Event>> Ebisu Spring Drift Matsuri – Preview

This week-end has been all about hardcore drifting, and when I mean hardcore, I'm not joking!

The Drift Matsuri held in Ebisu is one of those events you really have to witness once in your life, where else do you get 48-hours of non-stop drifting on a selection of seven courses!

Drifters flocked from surrounding prefectures, many coming from very far away to do what they love best.

No matter at what time or on what course there were always cars out on track…

…from Kita…

…all the way down to Nishi. That little spec of yellow is Andy from Powervehicles enjoying the brute power of his FD3S RX-7.

This BN Sports kitted S15 was by far one of the cleanest cars at the event.

Here is one way to remember all the different tires you have tried!

Some owners really went with some wacky ideas to make their cars look different like this RPS13 sporting a very original exhaust system, among some more obvious alterations.

Bull bars on an S13? That's one way to protect the bumper! Oh, and those roof-mounted lights are for extra visibility…

…because when the sun goes down at Ebisu it gets very dark! 

Touching the wall at the Minami-course is one way to earn respect, but small "kisses" are preferred to full on impacts! Stay tuned for Part 1 of the coverage from the event, off to get some sleep now, something I didn't get a lot of over the week-end! 

Dino Dalle Carbonare



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ohhhhhhhhh looks exciting!!!


That is one of those things on do before you die list, drift for 48 hours straight on ebisu with drifters from around Japan.


Damn, I spreat baby juice in my pants whan I saw these pictures ! I'm waiting for a lot of posts about this ! (and also, some wallpapers of the picture #1 please !)


Boro boro yansha mean only one thing: the drivers suck, plain and simple.


Nah dude, it just means that they are willing to push it to their limits, even if it means damaging their cars.

Think of it like this, these guys care more about going out and having fun, or getting better at something they like to do, at the cost of aesthetic appeal.

In my opinion these guys keep the pure, fun, feeling of drifting from the 90s alive nowadays.

Without them, we would be stuck with guys who care more about being "hella flush", and having the fattest lip wheels,and just doing it because its the new it sensation, rather than the guys who just go out for the fun of it.


Could we please get the firstp ic as a wallpaper? I love the way the passenger is grabbing the 'OH JESUS' handle.. :)


wallpaper for the first black and white pic plz?? Gotta love that aggressive look


"wallpaper for the first black and white pic plz??"



that off-road style S13 is freakin' awesome


next level battle scars


these pics are really cool and define what real drifting is .


that looks killer!


Yeah first pic for wallpaper!


That first photo is ALL sorts of hard! So insane!


mad max drift LOL


Every single shot brings the house down...


Golly gee, missile cars are my least favorite thing to happen to drifting yet. I dislike them even more than drift race cars. Now everyone I know is trying to "kiss walls" so their car can be a "missile car." BRB, I am off to kick in my quarter panels.


BN Sports kitted S15 is looking amazing and others are really cool too,


Missle car ??? you mean Rocket Car ?


The root and essence of drifting at it's best. Never thought of the day I would hear of an endurance drift race. WOW 48hrs of none stop drift action, I would call out of work and stay up all 48hrs and watch it all O_o


Damn dude... sick pictures again!!! I love that overhead shot of the Blue S13- total sickness!!!!!


Could we please get a little more on the RSP13 180sx (gun metal grey) sporting the exhaust system above the tail lights and the hazard striping around it?