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These are busy times for me right now… there is much happening in the business and creative world of Need for Speed I have to keep on top of, yet at the same time this Speedhunters project needs continual focus… it's like a eating monster with an endless appetite… the site always needs new stories!

So with this in mind, let's get down to business, as I have around 100 emails that need to be answered… then we'll be heading down to the Long Beach docks to check out the setup, and shake a few hands… after that, we'll try and hit up a few garages to get story material for some additional shop tours.

Anyway, back to Superlap Battle… Let's take you for a second tour of the event.. this time focusing on scenes from the paddock area.

Not sure I need to say anything further about the above Supra. It's just fantastic don't you think? Meaty.

Tanner Foust probably drives more cars in a given week than you and I will pilot in a lifetime. It's likely one reason he is so good at what he does… This IS-F was one of a few cars he drove yesterday.

Not all S15s are destined for drifting abuse…. This is the Endless Time Attack Sylvia.

In fact, there were a few S class Nissan's kicking about….

Nice Grip tuned S14. Good to see these chassis being used outside of the drifting…

While on the subject of blue Nissans; I had my eye on this clean Z33 all day. It checks off all the right boxes: clean and low with lots of rubber on the pavement.

The Factor X crew had a tough day. The engine got damaged during the practice day so they had to rebuild their engine on their garage floor, while their competition were on track setting times. True to form though, they got the car on track and up to speed by the end of the day.

I like the new livery… what do you guys think?

While on the Honda theme… Yoshioka was piloting this S2000 at Superlap Battle….

I've bumped into him around 5 times in the past 3 months…. The more time I spend in these scenes, the smaller they get!

Let's look at some more Hondas… I love 2nd-Gen CRXs…. I owned a white one just like this way back when…… Note the aero window opening…

I'm sure those of you who read US magazines will know this car… have a look at the opening on the hood/bonnet.

Will the EF Honda Civic become the '69 Camaro for our generation in 20 years? There was a time when modded versions of these cars were all over Vancouver. They seem to be disappearing at a steady rate now though.

I like the vanity plate message :>

Sorry I need pay homage to the Terlingua….. such a fun car to drive…

The first gen Miata is probably one of the top grass roots road race cars in the states ATM. This build caught my eye…

This is not the old Crawford Subaru…. it is a totally new build, in it's final stages of completion…. expect to see this car tearing up the time sheets next year.

I saw a few Time Attack 1 Series BMWs at Superlap Battle.

What I am really waiting for though, is someone to campaign one of these cars in Formula Drift.

The infamous RJ…. I'm sure he's making a reference to the Napoleonic Wars with the hand gesture…

Not sure how well these "street" tires would do in rainy Vancouver…

Andy from the European Drift Championship/Time Attack…

Got this snap a moment before Tanner took the Crawford Impreza out on track.

Like the Airjacks?

The Cusco Impreza is a very serious build. Much more so than I was expecting… it is probably THE most important new car in international Time Attack for 2008/2009.

The guts of the machine…

So did it break the record? What do you think?

I'd like to thank Source Interlink (publishers of Super Street, Modified magazines etc) for allowing us full access to their event… They are fantastic people to collaborate with!

OK time to clean up my email in box…I have 150 unread emails to sort through… yippie!

More to follow….




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More more more more more!


Team Tarzan did not end up beating the record set by the HKS EVO at 1:43... Tarzan ran 1:44...


Don't take my word for it, but tentative word on the street says it went down like this:

1 Tarzan Yamada - Tomei / Cusco Subaru STI

2 Tyler McQuarrie - C-West / Brian Crower Honda S2000

3 ??? - JIC / Hankook Porsche GT2

4 Billy Johnson - Factor X Acura NSX

5 Billy Johnson - M-Workz Nissan 350Z


the last picture is verry nice i love this picture pure art!


Sounds like the Tarzan Team car is really close to the EVO's record. I think that's awesome.

Congrats to the Tarzan/Tomei/Cusco team, great car.

GEt that thing som more power and get over to Tsukuba!!! (factory intake manifold?)


Looks like the Top Setup CRX made it at the event!


 Interesting to se a factory looking intake manifold on there. that should be a disadvantage above 400 hp. or so.

 Get this thing to Tsukuba!

Congrats to Team Tarzan and all responsible for the event either way, looks like it ran smoothly.


Ive Seen The Black Supra In Person It really Is Amazing!!! It Was @ Vex Motorsports. They Are My Local Shop:-)


awesome, but i demand more fotos and some results...


Rod......other websites already spilled it out.

The Cusco STi driven by Tarzan hit 1:44,XXX yesterday before it blew the tranny....any update?

On the same note, I wonder why the Cusco Subaru (sponsored by Tomei) doesn't use their new-released $6000 intake manifold....

I'd like to see also how the old J's Racing yellow S2K will do against the C-West S2K...

Keep posting....


fuck me.. that 350 is gorgeous!


The Factor X NSX's livery is sweet.

I'm digging the Cusco Impreza.


Could anyone tell me the Paint name/code of the CUSCO Imprezza?

(On another note, anyone know the code for Spoon blue?)

many thanks


RJ two fingers (oposite of the peace sign) is actually the UK equivlaent of giving somone the finger!.

t dates back to the hundred years war...

At that time the English Bowmen (infamous longbows!) were the a deadly threat to the French so when they were captured the French cut off the two bow fingers

It thus became a taunt to the French for the English bowmen to show them their two fingers to prove they were still a threat.


i need to know more on that endless S15!!!!!
i agree, im a HUGE silvia/drift fan but its nice to see S-bodies set-up for grip


Could anyone tell me the Paint name/code of the CUSCO Impreza?

(On another note, anyone know the code for Spoon blue ?)

RJ... just before the battle of Agincourt, the French said that they would remove the two fingers of any English Archer captured.

When the french Knights bore down on the small English army, it is said that the Archers waved their two fingers at the french before un- leashing a lethal barrage of Arrows that cut the French to pieces.

many thanks



Damn that story about the English archers sounds way cooler than any super lap story! damn, awesome!!!