I don’t think I need to ask, but do you remember Ken Block’s gymkhana video that was posted and reposted on every blog, forum, and car website on the face of the earth? Well, based on the success of the first film, Ken is going to try and outdo himself with what’s being called the “Gymkhana Two” project. The completed video should be released in a few weeks on June 1st, but in the meantime Ken and DC Shoes are releasing some short teaser trailers to build some hype for the new project. The first of these short teaser clips shows the ’08 STI that’s being specially prepped by Crawford for the film. Ken says the movie’s new location and obstacles with a “few surprises” thrown in should make for some entertaining stuff.

All I know is that if it’s even half as good as the original, it will be an instant classic.

Stay up to date on the Gymkhana Two project at Ken’s blog on the DC Shoes website.

-Mike Garrett



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..damn.. just a teaser


Ok, just an ideea: Why Doesn't Ken Block over here join drifting? Huh? I think he would make a wonderful and fearsome drifter, don't you think? I mean, the man's got mad skillz !!!


I really hope this time will be a downloadable 720p/1080p version of it. :/


I second that, not being able to download a higher res version was perhaps the only fault of video #1.


I hope Ken shows everyone again why sti's are amazing...



i can wait to see the car and what hes going to do

Speedhunters really need to do a story about the car, and maybe even build up

cause for some reason buildups are cool.

this vid is going to be amazing


What a life this guy is having. People are making video of him.And a good video that is. Sponsors are getting happier. You can drive all you want. You have the skills. I want all that.

ps - SH, where are the May calendar? Its half past month.


Ken Blocks always leaves me speachless.

I agree 100% with Chris Davy, Ken needs to start drifting professionally. he would give everyone a run for their money.


nice idea he had with the one painted spoke on his wheels...

might have to bite that one lol.


I too am looking forward to the Video. Ken is extremely creative and I cant wait to see what he has come up with next!

Did you all see this video where I traded places with him?


He caught onto drifting pretty quick and I agree he has potential wth some more practice to get real good. you never know what could happen in the future ;)


ken is one of my favorite drivers this vid will be sicc he always amazes me lol