Random Snap>> Insane 20b Rx3

One thing I love about our little Speedhunters project is how so many of you are getting in touch with us, to showcase your local car scenes. Jason Joaquin from Barbados has recently been sending us emails about a Pan-Caribbean series called the CMRC or Caribbean Motor Racing Championship. It consists of three rounds: the Jamaica meet is on May 24th, this is followed by round two in Barbados in August  and finally the championship concludes in Guyana in November. There are some pretty wild cars running in the CMRC like this 20B powered RX3 along with a whole host of hotted up tarmac spec ex-rally cars.

I've heard the ex-AMS unlimited Evo is in the Caribbean now…. looks like we'll need to uncover this scene in more detail! Follow this link for a taste of the crazy cars running in this series.




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wow thats insane


yeah that title fits perfect.


Ex-AMS evo is in jamaica dont remember the name of the driver atm




Found out about this car and saw youtube videos of this about a year ago. sooo crazy!


word is that rx3 20b will be packing more power in 2009 and it will realy fly in Jamaica come May 24th.


Being from Caribbean its real nice to see some pics upon speed hunters


I get my updates on racing in the Caribbean from this site



being from the caribbean as well, and providing coverage of these events...

we have some more photos from this CMRC series here [ http://www.gtridez.com/events/2009/05/cmrc-round-3-november-2008/ ]

and here [ http://www.gtridez.com/events/2009/05/2009-gmrsc-championship-round-1/ ]


ya dude... I checked out the link and theres some krazy builds with a grassroots feel to them. That sceen needz to be xplored.


great stuff..one of the top circuit cars in the caribbean!!

check out my site for caribbean coverage as well


Awesome RX3, Im belizean and love to see the caribbean involved in motorsports. I too own an RX3 currently and want to sell it, looking at this pic, im now having reserved feelings of letting her go AGAIN!!!


Ah! it's nice to show case some of our Barbadian rides on the internet. Our car culture is as big as any other out there. The ex-AMS evo is owned and driven by Jamaican David Summerbell, very quick car but Caribbean cars are just as quick so that says a lot.


^^^Big Joe....anymore info on the featured RX3?? Who the driver, nationality? Website would be cool too. Thanks.

- Ed


I'll have the pleasure of filming this brute in August as the Caribbean championship comes back to Barbados. I'll donate footage to Speedhunters for sure!!!


fc pro am: this car was built in New Zealand, but owned by Mark Maloney of Barbados. Here is a in-car video from Dover Raceway, Jamaica from last year.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k86Zot6t3mY


Here are pics from last year for the Jamaican leg of the Caribbean Championship.



20BPP: Thank you sir, really appreciate that. I'll take a look at the youyube footy right now.


My God.. i think I'm in love..


the first leg in jamaica should come off very soon.the red bull sponsored rx3 should do well, seeing as it did win a race there last year,but it will have a very hard time this year.the ams evo does very well on its new home ground.there are also some other very powerful evos down there from jamaica,but the ones to watch are the Barbados contingent.last years over all winner stewart maloney in his automotive art sponsored evo,his father doug in an audi s4 quattro, of course mark maloney in the red bull rx3 and stewart williams in a turbocharged lotus elise. but my money will be on new comer, Barbadian roger mayers in his cosworth powered 4wd focus. it is the best handling track car in the caribbean, boast 680bhp and is driven by one of the best drivers in Barbados.look out for this chefette sponsored focus in 2009!!!!!


I myself will be going to guyana for the final leg this year. Roger mayers was not allowed to enter the CMRC last year because his focus runs on methanol,but was allowed to participate this year and is a shoe in to win the championship,so i want to be there if he, or any one of our barbadian drivers can pull off another championship win!!


hey guys i am from barbados.

hope to see u guys come down.

the 2nd leg is in barbados on august 30th.

u guys not see any thing yet marks brother staurt has a very quick evo and their dad doug has a mad audi.

hope to see some usa driver down.more news on bhp motorsports.com


Very nice car indeed. Everything on it is custom built as it is practically just using a rx3 shell.

The AMS evo is not really much of a competition, so imagine our cars.

EVER SEE A TRACK FORD FOCUS *evil laugh*, lol

Big up Barbados




Hi guys, please make an attempt to give accurate information.

Methanol had nothing to do with Roger Mayer's focus not taking part in the CMRC last year. Methanol was allowed in the championship. I will make a recent interview with Mark Maloney , the driver of the RX3, available in my site very soon.