Random Snap>> Salivating Over Ssr Starsharks

Here's another AE86 for everyone to enjoy; this one is owned by another fellow 86 owner on Club4AG. The face has been converted to kouki (late model, or if you want to be proper, "after minor change") Levin style, again using kouki foglights without the glass grill. This time the AE86 has a kouki Levin bumper with a zenki Levin lower lip added on to it. The rear bumper is from a zenki AE86.

However, the thing that I think we should all point our attention towards is that AWESOME set of 14×8 and 14×9 SSR Starshark wheels on the car!!! The rare Starsharks are some of my favorite wheels in the history of Japanese wheels. Sadly, SSR just doesn't make them like they used to. I have owned 13 and 14 inch sets of these wheels before, but none of them were as nicely sized as this set! I'm drooling. These wheels, combined with outstanding stance, really make this AE86 Levin into an outstanding looking car. Gorgeous.

Photos like this make me want to sell all my camera stuff and spend all the proceeds on buying all the old school Japanese wheels I want. What do you guys think? Sounds like a great plan to me! I won't be creating any more photos, but at least I'd have a few more sets of awesome fat lip wheels to hug!

Big respect to the 86ers in the Pacific Northwest!

-Antonio Alvendia



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great stance,love starsharks, look great on almost every car (if ya can find a whole set with good offset), I also really like riverside riverges,


That's a rad corolla.

I like it.


Hey, Antonio, why don't you sell your stuff and then nag the other Speedhunters 'til they do the shoots for you?


That'd be proper!


Always loved Star Sharks, why dont you guys do a feature on Antonio's own AE86? It kinda seems necessary since he's part of the speedhunter's team


agree with seven-m, where's your 86 double "A"?


+1 to Seven~M....

Antonio where is your 86? =)


theres more styles of AE86 than the ones you personally LIKE !! you should show all sides of it


nice camber


Oh, so that's what those wheels are called. I've loved the look of them since seeing them on all those vintage cars in Mike's Auto-Otaku. Would look great on a Mazda Roadster if they made them in 15".


LOVE IT! Damn, should post up more cars like this guys! Thanks!


Love the Kouki Style


i know this dude!

and he's a hachiroku.net member, which is based out in the pacific northwest... so props to my friend who will remain nameless...

Beacon Hill represent!!!