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This month has gone by fast hasn't it? I'm finding it hard to believe that we've got just over a week left before AWD month is going to be over. I've had the fortune of attending numerous track events here in the USA and in Japan, so I thought I'd post a gallery of some of the most memorable Evo and Impreza time attack cars I've seen over the past couple years.

Some of these cars are very well known, and some of them might not be – but all have left a lasting impression on me in some way or another.

I'll go ahead on start with the HKS CT230R. Whether it was watching it destroy the track record at Buttonwillow in 2007 or checking it out in detail at the HKS factory, this car is ridiculous in every sense of the word.

The JUN Auto Evo X is one of the fastest Evo X's in Japan, running 1:01s at Tsukuba just a couple months after the car hit dealers. I also have a thing for JUN's yellow and green livery.

The Zero/Sports GDB Impreza is another Japanese time attack car that's seen action in the USA. There are aggressive Subarus all over the place now, but I remember being wowed by this car's tough style and fast lap times back in 2006. Even now, there are few Imprezas out there that can rival this one in the looks or performance department.

I remember watching this MK Sport CP9A Evo rounding Tsukuba's first hairpin, dragging its front splitter on the ground the whole way through. I don't think I've seen another Evo that looks as raw as this one.

Mature's GDB Impreza time attack car shows just how good the bugeye front end can look. Mmmmm….

Here in the US, the Evasive Motorsports Evo has evolved (no pun intended) from a street car into the track-focused beast that it is today. This is what the car looked like back in the spring of 2007.

I'm a sucker for wagons, so that explains why this one is here. That's Tarzan behind the wheel.

The AMS Performance Evo 8 was one of the top US-built time attack cars, and is still being put to good use by its new owner in Jamaica. The new AMS Evo X should be even better…

The Unlimited Works Varis Evo5 runs Tsukuba in 56 seconds. Enough said.

The Orange Flag Evolution I shows the original Evo is still a very capable machine. At the 2008 Tsukuba Super Battle it turned in a solid 1:01 lap time. Not bad for a stock appearing car that's over 15 years old.

On the Subaru side of things, Garage KM1 keeps the "classic" spirit alive with their GC8 Impreza time attack car. You don't see too many GC8 tuner cars in Japan anymore, but there are plenty still being used in the hands of private owners.

The Car Service Hiro GDB gets points for bringing its own style and character to the straightforward world of circuit racing.

As an American, I'm proud to have builders like Crawford Performance putting the USA on the map with their time attack cars.

The AP Boss-tuned CP9A at the 2008 Hyper Meeting. I have a strange attraction to the pre-8 Evos, probably because they are forbidden fruit here in the states.

The Sierra Sierra Evo gets the newcomer award. I'm very excited to see how this car develops over the rest of the season. Could this thing eventually challenge the CT230R?

Lastly, a certain red and white Evo that you may have heard of. It'd be a tough choice between the CT230R and this car…

There you have it, my Evo and Impreza all-star team. There are plenty of other candidates out there, but remember that I limited to this to cars that I've seen run in person.


-Mike Garrett



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That chopped GDB is wild!


nice! great photos! the japs know how to tune an evo's and scooby's, i wish i lived in japan! and that bugeye impreza is wicked cool, its a love it or hate it look, but with a nice kit and wheels and the sti headlights it looks killer! flat four power! i like bugs too.


Steve Pai said:

I'm surprised the GST Subie wasn't included.


I'm more surprised the Takata Impreza was not included.

2008 Points: Crawford got third in Unlimited AWD, GST got second in Unlimited AWD, but Takata got FIRST in Modified AWD.


More pictures of the Evo estate if you would be sooo kind!!




And what about the Roger Clark Motorsport's Impreza..?


/\ +1, Roger Clark and the Gobstopper need to be recognized. He has become a household name this past year. I have my eyes-wide and jaws dropped when we watch his on-the-limit-performance at UK Time Attack events, and I drive an EVO! Big props to him.


first picture is good for desktop :D awesome photos u got there mike.


Need to add the Original Runduce GRB in there as well, one of the best looking new style Imprezas I've seen so far.


Wheres the Gob stopper? And the Zen Imprezza??


The Andy Forrest drag car? First Impreza over 200mph. Its even listed on the crawford website.


These are photos from my archive, that's why there are non of the European-built cars on here. Haven't shot any of them...


C'mon guys Mike just listed the cars that he has seen in person, read the final paragraph.


My favorite is the Unlimited Works Varis Evo5.

Just looks so damn agressive!


Ah the Cyber Evo. This is the car the got me hooked into cars.


You guys read these posts properly. Mike clearly stated he picked cars HHEEE saw running personally so they left an impact on him. So it doesn't make sense saying you're surprised this car or that car wasn't featured. We all know there are other tough cars out there, so don't make sense going on and on and on and on about it


yes people, stop bitching about how your favorite car didn't make it on here... this is from Mike's personal collection damn it!!!


Bigjoe said:

Mike clearly stated he picked cars HHEEE saw running personally


So what is the message that we should be gathering here?

1. Only cars that run in the LA Basin are worth seeing?

2. Everything East of Sepulveda Boulevard is flyover to get from LA to England?

3. Just like with the magazines, coverage is based on advertising dollars spent?

4. Only those who are close personal friends of the writer get coverage?

5. Mike is the arbiter of what is worth seeing?


Perhaps mike should have put the qualification in the list at the TOP, in the title, instead of the bottom, in the small print.


I'm hearing comments from a lot of drivers that the first place finishers are getting no coverage while third place and lower are getting a dearth of coverage, and they are pretty ticked off at the "press" for doing this. One asked who they had to bribe to actually get mentioned. This treatment is a disgrace.


Anywayyy, great stuff Mike I think I would take any one of these cars they are all awesome!


I guess I overshot the comment about the article featuring only cars that he has personally shot, appologies.... I wasn't "bitching".


My vote on AP Boss and Sierra Sierra

ps-Sierra-Sierra : Super cool name too.


Im just like to have seen those cars myself in the flesh!! Im just wondering what will be the car that will take the HKS CT230R off its perch! That will be a serious car!! Id love to see the HKS CT230R go head to head with some of the best touring cars in the world eg: GT300/500, DTM, V8 supercars (AUS) Bring that car to OZ!! PLZ!!!


ditto to Steve Pai... i've had the privilege and horror of seeing the GST Impreza coming up in my rear view on the track... BEAST!


Where's the Harman Motive Subaru? Def has more track time and placings this season alone than most shown in time attack. JMO. And Street class champion of 08' in Redline TA.


sierra evo! its like love at first sight!