Builds>>ryan Tuerck’s ’09 Drift Solstice

With just a few weeks to go until the 2009 Formula D season opens on the streets of Long Beach, we've been getting a lot of fresh info regarding new drift cars and updates of current cars. The guys at Gardella Racing in New Jersey have just released some photos and info on the Pontiac Solstice that Ryan Tuerck will be driving in FD this season. In 2008, Tuerck had some nice showings in the capable, but simple-looking Solstice, and there's no doubt that he should be able to improve on that with this new car.

The spec sheet provided to us by Gardella Racing includes the following-

2.4L Ecotec engine
Quaife 15G 6 speed sequential trans
ACT clutch
Drive shaft shop drive shaft and axles
Maxxis Z1 drift tire
Precision Turbo HP 5557
Precision Turbo air to air intercooler
Synapse wastegate and blow off valve
Custom GR manifolds
Stef's custom oil, air, and power steering tanks
Stabuli quick disconnect fittings, and air jacks
Fuel Safe fuel cell and dry break system
RacePak dash
Sparco evo seats
Wilwood front brakes
Custom max drift wing (JK)

An earlier view of the naked chassis.

Ryan has been been testing the new car recently, and the team plans to have two additional testing sessions before loading up the Solstice for the trip to Long Beach in 2 and a half weeks.

Visually, the new Solstice seems to have a bit more character to it than the one Tuerck drove last year.

"Hampshaa" will be a driver to watch in 2009, especially behind the wheel of this new and improved car.

Thanks to Gary at Gardella Racing for the info and Nyce1's Photo for the pics.

-Mike Garrett



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Is Hampshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa still On DRIFT ALLIANCE?

I don't notice any DA stickers.



thats more like it!


Did he get any sponsors after GM rode the failwhale to failtopia?


Never ever liked Pontiac Solstices. Unattractive cars with no real merit.


A driver to watch in 2009? Are you kidding me? Get out of here with that ish.

He's ALWAYS been a driver to watch, lol. Ryan's gonna wreck shop this year, guaranteed.


This kind of cars is the reason i hate formula drift. So bland ugly and boring!


shits ugly


Uhhhh....what happened to the Rex, that was 100x and more times better than this shit. I hate formula d so much now. What happened to it?


I agree with STJ


or course hampsha is still with DA

and when was hammpsha ever in a rex??

watch him HOLD IT DOWN this year

he is coming for you RHYS!!!!


I like it.

It looks great.


its interesting that he stuck with the solstice chassis without factory support. Hampshaa's gonna kill it this year.


Ugly as sin.


Its good to see drag racers building drift cars. they do everything right. i wonder who will be next?

i think the car looks great! not a fan of the bumper but the paint scheme made it work.

good job and good luck this season!


just noticed its not badged. nice touch.


I think this a nice improvment over last years setup. can't wait to see how he does in Atlanta in May.


This car is far to high and has completely ruined drifting forever. Imagine this car in tandem battle with the RMR Genesis, the huge speeds will be unexciting and look uncool. Remember drifting is only about looking cool. The damage is irreparable. How dare he build a capable competition car. Why aren't his tyres rubbing the arches?


i like it, big improvement from last years car


Someone's got Bugatti on the brain. Baby Veyron? Looks damn good. I gave up on that bumper and didn't think anyone could do anything with it. Tight.


thats hideous still.


yeah, this is pretty ugly


That's one FUGLY front bumper!

The rest looks pretty nice though, so let's see how it fares (at least we can compare it with Rhys Millen's!).


That front bumper is nasty! did they actually raise the car up this year, its higher than stock. paintjob could some help too


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That is as close to a tube frame chassis as you can get. LOL.