slightly and closed his eyes. In that exact moment, I realized that I was witnessing the bridge between the mind, the man, and the machine. It's those quiet moments, the ones before the storm, that we sit and do our most important work: filing away what we need to file away in order to concentrate on the task at hand. And in that quiet moment, Chris and his 350z became one and proceeded to fly through the top 16 to be on the top step of the podium. Chris may not have Superman like strength, but today, at the Evergreen Speedway, he was definitely a man that can fly like a super man.

-Linhbergh Nguyen



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Congrats Chris! Shouldnt it be the other way..... the racing suit under the business suit? Probably giving it to much thought..... Or maybe he's just all business inside.


Linhbergh...all your articles are fillied with.....uuummmmm....emotion (for lack of words).....this is a car-oriented website....are you sure you're in the right field?


Alex, if cars dont fill you with emotion, are you sure YOU'RE on the right website?


'I had the great honor to witness an absolutely intimate moment with Chris'



@samwhk.....they do....but no reason to write Harry Potter-like stories.


well if you don't like it why even bother reading it or even commenting on it ?

I'm sure lots of people, like me, will find this to be pretty cool


@Alex, how about you try to submit an article in speedhunters guestblog to give us one good example of how it should... you can write about your passionate car for a start... probably after that you can become one of speedhunters top writers...


damn.... that shot is SICK!! Just cut it out, Linhbergh! For the love of god....




I didn't know Walker Texas Ranger was sponsored by NOS..........J/K ;)


Awesome pic, for sure. Don't see the whole emotional debate, that's what writing and photography are about... It's what makes it good -- connecting to others. If you think this is emotional, you'd be terrified of how I am with cars. I move myself to tears when I think about them too much. (And have been moved to tears by cars, but only a handful. The Miata is one of them, the first was the NSX.)


@Matoyot: For the most part, I don't like Speedhunters' philosophy; thus I am not interested in submitting any articles or any of my thoughts. With that said, I would never want to work for Speedhunters either....I just browse it from time to time (though I admit, I used to read it daily in the past)...its quality/ content though (along with the "writers") got old pretty fast.

I am more of a cut-and-dry person....no passionate-cheesy comment about a driver or a car....sorry.


I think you're looking for the consumer reports web site. *Points to door*


I made a simple negative observation.....and few folks get offended....

Do you think this site can satisfy everyone's request? (honestly it's not a big deal, but some of you seem to take it personal)....


We aren't "offended", but then again, we aren't as cut and dry as you obviously try to be. I guess you're just so detached and "cool" that you can't get passionate about anything.. if that's the case, I really do feel bad for your significant other ;)

If you don't like it, go read something else. If you're not passionate about cars, then you aren't a true enthusiast... that's my $0.02.


I personally love reading articles like this.....those that can appreciate something like this are true enthusiast where a passion for cars runs deeper than most, where the sound of an exhaust or turbo stirs the senses and makes you giddly like a schoolgirl. Im one of those people. Anyways great article Lindbergh and fantastic pics keep up the goodwork


+ 1 for @slightlyevil :)


Don't worry Alex, I catch your drift, no pun intended. I'm all about the emotional part of the automobile and the connection that we feel but I don't think everyone shares the same sentiment about what emotions they have towards automobiles and the automotive lifestyle. I'm pretty sure guys my fathers age wouldn't use "gently" and "absolutely intimate moment" to describe the feelings they had for there muscle car generation, except for that one time in the backseat when half of us were created. So when all the naysayers start casting people out of the SpeedHunters community because they don't quite agree with something, you become those "elitist" "automotive snobs" that people don't like or feel intimidated by. It's a community, and people have different ideas, tastes, and opinions. Get your panties out of a bunch, if you like what Linbergh is putting down then great but not everybody has to agree with everybody's rhetoric all the time.


linh is emo :(


I had the very fortunate honor of being a guest with Chris Forsberg and his team for the 5th Formula


"...there was a moment of infidelity. I cheated on you. I met a camera that was a bit older, more mature, and had much more experience under its belt. I was drawn to it...." I woke up suddenly. Drenched. Cold sweat enveloped my body as I shivered