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If you are like me, then you were probably pretty impressed with the Porsche Leipzig facility that Antonio posted about last year. How could you not like the combination of a test track and a beautiful facility displaying some of the world's most famous sports cars? For Porsche though, that was just the beginning, and they have been working on much larger home to showcase the company's history.  On January 31st, the doors opened on the brand new Porsche Museum located in the company's home city of Stuttgart, Germany.

Like Leipzig, the museum is an architectural work of art. It was designed by Delugan Meissl from Vienna and it's cost of construction is said to be over 100 million euro. The 5,600 square meter museum includes space for 80 vehicles which will be rotated from the company's 400-car collection, in addition to other exhibits.

Among the numerous historical vehicles on display is the Porsche Type 64, which is known as the car that started it all.

The cars on display in the museum span the company's entire history, and include both production and race cars.

For example, Porsche 917's in any one of several iconic liveries.

This classy-looking display showcases the evolution of the 911 model over the years.

Yep, just another destination to add to your list of global automotive travels.

For more info, check out the museum's official website.

-Mike Garrett



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wow, i MUST go

it's one thing to go for teh cars, but i just wanna see that building in person, it's spectacular, almost as spectucal as the 911 lol


Next up, Porsche Hotel's...and cool Porsche theme parks. The company is just baller all around. I gotta see this museum.


Great post Mike.

I'll make sure to hit it up this summer when I go visit my parents in Europe.


I know where I'll be going this summer! Hopefully I get to see the BMW museum also...


I'am sure that Antonio loves the wheel fitment on that 356


the best ive ever seen on history


Ok, so I just smoked a little, but just to be clear.. Those are miniature models of the museum and cars right?... or is that CG?.... either way tho.. Kant wait to go there.... I hope the admission price is reasonable


I'll have to add this to my list. This is getting expensive! Looks like you could eat off the whole place, reminds me of McLaren's new HQ.


I was waiting for this to open! Will probably go visit this summer :)


i remember there is a Mercedes Benz museum not unlike this. i spent hours looking through the thread.. seem to remember it on MB world.

if you like this then check that out also