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Earlier this month I posted a couple of the dress-up tuned vehicles that were done by Noblesse in Japan, but Noblesse also tunes Hondas for the track. Their latest project is a bit unconventional but I'm quite excited about it – a Honda Insight circuit car. With just coilovers, wheels and tires, and brake pads from a Fit RS, the Insight recorded a 51.428 lap time at Mihama Circuit. For comparison's sake the tuned Noblesse Fit RS recently ran a 51.806 lap on the same track. Once the weather cools down, they plan to go at it again with some bolt-on exhaust and intake upgrades. To me, the idea of building an Insight for the track captures the original spirit of hot rodding – transforming a run of the mill hybrid car into something functional and unique.

I'll certainly be keeping an eye open to see how this project develops.

-Mike Garrett




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Looks badass to me...


You won't have much fun at the track thanks to the insight's CVT.


Stupid idea


I'm actually headed to Mihama circuit tomorrow and I'm hoping for a 52 second lap time out of my AE86. Kind of embarrassing to get stomped by an Insight... :P

Kudos for Noblesse for making a Hybrid not lame!


I think that anything that is prepped for track-use makes it cool. The spirit of driving is taking anything with four wheels and making it fun, regardless of what other people think. (Normally only tools and fanboys care about what you drive)


i love the fit but the insight is just ugly. why couldnt they just make the fit a hybrid


Very cool I like it!


First time i have seen the Insight with a few cosmetic changes. Looking promising !


Cool! Awesome to see a hybrid tuned for the track. It seems most tuned Prius' I've seen focus on cosmetics; e.g. big wheels, bodykits and such. Maybe Honda will start marketing the Insight as the "performance" alternative to the Prius after seeing what Noblesse have done! ;-D