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Throughout this month I'm going to be digging through my archive of old photos and posting up some of my favorite Nissan shots from various events and track days here in Japan. First up, I wanted to look at some the Nissan Silvia and 180SX grip/time attack cars that I have seen at Tsukuba Circuit over the past several months. When it comes to time attack cars, the AWD GT-R, Evo, Impreza, and the FR S2000 and FD3S come to mind, but the S-chassis also has very large following among grip racers in Japan.

Here are a just a few of the really cool ones that I have seen running at Tsukuba this year-

The Scorch S15 Silvia is one of the top performing cars in the BE Time Attack series and consistently runs in the one minute flat range and I have a feeling it will be running even faster during the upcoming time attack season.

The Exceed Moat S14's are some of the fastest Silvias ever at Tsukuba, running into the 57 second range during the past. They debuted their refreshed car earlier this spring and once it's dialed in it should be nearly unstoppable. Just look at how tough the thing looks with its GT-spec rear bumper and fenders.

Another fully tuned kouki S14 Silvia. Nearly all of the grip-tuned Silvia's are running very aggressive wheels, but instead of stretched rubber seen on drift cars, they are wrapped in big sticky racing tires like the Advan A048.

180SX's aren't quite as common as the later model Silvia's, but you do see them running in the time attack events from time to time. This one is from Garage WORK and is sporting some pretty radical diffusers and wide fenders. It also looks like the rear quarter windows have been removed to shed more weight. Lap times for this car were in the very respectable 1:02 range.

As aggressive as this red S15 is, it is pretty mild compared to most of the other time attack cars. The lack of a big GT wing, the mostly intact interior, and number plate show that this car probably sees a lot street use as well. Styling is spot-on if I do say so myself.

This S14 on the other hand is a purpose-built track car that is also tuned by Scorch. Like the S15 the lap times for this one are also in the one minute flat range.

This post wouldn't be complete without a shot of the Rauh Welt S15 Silvia, seen here when it was still coated in its sinister matte black paint. I'm sure this car is high on many people's list of "coolest Silvias ever".

Garage Mak is another one of the top players in the S-chassis game. Don't you think the rear fenders on this car look so rad! This car is just one a handful of hardcore Silvia's and 180's that G-Mak has built.

Here's the ATS-BM RPS13 running at the HKS Hiper Challenge back in September.

This S15 Silvia belongs "Under Suzuki" and although its still under construction, it is shaping to be one of the top S15 grip cars anywhere. Last year it was running in the low 59 second range, but he is planning on taking it much further in that. The completed version will also have a DTM-inspired exterior.

And how about wrapping up with this S14 Silvia done up in a livery inspired by the Nismo Super GT cars? I think it would be cool to see more racing inspired liveries and paint work on tuner cars like this one. What do you think?

Now I need to think about what kind of tuned Nissans to post up next. Time attack GT-R's? 4-door sedans? S30Z's? 510's? Hmmm…

-Mike Garrett



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I'm always ready for more track monster R34's and FR 4-door sedans!!!


Ah, the 180 looks interesting, would like to see more on the first one,

also, gtr grip cars for the next post; r32 ;)


Post up some GTR's. I love that black 180SX


Great pics. Next post should be Kei Cars!


Great post. I much perfer an S chassis in grip/time attack forum over drift.


^ I completely agree. More "grip" coverage this month please.


i love that garage mak s15, it's fenders and front end look amazing. is it supposed to look exactly like a re-amemiya rx7 kit?


Awesome post Mike!!!!
do you think you could post up some more info on the "under suzuki" S15 as i am extremely interested in how this turns out...



Awesome post Mike!!!!
do you think you could post up some more info on the "under suzuki" S15 as i am extremely interested in how this turns out...



holy crap these are all amazing cars. any way i can get some hi-res versions of some?


Great shots! 4 door sedans please!!!


Great shots! 4 door sedans please!!!


lol i'm with Joe! kei-cars! :D


really though man your articles and photos are just awwwwesome, i've said it before and i'll say it again, you're the reason i come to this website.


i'm really glad to see some S13's in there (they have a personal significance) but i'd have to say my favourite of the bunch is the Scorch S15, it looks so aggressive.


Sedans are the ownage.


i would like to see more paint work too.

i have to admit though, these silbeers/180s look damned sweet in plain jane paint.


More grip tuned S-chassis!


Another fan of grip FR cars here!

Nowadays you really don't see a Nissan S-chassis that's not drifting so this is really cool!


The third pic from the top (the red S14) looks almost identical to the one Jeroen posted a while back from the UK.....they're very nice cars.

Thanks for posting "grip" stuff Mike.

As usual, nice pics and coverage !!!


ditto on the "more grip" part... there's been nothing but drifting since porsche month ended.


Where's the SunLine S15? Anyway, great post, Mr. Garrett!




Next 510 Datsuns!!!


what ever you do post more grip cars PLEASE PLEASE