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As we look forward into the launch of the new 2009 Formula Drift season, we thought it would be cool to release a video shot at the last round of the 2008 season.

This is a little bit of a different take on a drifting film….. It's shot from the point of view of one of the Need for Speed girls, Michelle Cifuentes, as she watches the qualifying sessions at Irwindale Formula Drift….

This video is the last film you'll see from us for a while…. we've finally exhausted all our footage from 2008…. It's time to get out in the field, to shoot some new racing events!

The custom scored music is by a m8 of mine: Jordy Birch… Hope you like!




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yay for lotsa Mr. John and Taka (even if he crashes)!


New Order just called. They would like their song and Hookie's guitar back please.

Seriously....very very good!!!!


im hungry


oh, i liiiike.


Daaaaaaaayum, shes fit! I'm sitting here thinking how do these guys stay focused with a chick like that standing there, then the vid ends with Taka clipping the wall haha


WOW! Awesomoe video! Love the music!


Michelle Cifuentes


78 years old ...WTF?


Nice video but BIG BUT... american cars do not belong in drifting... its very awkward seeing and even the american take on Japanese tuning is also very unnatural and out of place. american tastes and styling just do not match up to the original and fall short not to mention the very under engineered autos produced on that side of the pacific.


Super nice video! Hope you guys post more stuff like this.


Thats A Cool Video,

Michelle Cifuentes looks Cool,

Very Nice video And Affects Too


amazing video as always *thumbs up*


Less meat, more machine.


I'm still thinking of the video and is cool.

But the championship sux.

The best was Ueo and all the people now that.


Beautiful Girl!


project_aw11 I agree that Japan tuning and styling and even their D1 is much better but I wouldn't go so far as to say what you have. I mean ya some of the cars here look stupid like Forsberg's ugly convertible Z, but there are masterpieces as well like Takatori's R34 with cherry blossoms on it! (One of my fav liveries of all time now) Basically what I am saying is that of course Japan tuning will always be cooler in the eyes of people like us but the US drifting scene still has a lot to offer not to mention when it comes down to it isn't it just all about smoking tires and hot chix?


i really didn't see a different take on this video at all? Seems to be quite like most Drifto Videos Not that much of an artistic take .....maybe because the model is looking and seeing the cars drifting makes that effect from "her eyes" but i would love seeing real point of view, "side of drivers car cams" during doubles....just with the car shot out more wide angle and zoomed out would be wicked....But all in all good vid! Keep up the wicked work!


This is pretty much the worst video you guys have made... disappointed.


Michelle's not that hot and looks like she's hella bored.


that was such a perfect video...until the last crash..more like this please!!


No moze nie bezposrednio, ale dokladnie taki mial zamysl montazysta z portalu Speedhunters. Redakcja


Ah ah,nice one, a grindhouse movie style.


She didn't have a pit pass or a media pass. Someone should have informed Formula D staff. :(


She did have one... I held it for her while we shot the video.


I wasn't bored! It really was fun making this video and having the chance to experience this event from up close! I kinda thought the cars were gonna land on my head!

Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience!



2 whoever editied this piece of video...all power to you for last few cuts (crash vs audio skip part)....havent seen that way of cuting it anywhere...may the force be with you


that sux your outta footage , fly me to japan and ill work 24/7 tog et you guys heaps more :P