What do you get when you combine an badass car with an awesome driver in a really cool location mixed with some fantastic film work? You get this fantastic video of Ken Block doing some gymkhana practice in his 530whp Impreza STI. This is seriously one of the coolest car videos I have ever seen. Watch and enjoy.

Ken Block Racing

-Mike Garrett



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man i love subarus


I agree Mike, it's one badass video and editing, thumbs up !



Loved the donuts around the segway part - so f'ing awesome!

Now excuse while I go and change my underwear... ^_^ '


sick Sick video so awesome....


omg by far the best video on youtube!!!! never heard of gymkhana before but i love it now. imagine doin that in a RWD~


I was totally screaming at the top of my lungs at this video.



Absolutely STUNNING. Thanks for sharing that.



That absolutely is the toughest video i've ever seen outside of drifting. 4WD Drift is so lovely to see and to feel..my god


Everything about this video works really nicely, I love how they used the engine and tyres for the audio track too :)


i never usualy comment on this stuff but this has to be the single most balls out, insane display of driving skill I have ever seen, and thats just the guy with the Segway!


amazing audio! i love the lack of soundtrack, it lets me listen to the music of a wonderfully-tuned flat-four. and 530whp!!! holy crab. assuming 20% drivetrain loss for an all-wheel drive car, that's 660bhp! madness. and i have to say, that fun bit near the end was quite entertaining :)


my only gripe, and trust me the content of the video FAR outweighs this complaint, is that the only time the microphone isn't clipping out is when it's an interior shot. i can only imagine how much more badass it would have sounded with some proper audio recording tools.


I'm lost for words, truly amazing.

Gymkhana is the next best thing, trust me


that is like the coolest thing ive ever seen, everything about that clip is <3




This vid is EVERYWHERE! Block is blowing up! The Auto Freestyle scene has begun!


holy shit.

nuff said


Block the Beast..lmao..

Awesome stuff=)


ken block, mad props to you.the hanger scene was unreal.


I never would have thought he could top the video he did on the ski slopes. but he did. bravo.



i would KILL to see a feature on this car


I am at a loss for words when it comes to describing what I just witnessed. I knew Ken Block could drive, but this by far is the Best Driving/Handling/Precision I've watched. The Single Cone turn Blew My Mind, and I watched that scene over & over again, and I just love how he's fearless and an aggressive driver...The 1st turn he takes might get looked over cause its just a so called basic drift, but he took it fast and aggressive, and with the ability to get that AWD machine that sideways is Crazy! I mean he looks sooo Out-Of-Control, but yet he really is in control the whole time...I'm not one to use the "uber" computer slang "Epic" or "Legendary", but this Video is way above anything words could describe...


i am laughing such alot when i read your comments guy,this video is shit,seriously you can see all the many tire marks that prove that he did many and many run and the producer edited the video to keep just the good bit and if you think that this is some mad skill,then why he isnt winning some rally event?.Seriously any wrc driver can do this stuff at twice the speed and in one take while being blind.I am sorry but this just a daily training for any rally driver its just that not all driver can have they money coming from a big shoe company like dc shoe that ken block own.


Yeah, rally drivers can do that, but where's the cool video for it? The point isn't that Block is the new Drift King but that this is just one of the most amazing car vids evar! Rally stages are amazing, no room for error, but that makes for crap vids. The Helicopter shots suck for car enthusiasts. And like the verbage in the vid states, this is Gymkhana on roids man! Driftkhana!!! You can't do some of those moves in RWD. That drift around the cone was like the matrix, slo mo, defying the laws of physics man! Can you imagine an EVO vs STi 600-700hp tandem Driftkhana! Oh snap! They need to set this up at El Toro for realz! done!