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Right now I'm deep in the hunt for a new daily driver, a car that will be used to get me to events all over California and beyond. As nice as tons of horsepower and awesome handling are, sometimes those things have to take a back seat (literally) to practicality and comfort. Luckily that doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to having good style. I used to drive a CE1 Honda Accord Wagon, and it was one of my favorite cars I've ever had. It's roomy, good on gas, and can still look bitchin' with just a few changes. It really makes me wish Honda still sold the Accord Wagon in the USA.

I guess being surrounded by all the cool vans and wagons in Japan has really rubbed off on me. The wife likes these kinds of cars as well, so I've been scouring classified ads looking for a proper "Speedhunting-mobile".  Now I just need to convince my wife that nervously avoiding speedbumps and dodging potholes is a necessary part of everyday driving…

This slammed Accord Wagon is another find from Minkara, Japan's endless source for all things automotive.

-Mike Garrett



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That accord wagon looks even better than the current one!


You're not alone, I'm such a wagon-freak. My friends/family can't understand it haha.


Lexus IS300 SportCross

Mazda 6 Wagon

Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon

Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Wagon

Subaru Forester 2.5XT


Current generation Legacy GT wagon. Just needs stance + rims and it will look nice. Drives well, has power, very reliable. JDM approved. Relatively uncommon.


dude, those wagons are awesome. They raced the coupe and sedan of that generation Accord, it's a surprisingly fast car. Drop an H series in there and you're good to go... ;)


alright heres some suggestions. if you want oldskool wagon how about a cressida wagon or a te72 corolla wagon.


He said reliable. finding a reliable cressida wagon or te72 wagon and not have to worry about things breaking down all the time is very slim. On top of that they wont be nearly as comfortable as an Accord wagon.

Mike: I agree with you. I love wagons and that Mazda 6 you posted on your Auto-Otaku blog is what you need to build here and since you loved the Accord wagon so much [as do i] here's some good news...


I'm holding my breathe for this one...If you follow the link to temple of vtec you will see a rear end shot of the car and you can clearly see a rear differential which only means that this car will come with AWD! A V6 AWD Honda Accord wagon...yes please!


i take that back sorry i thought he said reliable haha...but i'm sure he would want a wagon that is reliable and not on jacks all the time.


i know you're looking for something JDM, but a slammed passat wagon (of any vintage, but ideally B5.5 or 2003ish) is always, ALWAYS a good thing.



Rock the Mazda 6 wagon. Drop it, wheels and carry your camera shill. That would be so cool and different. The Mazda 6 gets no love, just like the Accord wagon.


Go for Stagea.....


If you're ballin',I say Audi All road! Why? that ride is so stealth. bi turboed up to 318hp/382tq with an APR chip more torque than the V8. Tow rating of 4600lb, so you can tow a small race car. You can manually lower the air suspension lower than it came from the factory. Imagine that with some Nismo GTRs, or some other chunky looking wheel! Tasty!


"As nice as tons of horsepower and awesome handling are, sometimes those things have to take a back seat (literally) to practicality and comfort."

I agree with the B5.5 wagons or the current jetta/passat wagons. I still say the Mazda6 wagon would be tits though...especially if it looks like the one you posted a while back. If you don't do I just might haha.


vince: ok the TE72 could have issues due to it being carb. but the cressida wagon would be alot less likley due to its efi and remember all cars will have issues no doubt bout it


gotta get a sportcross! fr? 2j? does it get better? no manual though, thats whack.