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We've featured photos from the Gatebil events in Scandinavia several times here on Speedhunters over the past year or so. In case you aren't familiar with the Gatebil events, they are giant
gatherings that include a car show, demo runs, time attack, and
drifting. We came across some photos from the most recent Gatebil event held at Rudskogen Motorsenter in Norway last weekend and thought you might want to have a look.

Gatebil events always draw a crazy mix of cars, with European, Japanese, and even American makes being represented. One of the first cars that caught my eye was this S15 once driven by Yasuyuki Kazama in D1 – a car that seems to pop up online every now and then. It's so cool to see that the S15 still looks the same as it did when Kazama drove it.

Volvos are always big at Gatebil, especially among the drifters. This includes the old models…

…and the slightly less old models. 

The number of Audis at Rudskogen would have the made the coverage a nice addition to our VAG features last month. Great shot here.

It looks like the owner of this Audi A6 Wagon converted it to RWD. Seems it's working well eh?

No European drift event would be complete without BMW's. This E92 is slightly newer than the E30's and E36's that are loved by European drifters.

I've always had soft spot for the Capri. It's a shame we don't see nice ones like this too often here in the states.

Mk.II Escort engaging in a bit of sideways action. Sigh…another one of the cool Fords us yanks never got.

This S14 Silvia is apparently powered by a twin turbocharged Lexus V8. Would love to have some more info about this car.

Check out more Gatebil Rudskogen pictures from GT323 on Flickr.

-Mike Garrett



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The first pic.... That Audi looks like it escaped from hell! Designed for Hill-Climbs?


The Audi on top is KRB Trading, builds most of the high horsepower audis on these events.

Is a whole lot on the gatebil Forum about all these cars.


Who owns Kazama's S15?


GREAT that you guys make coverages from Norway too. Btw, is it possible for me to submit (or send one of you) an article/coverage of drifting events here in Norway? (i.e Powerdrift series) Got one coming up this weekend. And I'd be happy to make one!

Oh, and more info on the last pic of the Twin Turbo S14;

Owner: Daniel Brandmo.

Engine: 4L Lexus V8, Twin Turbo, 6500rpm - 586hk - 633nM ( Picture of the engine)

S15 front end and that's all I know for now..


Damn, Kazama's old S15 took me down Nostalgia Lane....

Which reminds me - What IS Kazama doing these days? I miss seeing him on the D1...


That shot of what used to be Kazama's S15 is confusing me. The window is up, the door is closed, but there's still an arm hanging out.


Norweigiankid... do you regularly shoot drift events?


JCap: fake, rubber arm, maybe?


is it me or the 5 pic audi seem to be a quattro and driffting as one ... ???


So what ever happened to kazama?when I first got into drifting.....kazama was one of the forst I ever saw on video...I still love his s15!!!


Somehow I like the black vintage Volvo drifting. It reminds me of kinda oldschool gangster-ish car use in that era..


Desktop of that Audi from KGB trading please?


Mick it's a zero-counter drift, something only AWD cars can do properly :D it's epic to be sure.


Great stuff! i've always loved Gatebil coverage, i *cough cough* acquired a copy of coverage from 2003 i think, it had some great videos of the Dahlback Golf RSi ripping around the course just decimating all, along with plenty of old 142's, 244's and other vintage volvos drifting. so awesome.


it should also be noted that Gatebil events also involve wild parties and obscene amounts of alcohol being consumed. reminds me of VW events :)


That black/orange Volvo is actually a tube frame car, covered with carbonfiber panels, not sure about the engine but I know it's over 500 hp. And that BMW E92 is actually a M3- It has a ESS compressor pulling out 650 hp.


Love the variety of cars there..


i was there :D


ahhhh that KRB audi! I NEED MORE OF IT. gatebil forums you say??? who else has more coverage of this car???


Here is the project thread on gatebil. Its on norwegian but lots of pictures. The thread is almost 70 pages.


Amazon drift FTW!!!!!! The pic with the Quattro drifting has me scratching my head, is it converted to RWD? Love that Capri, you never see them in the 'States, even though they were sold through Lincoln/Merc dealers for a while in the '70s.


whoa...i've never seen a 122 drifting before... wait till i get my hands on my grandpa's car...

and the S1 Quattro, from that angle looks like a DeLorean from BTTF3!...


@ Rod Chong: Yeah, as often as I can really. Well, I still depend on people driving me to these events, as I have to wait a few years to drive myself. But I am at quite a few events during the year. Especially if I get paid to be there.

If you want to talk further about this, E-mail me at dlhovdahl [at] hotmail [dot] com (don't want to spam bots getting my E-mail...Thus the [ ]'s.)



I work as a professional photograph in norway, and got a lot of pics of all of this cars throughout the past years if you are interested!

The Audi is not converted to RWD, its a 4WD car, but thats the way most of the norwegians do it..The go all out on the engine and drivetrain/suspension, so they actually can use their cars like most RWD does it!


Plenty of videos of for example KRB Trading "S1" on youtube. and many more. take the trip over to norway, or ur missing out on something big!