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While browsing through Kevve's photos, one of the cars that drew some interest was this Mk5 Golf 5-door. On the outside, the car looks great. It's dropped low on an RRAS air ride system and has a set of 18" Golf 6 replica wheels that nicely fill the fenders. Besides the suspension, wheels, and a bit of light body work, the car remains a stock 1.6L Golf capable of sipping fuel on the way to work and back. There wasn't quite enough "meat" to do a full feature on this car, so we figured just sharing this one photo would do.

This month we've been seeing a lot of VW's that some might label "all show and no go", so I'm curious to hear what you guys think about that. Are stock-motored cars bad? Is it OK if they don't go for the "race car" look? Or does it even matter at all?

With a slow economy and increasingly strict modification laws, there's a good chance we'll be seeing a lot more cars done like this…

-Mike Garrett



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Well, personally I don't like "all show and no go." It's totally not my thing -- In doing my Miata build, I've come to learn that form tends to follow function. Lower Air Dam Spoiler + TDR Air Splitter = Awesome look AND both are functioning units. (One to cool the brakes, the other to increase air flow and aerodynamics.) Even the CF side mirrors I want to get are shown to increase aerodynamics, but really I just want them because they look bad-ass.

I don't see a problem with stock engines, or really going for a different look if the car isn't raced. But this particular VW definitely wouldn't want to be raced... It looks like it's just meant to show off anyhow. When you build a car for racing, it should be with functionality in mind, you don't want to add mindless weight to a car of course. If all you're after is the looks, go for it, but don't be surprised if you don't get credibility for the car being anything more than a personal accessory.

For this car, I can appreciate it, as long as the person isn't acting like it's something super-amazing. It's great to look at, but there isn't any appeal beyond looks. My own Miata will never be a show queen, but we've got a lot of autocross credibility already. (Not only with me as a driver, but my husband beat out an entire field of Miatas at a big get-together a few months back. She's still my build, so I was an insanely proud Miata owner after that!)

Sorry for the long comment, but I have some really strong feelings about the show vs. go argument. (Mainly cars can do one or the other, very rarely can they pull off both.)


Whatever makes the owner happy, simple as that.


And it all depends on if its your only car or not. When I was younger I turned my daily driver into a race car and a show car. Its a pain in the ass. ;) So if you have no need for huge power and just want your car to look good and that's what makes the owner happy? Then more power to them.


Well I would say the minute he decided to put it on bags it was decided that the car would not be raced, from there the components of a nice but mainly stock looking car were added. The big VIP style wheels are tucked neatly under thanks to those bags but there are other nice touches to distinguish it like the blacked out headlights, grill emblem removed, and I believe those are some aftermarket side mirrors; the piano black with clear indicators is a clean look. I have not seen the interior but as far the outside goes this guy put together a perfect daily driver IMO; it has nice wheels and fitment without sacrificing the ride very much, it has clean aftermarket touches that only other enthusiasts would likely see, and not only can it appeal to most people's tastes because of this but also it still gets great mileage. Econobox tuning 101 starts here


Sometimes its nice not to have a motorsports/track build.

Next car I modify will be a nice cruiser (most likely Passat/A4).....wheels, tires, suspension, exterior and interior. Maybe an intake or other small engine mod, thats all. I am sick of hear the exhaust on my current ride...lol.

Nothing wrong with just looking good


I think it's ok if stock motored cars are majorly styled on the outside as long as they don't try to appear to be fast. A clean build with no loud exhaust is better than completely stock.


it might have a standard engine but thats not the worst thing about this car, its one of the ugliest mk5 golfs ive ever seen, whats wrong with spending a bit more and going for a standard edition 30, which would have look sounded and handled better than this abomonation


I think its whatever the owner wants. My dd is a 91 turbo mr2...i know not the best car for a daily. But what can i say its my first car and i love it. Back to the point i think its great to build a nice cool car like this vw. it would be great for a daily. something to get from point A to B while looking nice and good on gas. i really want a bigger car like an a4/335i. something i can drop and put rims on and make it look nice. something that stands out from the rest of the other cars. isn't the whole moding your car is to be different? to make it your own...just my two cents.

p.s. garyversusther3bots: so what if he didn't get the standard edition. his car not yours...and what you think might be ugly might be cool for him. and i think his car is one clean mk5


nice and clean.. I love it.


I don't really care about "all show and no go", a good looking car is nice, having the performance to back it up would be nicer, but I wouldn't be too bothered if the car is otherwise stock. I gotta say I'm not really a fan of all those super slammed VWs and Audis with shaved handles though. Some like the Karmann Ghias and Transporters are nice, but the others are mostly bland.


As long as it has 4 wheels, anything would be fine as well.


garyversusther3bots, you can't get an ed30 in this country (united states).