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For the past half year or so, when it comes to Nissan's performance cars all the talk has been about the R35 GT-R. About a year ago, however, Nismo introduced a car that I still feel has not got the attention it deserves. The car is the Nismo Fairlady Z 380RS and it is quite simply one of the most impressive Z's ever built. While other markets also got a version of the Nismo Z, the Japan market 380RS offers a tuned VQ-based 3.8L engine that makes a very potent 350ps naturally aspirated. It also happens to to be what is in my opinion one of the best looking factory Z's ever. I'm usually not a fan of the "black on black" look, but I think the 380RS in the photo I shot above looks fantastic.

For some reason I have been noticing a lot of nice Z33's on the streets here recently and I have been drooling over them quite a bit. As the Z33 nears the end of its run, Nissan has really shown the potential of the chassis. I guess time will tell how the Z33 will stand up to the upcoming all new Z.

Nismo 380RS

-Mike Garrett



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I always wonder how this car will fare against the E46 CSL. I would like to see NIssan making the RS version more hardcore in terms of weight saving, just like the CSL. I love this concept tho, but the stance on this car can be better, something like the Amuse Eriksson 380rs makes me drool?


I recently made visits to my local dealerships in search of a used 350z and at the end of the day my last stop was at Nissan. A sales rep told us that 350zs are cheap now because the 370z would come out THIS month, but I'm pretty sure that isn't true. The guy didn't seem like he knew what he was talking about. Maybe he means next year Aug?

I'm still in the market for a 350z so I'll keep in touch with the sales rep if he leaks out any new info :D


The 370Z will be presented in November. So maybe around januari in the show room.


you guys should look into the NISMO 380RS-C - NISMO's factory race car available for purchase, very similar to the motorsport E90's and the GT3 RSR program


Yeah but the price of 380RS-C is like a stupid amount of money for what they are asking. You're better off just getting a gt3RS for your money.