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Last weekend, the Redline Time Attack series headed out to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois for their third event of 2009. A country club with a race track? If only we had something like that here on the west coast…

Thanks to Rich over at AMS Performance (located in nearby West Chicago), we have a few photos from the Redline event to share with you guys.

Speaking of AMS, this event saw the Redline competition debut of their Evo X Unlimited Class time attack car. You'll remember that we posted a bit about this car back in March when we were doing our build features.

The fwing was ready to fly again in Illinois. Chris Rado drove the World Racing tC to a first place finish in the Unlimited FWD Class at Autobahn with a 1:30.717 lap time.

Here's some Scions of a slightly different type in the car show that was held alongside the time attack. Not too long ago VIP style Scions only had a small cult following on the west coast, but now you see them all over the United States. 

Ryan Gates at it again in his Evo X – he claimed the Modified AWD title at this event.The green scenery at AutoBahn seems like a refreshing change from the dusty, desert tracks we have out here in California…

This black on black R35 GT-R was spotted in the paddock. I like how Rich spent plenty of time shooting things outside of the on-track activity.

This heavily modified Evo III was campaigned by Dent Sport Garage in the Unlimited AWD class. I'd love to see this car at one of the West Coast time attack events.

JDM DC2 Integra Type R wearing Spoon colors representing for the Honda crowd.

Another R35, this one taking part in the action. Nice to see these cars doing what they were built for. Using one of these just for cruising around seems like a bit of a waste, no?

The Takata Impreza is another car I've yet to see in person. The car finished third in Modified AWD with a 1:34.221.

In it's first Unlimited Class competition, the AMS Evo recorded a best lap time of 1:27.659. This would be good for second in the Unlimited AWD class, and the second overall fastest time of the day. Not bad for it's first Redline event eh?

The only car that was faster was the Crawford Performance Impreza driven by Tarzan Yamada. With a 1:26.735, it was the Unlimited AWD champ and the fastest car of the day.

I expect a great rivalry will develop between the AMS Evo and the Crawford Impreza, which happen to share similar color schemes. The battle will continue next month when the Redline Time Attack travels to the Nashville Super Speedway in Tennesee.

Thanks again to Rich for the photos!

-Mike Garrett

Redline Time Attack

AMS Performance



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We have a bunch more photos and story from the Dent Sport Garage team perspective:




that's the real spoon dc2


We do have a country club race track out on the west coast, in beautiful Pahrump, NV about 45 min. outside of Vegas called Club Spring Mountain.


funny you guys have the Takata Time Attack Impreza.... FM3 d00d



Event was a blast. The Black R35 belongs to GT Motoring, and yes, that is a real Spoon race car.

Alot of guys were FLYING out there, props to the teams for representing Chicagoland cars.


oh god that TC looks retarded. i dont care if it has a purpose...there has to be a way for them to achieve the same amount of downforce without that thing.


yeah, im a tC owner myself! i love it! wish it had more ballz stock! but

that WING in front has to go!




I like the tC, :]]


The TC is so ugly with the two wings.


That's an Evo II, not an Evo III.


I dunno looks like 3 to me; misfiring system!


some crazy cars thats for sure

would love to see these guys in action


It's definately an Evo II. The front bumper is a standard Evo II item (Evo I bumper + lower lip = Evo II OEM) and the bonnet is from an Evo II, the sticker on the right front corner actually says "GSR" in silver and "EVOLUTION II" in red below it.


The supposed Dent Sport EVO III is actually an EVO II. It has EVO III side skirts.. maybe that's why people get the wrong impression. But make no mistake, it is infact an EVO II.


Here's a video from cali's highlights of the redline time attack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCSUXgVhK9I


When will we be seeing more about the Takata Impreza? Didn't that car win a class championship last year? I know they don;t have a big wing on the front, or a California address, but they win a lot of events. And if you need another reason, it is AWD month.