Random Snap>> Bernard’s Flared Brown Ae86

Let's see, a AE86 Levin, brown color and it's running on some wide RS Watanabe's. Yep I guess this will get the approval of Antonio. All of a sudden I'm starting to get a real interest in cars from the ‘80's. I have have been looking at some nice BMW E30's as a project car. But maybe I can find a nice AE86 on European shores, and get some lessons from Antonio in how to build a true AE86. I haven't made up my mind, until then I will be collecting some reference material like this picture.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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Nice find Jeroen! This car belongs to my friend Bernard. It has a 3SG engine in it. Hey if you want an AE86, I'm selling my RHD AE86 kouki Levin hatchback! What a great replacement for your R34 4-door, hahahah Lemme know! =)


Nice Hachi

If you are looking for an Ae86 then get at me.

Mostly some around.



Man... Nissan month is slowly turning into "I miss my Corolla" month.



would prefer one in white, but hey this one's not bad at all


Antonio!!! just give me the AE86.................................


brown + watanabe = give it to me also


I love this car! I have it on permanent display on one of my computer desktops!


I think that's one of the nicest AE86s I've seen! I'm loving that color on that car, and with the Levin front, over fenders and RS Watanabes it just looks so clean. Looks like it could use some side skirts to match that front bumper though :)

Many people put down 80s styling, and certainly there were some terrible looking cars in the 80s, but the ones that do look good look really good when done right. I think E30s are a great example. Most of my friends who aren't into racing think I'm crazy for saying this, but the design is so classic. Great handling, too. Not sure if you were aware, but in the US there is a whole race series devoted to E30s (Spec E30). It's amazing to see so many of them on track. This may be a silly question Jeroen, but if you're looking for a low cost 80s project car, have you considered a Porsche 944?


yeap! hi-res desktop please!!!


@Alteus, the problem with a Porsche are the maintenance costs, for A BMW al the parts are readily available


Toyota MR2 AW11 Jeroen, 4AGE, Mid Engine and 80's !


BMW parts are available ! iam from germany so if anybody need somthing i can try to help you guys !

also with other german car parts !


Hahaha Andy I agree, this has definitely turned into "I miss my Corolla" month. Never shoulda sold it...


saw this amazing care for sale on 4ag.

it makes me drool.


@Jeroen: If you're looking for an AE86 you'd best contact me or go to the European AE86 forum I'm admin of and sign up there: http://www.aeu86.org

We know plenty of nice hachis for sale in Europe. ;)


@Jeroen: Not sure about things on your side of the pond, but over here 944s are both very reliable and very cheap to maintain. In fact, the early models use many Volkswagen components. I've taken mine to numerous open track days and am currently preparing it for wheel to wheel racing. There are a group of 30 or so racers in my region that regularly race their 944s, and none have had major mechanical issues, unless they were wrecked. Most of the cars have a season or two on their original engines! We're talking N/A here though, not turbo...the 944 turbos had a few key components that lacked proper engineering. At any rate, don't discount a 944 just because it's a Porsche ;)


That one is so dope!


hmm 80's car fanatic huh?

get a SA22C RX7, or a JZA70 Supra

badass cars and something different btw...


wallpaper worthy, i say..


Beautiful & clean


Andy Sapp: Yeah, I miss mine so much that its sitting out front and I'm getting off the computer to go fix this little issue.

Thanks for reminding me.


sileightysr20 said: 1987 s12?


Love that color!!! Something different than all these white AE86's. By the way, mine's also white! :)

But it's gonna have a respray in green metallic... And yes, I need this one also on my desktop!!! Thanx


Bernard's good people. I bought my old 87 coupe from him! He told me about this project, I didn't realize how clean and quick he finished it up. Nice Snaps!


Can some one get more picos of this car? The colour is amazing