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What were you doing when you were 16? I, like most Americans was enjoying the newly found freedom of a driver's license, carting my buddies to and from school and driving around for no apparent reason. The last thing on my mind at that time was photography. In fact, I cringe when I look back at pictures I took during those days with whatever crappy digital camera I was using. The case is quite a bit different for Casey John Dhnaram, a 16-year old fellow from Brisbane Australia. Casey has been shooting for four years now, and not surprisingly drifting is one of his favorite subjects to shoot.

Casey sent us some photos he shot at a drift event held last week at Queensland Raceway and with drift month happening right now, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to showcase some of his work.

Judging by the photos, the AE86 was a popular car at this particular event. This Levin looks just like something you'd see at any grassroots drift event in Japan.

I love this shot of a four-door Skyline performing a "textbook dirt drop". I guess you can see why some race tracks aren't super keen on drifting?

Great wide shot here. Looks like the weather brought some unique lighting conditions with the contrasting blue sky and dark clouds.

A dirty (in a good way) 180SX.

A pair of white JZX100 Chasers, secondhand from Japan I'm assuming.

Finally, another well-composed wideshot of 180SX under a darkening sky.

Thanks to Casey for sharing his work with us, and be sure to check out his site at .

-Mike Garrett



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wow great pictures

hes really talented


nice levin!


I'd agree, this kids gonna go far


Nice photography!


Awesome work to make it on speedhunters casey

Glennys 180 is HOT!!!!


can we get wallpapers on some of these [maybe no. 4]?

this guy is really good


Yeah for 16, this guy has some great skills! Walls on 3 or 4. The foreground white Chaser looks amazing too.


+1 on the wallpaper of picture 4


wow, sure does feel good to have them up on =]

thanks rod, mike and rachel

rest can be found here > Motorsports > QR Speedhunters


Hey I'm from Queensland too! represent!


I don't know why there's gushing praise for the photos.

They're quite average, especially the last one - jagged little white lines all over it. I think a non dslr camera could do the same.

He is still just a kid though...


hey man, nice shots, congrats!

bakatono/dbphoto :D


These photos are extremely similar to Matthew Mead's...


wow, cool pics. They look alot like Matt Mead's photos.


"yo'daddy. said:

I don't know why there's gushing praise for the photos.

They're quite average, especially the last one - jagged little white lines all over it. I think a non dslr camera could do the same.

He is still just a kid though..."


Quite Average?

Yes I agree the last one was accidently over sharpened and they are not perfectly resized as they where taken straight off my flickr. They only look similar to matthewmeads photos purely because there are some more wider angle shots...

Please check the rest of my flickr for more photos, and also QR isn't the best track for photos especially if you don't have media and they are only running one track, you can only be at one corner so its very limited. I think my overall photos throughout the day was a good variety



Quite Average?

To be honest, i don't think they are average photos as you have to take into consideration that QR is a very basic track and not the best either especially if you can't get over the fence (media) Also it was only a very basic and small private track day, nothing huge what so ever so they where only running the one track and that means only 1 corner that i was able to take photos @ the whole day, so i went into the pits and took photos of them coming along the straight to try and get some more variation.

Yes the last photo was accidentally oversharpend as i didn't change my settings from lightroom. But yes always room for improvement. Thanks for your feedback.


you could be a little more knowledgeable in your mention about the Chasers - makes you look ignorant...


I'm sorry, i didn't do the write up.

Mike Garrett did.


Why all the hate ????


MeZ : Welcome to the Internet, please ignore the keyboard warriors.

Awesome pics mate, dont listen to the haters.


I like your photos lol. Keep on truckin!


The last photo is one of the best, IMO.


I believe you to be a very well articulated young man who seems to know what he likes and is chasing that dream. Please do not listen to these people on here who couldn't take a good picture if their life depended on it, much less a good action shot which you were able to provide for us. Casey , keep going with what you want to do, great job.


^^^ Agreed! You can shoot my car anyday :)