I thought I would search out some good youtube Rally action following the Group B retrospective today, but I ended up choosing two great clips of Ari Vatanen and co-driver, Terry Harryman on the Manx Rally, way back in 1983.

Most people will be aware of the famous Pikes Peak video which is so good, we’ve featured it twice! Always good to feature something different.]

Vatanen was driving a rear wheel drive Opel Manta 400 Group 4 Rally car. Even so, some great action, particularly when Ari slides through a gate around 1.40 in the second video! Got to love the 1980’s on screen graphics!

Today, Vatanen is up against his old Peugeot boss, Jean Todt for the FIA presidency later this year. There is an interesting interview with him here, from Midweek Motorsport show earlier this week if you are interested.

Andy Blackmore



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Awesome, thanks for sharing.


Too quick to be sane, crazy!

Andy, search for Group B Pure Sound in youtube for some quality Gp.B videos...


That is absolutely INSANE

and remember, in car views normally appear slower than what it would have been like in the car... can only imagine!


the pure sounds videos are great. I'm going to post them next week :)


INSANE, I think it is impossible for a regular driver like me to realy get how sick skillz these rally drivers have. Absolutley fantastic to watch.


Ok, screw Block, that guy is a God of driving:)) I mean the absolute insane speed on such a narrow course I mean, there where areas where the clearance was reduced to a few inches on each side and this dude just flew through them foot down the pedal!!!

I may want too much, but I wish that someone would create a showdown between these Gods of driving, a set of well selected courses where Block, Tsuchiya, Vatanen, Gronholm, Loeb, Millen and the like would throw it down to see who's the best!

I think that we fans of motorsport, cars, driving skill and style here on Speedhunters and not only would deserve such a epic, wonderful showdown.

Call it:



I know, I'm sick, but I just love cars and motorsport and everything in between.... Thanks for sharing such wonderful vids with us:)


Further proof why WRC should be RWD only :)


They're sliding onto a narrow bridge, not a gate. But that actually doesn't matter that much :)


On the second video I think he screwed up his wheels geometry when he hit that stuff (which made him slide) as after then the wheel is not straight.

Awesome videos btw.

10 us all a favor and run a story on the "Black Beauty Escort"

Terry "DEAR GOD" those of us that learn about motorsport religiously, those are sacred words.


Tholt-y-will, one of the classic Manx stages - known for its relatlessness due to lack of straights. And you can see why.


automotive porn. need brass balls to pull off all that driving.