Random Snap>> Unlimited Works Evo V

The Unlimited Works EVO V was spotted in the weekend on Tsukuba during one of the many Time Attack battles. This thing oozes style in every department, the wheel fitment, the body kit and it's white interior are a testament to this. It is capable of 57 second laps around Tsukuba, so it doesn't only look good, it can also back up those looks with pure performance.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Unlimited Works



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i really love CP9A evos, definitely my favourites


That car is the epitome of tough.


Amazing car. But, what's keeping it from hitting 54sec? Power? Weight? It looks more aggressive/serious than the Sun Auto Evo. Interesting. Gotta do a feature on this thing.


I'm not usually into outrageous kits, but when they serve a purpose and back it up with solid performance, then it's all good. This is an exceptional looking Evo, look at all those canards!!! There's probably more aerodynamic research on this car than in most countries' fighter jets!


That thing is intense ! its diffusion all type of shit. haha


This is what an Evo should be. None of those stupid "flappy-paddle" gearboxes here.


I don't know, the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this car was "Transformers", LOL!


As an avid F1 devote and follower, it's amazing to see that the mind set and technology of F1 come down from the "pinnacle of 4 wheel racing" and be used in all other aspects of motorsports. I love these new race cars with crazy goddamn aero!


Japanese tuning-companies should put more work into chassis R&D (their rollcage design pretty much suck).....

This Varis EVO doesn't seem to have any gusset plated on the A-Pillar, and it lacks the X bars on the B-pillar too.

If you guys pay attention the Tarzan Yamada's STi also lacks gusset on the A-pillar.

Also, some of you remember the HKS EVO CTR-230R, you would notice the side-bars are paper thin, and lack gussets as well).....I can go on and on.....

The point is, Japanese should really focus their attention on chassis stiffness and most importantly the safety of the driver.

Other than that those cars are rad.


Wow that looks awesome.

Desktop. Enough said.


it's not a Toyota, but that Evo looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with what Alex said.

If Jap tuners concentrated or researched more into stiffening the chassis then (I'm no expert on this) )they would probably see better lap times and better behaviour from the cars themselves.

But after my 2c... that car is sex!! Rep Mitsi haard.


At some point, adding more to the cage adds too much weight. For a race chassis that will see numerous events I can see this as being necessary. For a time attack car, power to weight is paramount with vehicle dynamics held a close second. There's quite a few SCCA World Challenge touring cars that don't use gussets and are very skimpy with tubing wall thickness in certain areas. I think the aero on this car is overkill for the times it's running and considering it's class, needs more tire and power under it.


I can't actually stand that front end. I think multiple canards like that just looks dumb.