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If you are even somewhat familiar with the international drift scene, then you probably know about Mad Mike Whiddett from New Zealand and his infamous RX7. If you need a refresh, you can check out the feature I did on his car a while back. Those old specs on his car are now history though because on Friday night New Zealand time, Mad Mike unveiled his new car which is now sponsored by Red Bull. Thanks to our friends Brad Lord and Adam Croy at NZ Performance Car Magazine, we have some fresh photos from the unveiling "ceremony" which was held in Auckland and a few details about the new car.

The new car keeps all the aggressiveness of the old one with the additions of the new Red Bull livery and a set of wheels from his new sponsor, Weds.

While the car's old three-rotor engine was nothing short of impressive, the new car takes things even further with a custom-built naturally aspirated 26B-PP FOUR rotor engine with a set of MoTec throttles. The new engine is said to make 480hp to the rear wheels and sound even more incredible than the previous set-up. If you have ever head Mike's old car, then you know how crazy that one sounded. I can't even imagine what the new one sounds like.

There's Mad Mike giving people a little taste of the car in the middle of downtown Auckland. Apparently he was running hard enough to blow a tire! Some of his other sponsors include  Tein Suspension, Goodyear Tire, DC Shoes, and HKS Japan which provided him with a 5 speed sequential tranny.

The even better news is that you won't have to go all the way to New Zealand to see Mad Mike and the new car in action. Not surprisingly, he will be appearing at this fall's Red Bull World Championship of Drifting in Long Beach. I think just being able to see (and hear) this car will make the trip worthwhile for fans.

Maybe after that they can bring it to Japan so I can see it…

Mad Mike


-Mike Garrett



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OMG......Mike Whiddett, making Felix Wankel proud, Mike Garrett....pleasing the ROTARY community yet again. Utter awesomenss right here. 4 Rotor, cmon's a wrap lol.


gimme a second to pick my jaw up off the floor... okay there, that thing is SICK! I like the subtle incorporation of his old camo livery too, very nicely done


Liamsil80 - With you there fella, at first I thought "sell-out" when I saw the first pic but after reading on and seeing the 4 rotor, bloody genius, really want to hear this. - Go Mike


Sweet mother, can someone please make pics #1 and #4 desktops. It's a crime these aren't 1280!! Unbelievable quality of work, we need an audio track of that baby ASAP!!


I want the engine bay shot as a desktop. Screw the smoking tires, that engine is ART.


New motor = 4 Rotor Awesomeness ..... New graphics = Downgrade


thankfully the "camo" is much LESS visable now.

Car looks 10x better.


N/A all the way....hell yeah !

What's up with such a thick belt? Is he running a dry sump system?


I love the camo! its different ! having a drift car doesnt mean you have to bite what the japanese does over there . you gotta have your own style too FANBOY


The wheels are amazing.


I wanna hear that 4 rotor beast! NOW!


For all those that want to hear the newly rebuilt car check this link (which will only be available until approx September 4)


Hey guys,

If you want to hear the car, here is a video from the news here last night.

Maybe you could add this to the story Mike?


MOAR!!!! 4rotors FTMFW!!!! is it me or does his motor sound somewhat like a Formula car?? =D i'm smiling end to end that motor is awesome.


sweet car,,,but what it did it do to become infamous? :) Small typo I know

very very nicely executed


Woot 26B!! I like the old livery better though, the pixels were unique!


why is it that every post made by Mike Garrett happens to be heavily laden in high degrees of liquid awesome? it's almost too much for one to bear ;)


I never seen a drift car putting out so much smoke in so little time. They usually have to warm up the tire a bit, but Mad Mike's FD started to smoke right from the, impressive.


I like it. sounds sick and I like the new livery a lot.


boyz an girls iv got footage of mm doing Os in hedake down terapa strt at midnight in the middle of both lanes with cars going nrth an sth that was when he was a random like us hes come along for the new look an all bro speachless no words can discribe.GOOD LUCK in the states bro rip that shit up an show them how we roll tanga stylez NZ


nice car, great engine and the power is insane for a n/a engine


i will upload a video of the unveiling of his car from auckland on to madbull in youtube.



If you take another look, the car still has the digital camo!


thats how we roll in nz mean maori mean


best rx-7 ever!


Can't wait to see more of this car...FD's are such beatiful cars!


get hard,

you must be gay if you think that