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When they weren't building rotary engines and lightweight sports cars, Mazda also ventured into the AWD turbo side of things with their Mazda 323 GT-X and GT-R (also known as the Familia in Japan). The car never became as popular as the Mitsubishis and Subarus, but it still was still used by rally racers across the planet. This photo was taken in Norway showing a '93 model Group A 323 GT-R tearing up a snow bank at a rally event.

Mazda would later return with a new AWD turbo car, the Mazdaspeed6 which only lasted for a couple years.

-Mike Garrett



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Very nice quick cars and pretty rare...Mazda could make an AWD Axela Mazdaspeed but since Ford is showing with the RS that FWD can now cope with 300+hp, maybe they'll keep it front driven.


This is Kristian or Thomas Kolberg on full tilt:) I remember standing in total darkness in the woods in the late nineties, and then all of a sudden I had Thomas' four redhot brake discs coming silly fast towards me with loud banging and popping and high revs.... Fantastic.

Kind of an underdog together with the Sunny GTi-R this. Tends to be forgotten amongst all Evo's and 'Preza's....



The Familai was heavily overshadowed in rally in Japan by the Gemini, which was dominating the Japanese Rally Championship from 1988 through 1991, in Class C, with FWD turbo, FWD DOHC, and AWD Turbo layouts.

Bridgestone’s series points results for All Japan Rally Driver’s Champions:

1988 – Class B: 3rd, and 5th

1989 – Class B: 3rd, and 4th

1990 – Class B: 1st, 2nd, and 4th

1991 – Class B: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

1992 – Class B: 1st, 3rd, and 6th

The Type C Geminis were overshadowing everything else in rally, and everything in Class 2 in JAF circuit and N1 Endurance racing. But just as the Gemini overshadows the Familia in rally, the R32 Skyline unopposed success in Class 1 overshadows the Gemini's success in Class 2 road racing.


finaly my car con speedhunters!! mine its just an 94 323L 1.6 soch, but the spirit its in the air jejeje.

More pics of Mazda 323's its to much to ask?


Finally :)

I thinks its Thomas Kolberg in this shot. And i'm pretty shure he made this turn despite hitting the snow bank :)

Im currently rebuilding my own engine in my '91 GTX, hoping to make it to a track day or two before the season ends here in Norway. At somewhere above 300bhp going through the 57-50% rear biased (and sadly weak) drivetrain its still the most fun car i've ever driven. They still deserve more mention here on Speedhunters.


yes i vote for more 323/familia bg pictures on speedhunters. from a mazda 323 gt owner


Yes! When you mentioned that you were looking for ideas for your AWD month on facebook, i didn't think you would see my suggestion! (I have a 1990 gtx, love it!) Fantastic to see one of these great cars on here.

Mate of mine is building a full race spec gtx with a celica GT4 gearbox, nearly finished too.


kaboom goes the gearbox!


haha @ kmakzi!

Yes the gearboxes are rubbish in the gt-x's especially. Other than that I think they're great little cars and are a ton of fun to drive! my gt-x was my first car so i'll i'll always have a soft spot for them.

Anyways, great photo! hope to see more of these pocket rockets on speedhunters