Random Snap>> Menacing S14a

How much do you really need to make a car look good? According to this picture not a whole lot. Just put on some wide wheels, adjust your camber and drop it like it's hot (yeah I know it's lame but it's true). Does anyone know this car? Or has more pictures of it? I would love to see more of it. You can put on all sorts of crazy bodykits but with the right wheels and offset you have a instant winner.

-Jeroen Willemsen

 Spotted on the JDM Style Tuning forum



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Hmmmm, I'm not the best at things, but those front wheels look photoshopped on.

Also, I don't know why it is on a "JDM Style" forum.

The car has the USA bumper and USA headlights.

Needs more JDM.

JDm Points.


Doesn't look photochopped to me... the car looks awesome, very purposeful styling.


I think the front lip helps too. That does look sick and I don't think it looks chopped, but that's me. More pics, more pics!


huuuge negative camber on the front, minimal on the rear - this s14 is obviously drift setuped...


He is a local south fla dude. check on zilvia


What makes a car look JDM? I just look at cars and if I like them, someone usually classifies it as a JDM.


Thanks for the compliments, those fronts are 18x10.5 -12 it looks kinda goofy right now because of the rears but I'll have the pair that goes with the fronts on soon which are 18x12.5 -1. Also it has -3.8 degrees of camber in the rear.


This car is sick. Saw this in a picture thread on Zilvia. Those new Varianza's in the front make this thing look butter.


you can fit 10.5's under standard guards!? @_@


please take off the jimmy up decal.


So it's your car Alex?


"JDMness" aside as it Really Doesn't Matter™, those wheels do not look photoshopped.

They DO look incredibly wide and awesome, and i <3 it.

Negative-offset wins my heart any day of the week! :D


I agree with Jeroen, and as has also been recently posted by Antonio (and Mike?) lately, all it takes is the right set of rims and coilovers and you've got a car that will turn heads, more importantly the *right* heads, far better than any kitted and neon-bejeweled example. Rims are everything. Stance is everything.


Looks sick nice work!


What make a car JDM? When its stock and comes from the japanese market....

The JDM term has been used too much and now associate a thing with this term just means nothing anymore...


I'm getting a JDM digital climate control today strictly for looks.


opps, I just posted some more pictures but when I did I thought jameltoe's post was mine and flagged it becasue they were not the right pictures, sorry.


scrape much, alex what suspension you using?


holy nuts sauce. that is wooow.


what wheels are they in the front?


holy fawk thats nice. the more pics the merrier!!


definitely not drift setup. its more vip than anything. drift with those front wheels and kiss the fender goodbye. LOVELY look though.


The coils are BC's they aren't the best but I've yet to blow one, in those few pictures with the other wheels they are all the way down with two collars removed, now I have one collar removed on each side. With that and the taller tires the car is about 3/8th's higher than it was. The wheels are Gulf Stichs, and yes I slide the car like this and my fenders love it, sometimes when the front is really loaded up and I'm countered I get a small stream of smoke off the fronts but that just means it's perfect.


WOOHOOOO SFLDrifters.com represent!



No photoshop here homies...


i have a 180sx but im thinking about switching to a newer 240.. car looks fire


whats the difference between an s14 and an s14a?