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Do we have any non-believers in the audience? Anyone who doesn’t get excited by hotted up cars on the edge-of-no-control? People who are not thrilled when they see a machine being deliberately taken within centimeters of destruction? Side by side, heart pounding, mind blowing action all day long?

Vaughn Gittin JR summed up the universal appeal of this new motorsport: “If you don’t get exciting by drifting, then you aren’t breathing”. I think that sums it up perfectly. Once you see a full blown professional drifting event in real life, there will be no turning back for you. Guaranteed. I have seen even the most diehard traditionalists turned into drift fans… the key is that you have to see it live. Videos and photos just can’t convey the adrenaline rush you get witnessing side by side tandem action.

So we are going to devote April 2009 to the exploration and celebration of drifting culture, cars, style and, of course, events.

Dino Dalle Carbonare will be showing a range of Japanese drift machines as well as attending the Kazama Drift event at Nikko circuit in Japan later in the month.

Meanwhile, in the UK, John Brooks will be attending the newly renamed Need for Speed European Drift Championship season opener at Oulton Park. Before we get to this event, though, we also have the season openers of the JDM Allstars and Prodrift to cover off care of Paddy McGrath and Jeroen Willemsen.

Personally speaking, I’m really very excited to attend both the Formula D season opener at Long Beach……

….AND the ALMS race at the Long Beach GP the following weekend. This will be the first race for the new Falken Porsche GT3RSR and we’ll be working closely with the team to get the inside scoop on how they cope with running a fully fledged GT car themselves

For those people firmly in the Grip camp, we’ll be on hand for the official unveiling of the new Nissan GTR FIA GT race car. I can’t wait to find out more about this exciting new racing machine!

And, finally, if you have a look at the side panel on the right side of the Speedhunters home page, you can see we have rejigged and expanded the Speedhunters team. Please join me in welcoming all the new contributors and race drivers!





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Let me be the first to welcome all the 'new' contributors to our Speedhunters team.


That's funny, because I was a little bit turned off to the sport when I went to my first live event. I was following the sport religiously before it, and couldn't wait to go to Irwindale last year, but when I got there it seemed a bit disappointing. It might have been because I built it up in my mind, or maybe it was because I wasn't on the track with the other press - I don't know, I guess it's kinda like meeting one of your heroes.


Here Here, to many more months of greatness!


Forget 36 DDs. The 57Ds on the R Magic FD are pure sexiness. I love how the luminous orange of the wheels match the D1 visor on the windshield. Who thought purple, orange and white would ever work?


looking forward to the upcoming articles :D


So this months devoted to drifting...no offense guys...but its gonna be just like every other month! Which is a good thing! Looking forward to reading articles and seeing pics from all the new guys as well!


That's true until you see real drifting done by professionals live in front of you will see what drifting is all about. Nothing beats hearing the roaring cars feeling the smoke of the tires hitting your face and getting teary eyes. Pictures don't always tell the true story.


Drift is naturally going to achieve a wide coverage as it's the most visually spectacular form of motorsport, and sits perfectly with the internet demographic.

Everything is just fine at the moment I reckon!


Touge Heroes


This is going to be one kick ass month


I personally can't wait to Rhys Millen drifting the Hyundai Genesis Coupe this season! I'm hoping that car will be a great platform for him. I'm hoping to catch as many Formula D events as I can this season.

If you want to see video's, photos and articles on that car or just get lots of Hyundai Genesios Coupe info check out http://genesisforums.org

I'm an admin there.


It's great that many drifting coverage coming so soon! luv it so much..

Btw, nice quote by Vaughn Gittin JR - "If you don't get exciting by drifting, then you aren't breathing".


Wow Some Very Cool Nisaan Cars Up there,

Man Nissan GTR FIA GT must Be Rocking,

I wish I can See Formula D And Need for Speed European Drift Championship Too,