Finally, the Dakar organization has put the cars section first in the video…. Sainz narrowly took the stage win from Attiyah by a margin of just six seconds…. amazing. I do wonder if these cars are playing the role of “hare” but it will be a tortoise that comes through for overall victory. Notice Mitsubishi lurking in the background…

I like how the video narrator says: reliability will be tested over the next 6000 kilometers…. yikes!…

Results after day four:
Pos Driver Car Time 1.  Sainz           Volkswagen     12h47:45 2.  Al Attiyah      BMW             +  3:46 3.  De Villiers     Volkswagen      + 11:33 4.  Peterhansel     Mitsubishi      + 15:41 5.  Roma            Mitsubishi      + 20:00 6.  Miller          Volkswagen      + 20:05 7.  Terranova       BMW             + 24:30 8.  Alphand         Mitsubishi      + 41:11 9.  Gordon          Hummer          + 46:4510.  Holowczyc       Nissan          + 47:39


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those bikers are insane! so hardcore :O


needs more trucks! yea those bikers are insane, some of them have broken ankles after the race, who knows how long they have been riding on those ankles.

I really really hope that they end the south american dakar with the beach finish, i think that is one of the coolest endings to a race in all of motorsports.


Sad news in the Dakar today. French motorcyclist Pascal Terry has been found dead. He went missing three days ago. Search crews found him close to his motorcycle taking shelter in a small cave with food and water. [via BBC]


R.I.P. Pascal Terry


Al Attiyah is keeping up the pace quite well, which is a welcome surprise. Didn't hear or think too much of him before the race started, makes it that much more interesting, love the Dakar.

R.I.P. Pascal Terry, Investigation surrounding his death has begun.


R.I.P Pascal Terry