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I still haven't even had a chance to sort through all the pictures I took at the Idlers Games at Tsukuba on Sunday. Unfortunatley for my hardworking little laptop, I managed to come home with nearly 2000 photos from the event.

Perhaps I got a bit trigger happy with the camera as I was overwhelmed with awesome cars and great driving?

Anyways, lets jump right into some more Idlers coverage.

A few of you asked for more on this flat black Levin in the first post. It's Nojima-san's car – the same one Antonio featured back when it was red. The new flat black paint job (Nojima's job at the RWB shop) gives the car an entirely different personality than before. The white Trueno parked alongside was also flying the RWB colors out on the track.

A Porsche 993 jumps on the power as it pulls out of the Dunlop corner during the morning's qualifying session.

Another view of the E30 M3 that was running in the Euro class – one of my favorite cars of the day. It's an established fact that a set of Ray's TE37s can make any car look cool (not that an E30 M3 isn't already a beautiful car).

This Ford Sierra sedan was also running in the Euro class. The driver was throwing it around quite nicely on the track, and doing a remarkable job of keeping up with the faster BMW's.

There were a pair of S30Z's that came out to run in the event, but it looks like some mechanical issues forced them to retire early. Damn….

A bit of showers never hurt anyone, right? Luckily I was able to retreat to the dry confines of the pit garages just before the afternoon down pour.

Another view of the Alfa from earlier – this time as it rounds the main infield hairpin during the "Traditional Makes" race.

Wider is almost always better – as demonstrated by this Yokohama-based 911.

One the members of the Lancia Club of Japan brought out this Beta Coupe race car in full Aitalia livery.

The Takiguchi Jidousha 510 Bluebird sedan leads a pack of British, Italian, German, and Japanese classics through the infield. I've seen this particular 510 in action at several different race events and track days.

A flared and winged Levin quietly awaits the start of the AE86 Trophy Race in the paddock.

Nakai-san's 930 looking as tough as ever while the Promodet-built engine sings its beautiful flat-six music. This car is always evolving in both the style and performance categories. I noticed several changes since the last time I've seen it.

Although Idlers is strictly a grip event, it's nearly impossible to get a bunch of tuned AE86 drivers together without at least a bit of tail-out antics.

The Build Factory 964 was one of the top runners in the Super Cup SS class (the fastest group of the day). Compared the RWB cars, it has a slightly more contemporary Japanese tuner car style to it.

Minis have always played a big role in Idlers events. There's just something great about seeing this unassuming little cars wearing fat Advan race rubber.

The RWB Tommy 993 looks incredible, but some strange part of me wonders what it would like with STP logo and a big #43 on it….

Alright then, time to get to work on some high res desktops for you guys.

Stay tuned for more Idlers Games coverage soon.

-Mike Garrett



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That last one needs to be a desktop


^Agreed, Jeff. And you're not alone Mike, anytime I see a powder blue car I wonder what it would look like Richard Petty style or even with a Gulf Oil livery. Great shots, great coverage. You're making it harder to decide where to do a semester abroad. It was looking like the UK or Ireland, but now Japan is creeping steadily up the list.


Greap pics as always Mike. I love that last pic of the matte green 993. I've seen pictures of the rear fenders of it and it's just nuts. More pics of that one if it's available. Thanks!


All of them do...

So when are you guys dispatching a videographer over there for an Idlers Club day?


OMG! Nakai-san developed this rear fender idea even further!! Now it looks like passing the air to the wing!!

The only thing i don't get is why this car was named "Stella Artois"? I dont think this beer is sold in J.


2000 photos?! The most I've ever taken at an event is about 660! Hopefully you'll post most of them on your flickr page?


JC Denton

If you look back at the feature a year ago about Rauh-Welt


It's Nakai's favorite beer.


thats a clean lookin s15

u gotta love it


has the image of the "tali out" 865 had any photo shopping done to it at all not a critism i just LOVE that color and wanna no if it was really that vibrant?


Daaaamn I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Beta in full livery!


Link for album please


haha a ford sierra...I thought only poor english people did anything with those




Love your coverage Mike!

Every time I see a Beta Coupe it reminds me of the episode of Top Gear where Jeremy drives one across the spine of Africa. It's cool to see a track prepped one.


looking for a Wallpaper of that sweet alfa, give the italians some love


That orange AE86 looks sweet for a wallpaper :D and like Jeff said,the last one`s good for a wallpaper also :D

nice work Mike!


that sierra is a cosworth nuff said !!!


that sierra is a cosworth nuff said !!!!


Nakai-San has the Hollister gull logo on the wing... anyone know why?



Dam...that Orange AE86 looks Amazing! would be great for a wallpaper! Also the pic of the 2 Porsche's with the rain is a good pic!


Great pics as always,I really enjoy the coverage from the proper Japanese track days, but I have just one small gripe. There seems to be a fairly consistent use of the term 930 on a lot of older, standard 911's. The 930 was specifically the factory wide body equipped Porsche turbo, as sold up until the 964-turbo, aka the 965. Not a big deal really, but it's one of those things...i.e. all 930's are 911's, but not all pre-94 911's are 930's. ;-)


For some strange reason a Sierra Cossie in Japan look soo much cooler then the cossie I passed by at work today. Or the cossie my uncle owns, or any of the local cossies. :P


That red S15 is the sexiest thing I've seen all week. Gorgeous.


I love RAUH WELT porsches. WOW


wallpapers of the ae86s please!