Random Snap>> Serial Nine Cressida

Seriously, looking at an MX83 Cressida like this one makes me want to buy a Cressida. I think the test of a car builder is if your car inspires others to want to buy the same car so they can build it up. I don't know the details of this car, like engine mods or wheel size, etc… but I've been thinking about obtaining a manual transmission Cressida for a while now. Man, there are just so many cars I like… way too many. I have problems.

However, if I had a bunch of cars that looked like this just sitting around, I think it's a good problem to have!

Can anybody help us out with some specs on this particular MX83? It looks awesome. The clean body, the paint, the exhaust, the wheels, the stance, the clean fenderwork. Outstanding.

-Antonio Alvendia



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Whatever happened to that blue Cressida we saw in the parking lot when I came out to LA in May? That thing was pretty tight. And that black cat that peed on his friends car while you were asking him about the Cressida hahaha


Cressida seem to be gaining popularity daily. Its good that you usually don't see them as overpriced as the Corolla, 240sx, or RX-7s.


that thing looks mean & clean...it rocks
i think we need a few more cressida posts, seeing as it is toyota month
good work Antonio, keep it coming


That's my car guys. . when i just finished it last sumer after paint etc.. Specs are pretty basic. . 1JZ, stock twins, 3.5" ex (custom), SERIALNINE/STANCE, coilovers 12k/10k, solid sub bushings, urethane bushings, biller steering arms. .welded diff, ORC 409D (hyper single) FMIC etc . on a mustang dyno makes 290/300 stock boost, stock everything. . Wheels are Stitch Gulf Dish. . fr-18x9+18 w 25mm spacer/215/40-18, rr-18x10+11 w/ 7mm spacer.235/40-18. . . Fenders are full custom hand formed, all up into the door etc.(many fuckin hours). . body is otherwise stock. . bumpers etc.. Paint is M3 Phoenix Yellow with alsa corp Hyper Flair pearl/flake. .(cant see it in the pics. ) Subtle but blingin. Interior is basically stock. . Kirkey deluxe road race seat. .and some white JDM wheel. . Full interior otherwise , 3200Lbs..

Its my daily/drift car. . the second one i've built. .only made two events last year as I built this car in one month (swapped shells and did some more work) New things for this year are diff rims. work varianza's . 18/19 stagger. . and wider. . Full aero. ., stickers. .adjustable arms/etc.. 2way diff, 3.0(2JZ) bottom. . Getrag 6MT. . single turbo (BWS300SX) . and supporting mods.. Gonna try to make every event i can this year and get the most coverage SERIALNINE also sponsors Ameen Rizvi. . you have his pics on here as well from the RedBull challenge.. His car should be sick this year as well. . Cressidas are def. coming up. . theyre dirt cheap and fuckin dope to drive. .Watch out for em !!

Ill see if these other pics work.




More pics and info here.





If the pics dont work jsut fix them please..


G is the man, he's helped me a lot with my personal MX83.

Glad to see he is getting the recognition he deserves.


SWEEET you Put up some more cressidas

use jzxproject its full of badass cressy's


i've had my eye on this car for a bit. sick as fuck! i really dig everything that he's done to it and i'm stoked to hear he's going with full aero, because other than that, this car is perfection.


"Man, there are just so many cars I like... way too many. I have problems."



SEXXXY CRESSY... nice find there Antonio

i can definitely see a x8 in my future!


That car is sick! Cant wait to see it with aero and the new wheels!


Gerard is a cool ass dude. super helpful!

badASS Cressida!


Good shit Gerard! Repping BC Cressidas!


Way to rep BC man. sick cressi. keep rollin


i remember when this car was light blue


That was actually a different car man. . That car cost $150 and we built it into a drift car for $6k. . This one was bought for $400. . I actually swapped everything over and did all the bodywork and fenders etc.. in like 3 weeks..


hey gerard... RESPECT!!! for real, man.


Nice car, but for classicity of its exterior, to this one I prefer his elder brother Cressy MX73 ...


nice one bro!!