Random Snap>>900+ Rwhp Nsx

Being in Japan has given me the opportunity to see a lot of record-breaking tuner cars like the HRS Cyber Evo and Top Fuel S2000, but there is always something great about seeing a non-Japanese company do amazing things with a Japanese car. This NSX was built by Love Fab Motorsports in Buckley, Michigan, a company with many years of experience in custom turbo kits for all sorts of cars. On a recent trip to the dyno, this fully built turbocharged NSX put down an astonishing 921 RWHP and 641 ft. lbs of torque. I'd say there is little reason to doubt Love Fab's claim that this is the most powerful NSX in the world.

There is more info about the car as well as video on Love Fab's site.

I wonder if this car will be appearing in any time attack events in the future?

Love Fab Motorsports

Found on Honda-Tech

-Mike Garrett



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Amazing machine. Though I think its more a dyno queen then a time attack car...


+1 looks like it needs some suspension tuning from the video they posted on the site...its swaying in all sorts of ways. Pretty sweet car though.


oh shit, he said "amazing machine", watch out for the uzis!

sweet car btw =p


DESKTOP please!


Yeah I saw this car at the track at Gingerman Raceway (A local track for them I guess)

It had a lot of trouble getting some traction in the rain, but it just made the best noise ever, you could hear it from miles away.

Next time, Azinis wont do, R Compound minimal for dry events :)


I really do like how they kept the exterior relatively stock-looking. it shows that they focused more on making sure it can go faaast than having it look all pretty for the car shows. :D


Hell yeah! Its always cool to see my Michigan brothers make something this cool. I just find it funny as hell that there in Buckley. I have family up there and I live 2 hours south in Midland. The town is just so small I never saw this one come at all. That car cost more then the town itself. I love to know were that track is too. I want to take my old 66 Dodge Coronet up there ROCK IT. Keep up the good work guys I lovw this web set. Booosh!


Surprised i havent seen or heard of this car before, but IMO it doesnt hold a candlestick to FactorX's car regardless of the power claims.

But cool none the less.


hemirunner are you the same person from LLN?


Hey F3INT((AP3X I'm a slow college kid so you need to tell me what LLN is.


@Blueslug: Putting a lot of HP w/o focus on aerodynamics doesn't really help much...like Spifire said it seems more of just a bragging dyno queen than it is a track racer...those SuperGT cars don't have those crazy ass body enhancements for looks and those cars are only pushing 500hp compared to that car thats pushing 900hp. Those GT cars would take that car out.