Day five on Dakar was dominated by the news of the death of motorcyclist Pascal Terry…. It’s a sober reminder of the dangers of this this type of motorsport, especially for the motorcyclists.

BMW Driver Attiyah has now taken the lead from Sainz, who dropped back with power steering failure. He also rolled his VW on the sand dunes but was lucky to continue without too much lost time. Notice a certain Robby Gordon creeping up the order?

Overall standings after stage 5:

Pos Driver Car Time 1.  Al Attiyah       BMW             18h44:37 2.  De Villiers      Volkswagen      +  02.24 3.  Sainz            Volkswagen      +  06.33 4.  Peterhansel      Mitsubishi      +  13.44 5.  Miller           Volkswagen      +  19.55 6.  Roma             Mitsubishi      +  24.29 7.  Gordon           Hummer          +  41.48 8.  Alphand          Mitsubishi      +  42.04 9.  Depping          Volkswagen      +1h16.4010.  Spinelli         Mitsubishi      +1h39.26


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Whats with all the Bike Punctures?... Is there really no tire pressure/ compound combo that teams can use to avoid the problem? Anyone know?.. I dont rember the African Dakar being so detramental to bike tires as this Dakar is.


is there no support truck race this time around? that was some of my favourite action to watch!


OLN in Canada and Versus in USA airs 30-minute stage summaries throughout the day, they show some more truck support.