Random Snap>>meanwhile In Vegas…

As you've no doubt seen from our constant updates from events all over the world, we Speedhunters stay quite busy. Even then, there are times when there's just too much cool stuff out there. While we were down in Long Beach shooting Formula D this weekend, the annual Viva Las Vegas rod and kustom gathering was happening across the desert in Sin City. I would have loved to have attended this one, but there are only so many weekends in a year.

Fortunately we came across some fantastic photos shot by Derek Campbell at this must-visit mecca of hot rod culture. Head over to his website to check them out.

I NEED to get to Vegas next spring for this event…

-Mike Garrett



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ugggh, god i want that bad; i love these cars


I remember coverage from this last year, this is one awesome gathering. Somebody brought in a giant tiki head that they used a a bar throughout the event.


Viva is on my "to do" list of events I must attend someday. Thanks for the link!